Warning:  The  following  contains information that will help you
solve  Spycraft. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. You'll ruin
the game for yourself, not to mention blowing any chance of ending war
and world famine. You want that kind of guilt?

Spycraft - Walkthrough
The Great Game (c) Activision
Walkthru by BONeHeAD

     On  the bench in Washington Square access your Intelink > Comlink
to read a videomessage from Warhurst. Close PDA and you're in Langley.

     In  Washington  go  to Farm > Milkovsky. Look at the stuff on his
table, then on the photos. Go to Farm > Image Analysis.

     Look  left.  Access  the  Image  Analysis menu. Click on the grey
sedan  on  the  photo  and  enhance the license plate, then use OCE to
clear up the view. The number is 2GGX368. Do the report (the button on
your right).

     Access  Image  Analysis  again.  Mix the two photos and count the
tanks  (don't  forget  the  ones  under the tent). There are 6. Do the

     Go  to  Farm > The Zone. When you have your pistol ready move all
the  way ahead thru the map shooting enemys. Then, in the second test,
move  ahead  until you find a radiotransmitter (the area with crates),
get it and step back.

     Check  Intelink  >  Comlink  for new mail. Return to Washington >
Langley.  Go  to  DCI  Sterling. Go to your (Thorn's) office. Activate
KAT.  Move  the  camera  to point on the building to your left (Moscow
Historical Museum that is) and the tribune ahead of it. In Camera View
window  do  a  maximum zoom, find the bullet holes on the wall. On the
model  align  the holes with tribune (click on the wall and drag mouse
over  to  the  tribune).  Zoom off and turn the camera to the opposite
side  of  the  trajectory line. Do a max zoom again and you should see
the face of a killer in a GUM's window (but how could he shoot someone
from  the  Moscow's  biggest  supermarket  without  being noticed is a
mystery  :)).  Activate  Mix  &  Match system and build his electronic
sketch  and  click  Search.  If  you  did  right  you should find T.J.
"Harmonica"  Philips.  Report  the  name of the killer (Harmonica) and
Receive the new message.

     Access  PinPoint software. You have to find the weapon used, it's
absolutely  silent  and  leaves  no  bullett.  Browse  thru the weapon
database  and  you'll see that the weapon was PEG (Pulse Electric Gun)
and  the  bullett  is  needle  pack  projectile.  Report it, watch the
message incoming.

     Go  to  Washinton  >  Langley > DCI Sterling. Then return to your
office  computer  and  click  Security Model. Look at the dr. Cohlen's
activities.  Browse his dossier (folder icon next to his name) to find
out  that  he's  claustrophobic and never uses elevators. Then look at
his  activities again and click on 24 - this day he used the elevator.
Activate  Mix  & Match. Build the sketch - here's the man you look for
(Allen Wayne). Report your progress.

     Read  the  new  message.  Open  dr. Cohlens security model again.
Click  on  his phone activities for 2 and 22. On the recording isolate
the woman's voice and analyse it. You'll find out it's Ying Chungwang,
another  CIA  ex  -  look  at  her  dossier,  then report her name and
location (Rockland, Washington D.C.). Read the incoming mail.

     Visit  secret  meeting  in  Washington  > Halifax. Return to your
office.  Read  the incoming mail, get all the stuff from the desk into
your case.

     Use  your PC and click on Cypher. Click on Beale > A-B > Beowulf.
Report (Ying in Moscow).

     Click  on  PhotoDoc.  You  must falsificate a photo of Grendel in
prison.  You  know he's in Turkey (see Ying's crypted note), he smokes
Emperor  Filterless (see his dossier) and you have his photo. Drag the
low-left  Grendel-face  and  place it on the face of man on the photo,
drag  the  middle  turkish paper and place it on left and middle Camel
pack  on  the  right.  Match everything with actual human size and hit
Print.  Read  the incoming messages to see if you've succeeded, if not
start all over. Read all the messages you receive.

     Go  Moscow  > Station > Lobby. Talk to Maxine, go to Iterrogation
Room.  Talk  to Ying. Tell her you've got Grendel and you will set him
free  if  she'll talk. Don't threat her with Grendel's death and don't
take  her to the Bullpen or she won't tell anything. Read the incoming
messages.  Examine  the  Procat  files  in Intelink > Datalink > CIA >
Authorised > Procat.

     Go  to  Foster's  office,  talk  to  her  about SVR, Birdsong and
Gromchevski.  Go  to  Pearson's office, read the incoming messages for
Gromchevski's phone number. Use phone, press Speaker and dial 2334819.

     Go to Moscow > Yasevno. Talk to Yuri. He tells you that in Russia
mafia  is  everywhere  (like  in  America  it  isn't) and offers you a
meeting with one of the supposed mafia heads and presidental candidate

     Go  to  Moscow  > Birdsong and talk to him. Don't threat the man,
just tell him to try and find out something about president hit.

     Go  to Moscow > Station > Lobby > Pearson, take yellow paper from
the desk. Open the casefile to the left of your table, take the folder
marked Nukes. Take the floppy.

     Now use EMBC floppy from your case on computer and download Rabid
Hound  book.  Use  Nuke floppy on computer, find message Subj: Gog and
Magog,  view  header,  launch  Cypher and select Beale > Other > Rabid
Hound.  Then  do  so  with  Subj:  Re: Gog and Magog message. Read the
incoming.  Soon  you  should  receive  the message from Colby about an
another  upgrade  to  your  Eclipse tool and the access to the agents'
Holt and Seaton cabinets. You may want to fly to Washington to examine
their  rooms and report to Colby that the traitor is within Team Eagle
Shield, but he will not take your suspicions seriously.

     Go  to  Moscow  >  Vilnius. Then return back to office. Check out
Intelink  >  Datalink > CIA > Authorised > Procat. There's a name John
Blake  there  -  access  his  dossier  and check out his contact phone
number  (011441715550909).  Make  an  appointment  with  Blake.  Go to

     In London talk to Blake. While he's out take a look at his laptop
and books beside it. Take the Procat folder from him.

     Return  to  Moscow, Pearson's office. Read the folder, especially
the bits about Onyx, Kneecaps and Harmonica. Use Intelink > Datalink >
CIA  >  Onyx. Look under all of the aliases in Ticket Data section. As
you  know  from  the file, Onyx is vegetarian, he flies business class
and  passage  seats  only.  You'll find out that he stopped in Berlin,
report it.

     Read   the  incoming  mail  to  find  out  about  the  Birdsong's
disappearance.  Load  up Sound Analysis and mark the outside sounds on
the  phone  record  -  bells, plane, etc. You'll find out that he's in
Novosibirsk,  at  Suvorov's.  Later,  when Foster asks you how to make
Birdsong cooperate tell her to promise him a house in Montana.

     Go to Moscow > Birdsong. Open his door with the lockpick (in your
case).  Look at his room - he's obsessed with western culture. Turn L,
when Lange enters and starts talking to you select Shoot.

     Return  to  the  Station  and go to the Alley. The girl gives you
Yuri  Gromchevski's file. Read it. Enter office and soon you must hear
a  call  from  Yuri.  Pick  up the phone and go Moscow > Yasenvo. Yuri
gives you the Onyx folder.

     Return  Moscow  >  Station  > Lobby > Pearson. Fire up Intelink >
Datalink  >  CIA  >  Authorised  > Onyx > CEFT. Look up the banknotes'
serial  numbers  and when and where they were spotted, then compare it
with  data on airplane tickets database. So, here it goes - Onyx is in
Heidelberg, Germany, at Schlumpthen hotel.

     Go  Germany  >  Schlumpthen. Talk to Onyx, threat him with Indian
Government  and  Jammu.  After  the  conversation  say  you wanna look
around, turn L, open wardrobe, take cuffs and use them on Onyx.

     Go  Germany  >  Scharfenstahl. Select Shoot (nothin to talk about
with the suckers!). Move quickly without shooting to the center of the
map  (ahead-  left,  ahead-right,  ahead). Kill Grendel as soon as you
have  the  opportunity.  Get  The  Pit,  move back all the way killing
baddies. Watch the mail.

     Return  to Moscow > Station > Lobby > Pearson, read the mail from
Foster  about  Birdsong's  kidnapping.  Take camera and chip from your
desk,  then  use  chip on PC. Stop the tape when you hear a shot - the
flash  from  the  pistol lights up the kidnapper's face. Hit IA. Looks
familiar?  Now  you  must  find  out where he can be. Go to Intelink >
Datalink  >  CIA  >  Authorised  > 201 Files > Maxine Foster > Support
Personnel > Owen Pearson. There you should find a link to the map with
an  address  -  Leningradsky  Prospekt,  19. Report that the captor is
Kneecaps and he's at that address.

     Watch  the  incoming  mail. Go Moscow > Kneecaps. Click on GPS to
activate  BADMAN.  When you take control of the team click on them all
and  send  them  to  2nd  floor. Click on blue one and move him to the
right   door  in  the  upper  row  of  rooms.  Activate  Cyber-Optical
Surveillance  on  that  room, then take the red one and make him throw
stun  grenade  inside.  Make  all 4 enter the room and use blue one to
watch  the  door ahead - he must say that the objective is inside. Use
brown  one to blow a hole in room's right wall, order red one to throw
bomb  thru  the  crack.  Lead 2 of your men thru the hole in the wall,
make  them  approach  the door, then click on all 4 and storm into the
room where Birdsong is. You should get him with no human losses.

     Return  to  Pearson's  office. Use EMBC to download a new book to
your  computer  -  Croak!.  In  the  incoming you should have some new
crypted  messages,  decipher  them with Beale > Other > Croak!. You'll
receive information about Maxwell and Raven.

     Go  to Tunisia > Chopper. Shoot everyone on the map, then move to
the  center  and drop the weapon. When Blake's pistol glitches pick up
your  gun  and shoot Blake as he grabs his bag. Pick up his laptop and
enter the chopper.

     Take  laptop  out  of  the bag, open it. Use Intelink on it, when
progress indicator reaches 30% hit Cancel, disconnect and throw laptop
ouuta  the  chopper.  Check out Intelink for downloaded data, decipher
the  messages, attempt to send the one which is still unsent and close

     When  you're  on  Red Square move activate frequency detector and
move  to  the top-left corner of the map, where the blinking red point
is. Close PDA and if you see a TV operator in brown jacket press Shoot
immediately. The Prez is saved.

     Check  out  the new mail, and go to Crimea > Dacha. When Warhurst
enters  drop the gun, then talk to him about the team and say "This is
why  you  hacked  my  PDA" to give Jamie a hint about sound hack. When
Warhurst  is  distracted pick up gun and shoot him. When Yuri attempts
to kill Churbanoff you'll have to shoot him too...

GAME SUCCESSFULLY OVER (very disturbing finale...)

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