Space Rogue


     Your  ship is really the "character" you'll develop, by equipping
it  with armament and other gear. Concentrate upon learning to fly the
ship first, for which a joystick is essential.

     Use the QUERY option to pick up messages and detect other

     Forget  playing  Hive,  which takes too long to make credits. For
trading,  outfit  the  ship  with four cargo pods then load some cargo
aboard.  The  best  trade  route is to/from Denebprime, Deneb and Free
Trader's, Bassruti.

     The cargo lists and prices change every 24 hours at each Station,
generally fluctuating four to eight credits either way.

     At  Free Traders, buy forged CRs, Explosives and X-Rated Holos to
sell at Denebprime. At Denebprime, buy Brandy, Exotic Pets, Videogames
and Souvenirs to sell at Free Traders.

     You can often get better prices on all items elsewhere, but these
are  the  most  efficient trade routes for making money in a hurry. To
sell contraband, you need Forged Cargo Papers from Robocrook.

     If  planning a life of piracy, pick a Scow for your first target.
Pack  at  least  ten  plasma  torpedoes  and  three  SM-1 and two Nova
missiles.  A  particle beam laser is also handy. When firing missiles,
be  sure your opponent has an inactive counter measure and isn't in an
elude manoeuvre.

     As   you  make  more  credits  invest  in  Turbo-thrusters,  more
shielding  and  a 75% ECM unit (By completing certain missions, you'll
get more gear).

     Robocrook  appears  randomly  in  bars across the quadrants. Keep
offering  cash,  and  he  may sell you some useful items: Forged Cargo
Papers,  Keycards,  the Ruby Cube. Other randomly appearing characters
to  seek out are Ilricki (for useful information on Black Hand and the
Manchi), Wandering Spaceman, Veda the Ursellus (sells Amoebic Lenses),
One-eyed  Pirate,  and  the  Merchant.  Bartenders always have current
information  and  tips,  and  you should talk to everyone you meet for

     It's  possible  to steal from safes, but expect to pay a fine and
get kicked off the base or planet if caught!

                               THE MISSIONS

     Most of these may be completed in any order, though a few require
items  from  other  missions.  Each  mission's starting point is noted
after its name.

     Talk  to  Sir Eld on Micon I, Karonus. He'll give you a Statuette
to  deliver to Orellian at Hiathra Starbase. Do so, saying it is not a
bribe.  Return to Eld, who'll give you some valuable information and a
Stealth Box, which reduces the chances of detection by enemy ships.

     This  is obtained by answering multiple-choice questions when you
meet  Orellian  on Hiathra, Karonus. Ask him for the CRC-07 Form, used
to visit Koth Carrier.

     Cebok tells you to find his sister on Lagrange for information on
Hive. Then deliver the letter to Cebok for more tips.

     See  Felsane  on  Denebprime  for  a quest to find the Beam Lock,
which makes it easier to target ships with your laser.

     After meeting the Pirate in a bar and accepting the job, take the
microchip to Chisa at Free Guild.

     After  finding  Veda  the Ursellus (who appears randomly in bars)
and  buying  the  Amoebic  Lenses  for  250 CR, head for the ISS Koth,
Arcturus.  Use a keycard to open the door to the restricted area, then
go  through  and immediately go to the left (to avoid the hidden floor
alarm).  Examine  the  Power Generator in the back of the room and get
the  Transmutation  Coil.  Take it to Professor Prosk on Micon IV, ZED
N27. Accept the Null Damper when offered.

     Eventually  you'll encounter a Droid named LUX 23A, who wants you
to  look  for  his  Droid friend MAID. MAID is hiding at Free Trader's
under  the  name  of CHISHA. Mention LUX and she'll come with you as a
Repair  Droid.  Return  her  to LUX, and you'll get no reward beyond a
good  conscience. Keep her and you've got a very valuable Repair Droid
for your ship!

     After  fifteen  to  twenty cargo runs between Denebprime and Free
Trader's,  you  should  have enough credits to fully outfit your ship,
assuming  you've been adding equipment all along. You'll need at least
500  Armour,  some  missiles, good Shields and a Particle Beam. Before
you  can successfully communicate with Duchess Avenstar on Denebprime,
you  must prove yourself by killing a few Manchi in space. (Destroying
Vultures  will  help.  After  doing  so, she'll tell you about General
Targon, AKA Rayson, and his mission's code name....MAKE A CAREFUL NOTE

     Though  you  can  find  him  here,  Targon is insane and needs an
injection  of  NSB before he can reveal anything to you. The NSB is at
Bassruti  Mining,  guarded  by  a  mutant  monster. To get it, land at
Bassruti,  walk  around  the  front of your ship to the left and down.
Wait a few seconds by the southern door; the monster will be trying to
get  to you but will get trapped in a storage compartment. After a few
more  seconds, enter the door to your left. Go through the door to the
lower  left  in the Generator Room. Keep going to the left, and you'll
be  in  the  Inner Office. Head straight for the filing cabinet in the
corner  and search it for the NSB. Retrace your path back to the ship.
If  this  method  fails,  try  again, but wait a little longer for the
monster  to  get  trapped.  You have to be careful not to accidentally
lure him out of the compartment. (Another way: lure the monster to the
right  side  of  the  room,  keeping  the  trash  pile between him and
yourself.  Go through the southwest door, use the keycard on the south
door, open the safe, get the NSB and return to your ship).

     Now you can head for Micon II, Arcturus, and find Targon rambling
around the halls. Talk to him and give him one credit. When you get an
OTHER  option,  take  it  and enter NSB. Then you'll get another OTHER
option,  so type in the name of his mission that you should have noted
earlier.  He'll  spill  all  he can before going nuts again. Take this
information  to  the  Duchess,  who'll send you to find Droughton Gut,
leader of the Scarlet Brotherhood at Free Trader's Outpost.

     You'll  need  this  item,  which  protects you from the powers of
Vilinie, to complete the final mission. First talk to Omas in the back
room  on  ConvecEast  Mining Station, Gryphon. He'll ask you to rescue
his  wife  from  the  Black Hand Cult. She's at the Meditation Room in
Trochal,  Sigure.  After  you  talk  to  her,  she'll  tell  you she's
abandonded Omas. Return to him for the Shield.

     Gut  won't  talk  to  you  until you prove your allegiance to the
Scarlet  Brotherhood.  To  do  so, attack a few Tankers or Scows, take
their  cargo to Free Trader's and talk to Omar. He'll grant permission
to  speak  with  Droughton.  After  doing so, he'll help you steal the
Chi-Gonger (Manchi Egg) from Vilinie on Trochal.

     Due to a diversion by the Scarlet Brotherhood, the guards will be
in  a state of confusion when you land. Go straight to Vilinie's room.
When  she stops and tells you to remove the Psionic Shield, DON'T. The
guards  won't  respond to her summons. Go to the far right of the room
and  pick  the  lock  on  the door. Enter, take the Egg and get out of

     After  obtaining the Egg, return to Gut. He'll tell you to find a
Baakili  trader and ask him about the Manchi. The Baakili also require
payment  -  some Dilithium Crystals from a trash pile outside the back
door  of  the  bar  in  the upper corner of Ross Mining Station, Deneb
(keep  searching  until  you find them). Keep searching bars until you
meet  Ichiki,  then ask about Manchi and pay him with Gems. Write down
the  co-ordinates  he gives you for the Manchi's home system, Ja-Karn.
Return  to  Gut and tell him your findings. He'll direct you to Prosk,
the mad scientist from Micon IV.

     Prosk  is  working  on  the  Warp  Drive.  When  you tell him the
situation  this time, Prosk will warp you to the co-ordinates you give
him;  enter  the  ones from Ichiki. You've got to be heavily outfitted
just  to reach the Manchi homeworld. Plot a course for the planet, and
SAVE  the  game  frequently.  This  saves you the trouble of having to
start  all  over from the far corner when you get blasted by a pack of
Vultures. Once you reach the planet, land.

                              PLACES & PEOPLE
     STAR SYSTEM             PLACES            PEOPLE
      Karonus              Hiathra Starbase     Orellian, Cebok,
                           Micon I Outpost      Robots, Sir Eld,
                                                Miners, Barnett.

      Gryphon              ConvecEast Mining    Omas, Old Miner.

      Arcturus             Koth Carrier         Old Man
                           Micin II Mining      Drak, Targon.

      Deneb                Denebprime Starbase  Princess, Duchess,
                           Ross Mining          Robot LUX, Dr.Farah.

      Nar'see              Lagrange Mining      Tyra(Cebok's sister).

      Stiguere             Trochal Outpost      Omas' wife.

      Bassruti             Bassruti Mining      Monster guarding NSB.
                           Free Guild Outpost   Gut, Cherisa, Omar.

      Zed                  Micon IV Mining      Prof. Prosk.

     (Random characters:- Robocrook, Ilricki, Wandering Spaceman, Veda
the Ursellus, One-eyed Pirate, Merchant).

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