Space Quest 5

Here are the coordinates to play the game:

1. Gangularis     : 71552

2. Peeyu          : 92767

3. Kiz Urazgubi   : 20011

4. Starcon        : 69869

5. Clorox II      : 90210

6. Thrakus        : 53284

7. Space Station  : 41666

8. Commodore LXIV : 81100

Space Quest V Solve

     Go  north.  Enter  classroom to take test. No matter what choices
you  make  on the test, you'll pass. You get in trouble for being late
so  you have to clean the crest. Go south. Open the janitor closet and
take the pylons and the waxer.

     Go  south  then  east.  Stand on the teleporter to go down to the
crest. Place the pylons on the floor. Place the waxer on the floor and
open  it  up  to  use it. Clean all dirty spots (it's timed, so if you
don't  do it in the amount of time you have, you lose the game). Crest
is now cleaned.

     Quirk and Wankmeister talk to you a bunch. Go west. A mouse jumps
into the test computer and fucks up the scores. Game locks up. Load up
save game #0 included in this package.

     The mouse gets fried and the machine gives you a perfect score on
the  SAT  (Starcon Aptitude Test). While this happens, a conference is
going  on  with  the admiral, ambassador, and a bunch of other people.
the  ambassador  is  bitching everyone out to try and get them to take
action  against  people  who illegally dump wastes on her planet. They
halfheartedly agree to get off their asses and do something to get her
to  shut  up.  The whole time Wilco is eavesdropping on them, and when
the  ambassador  walks out of the room, Wilco falls on his ass because
he was leaning up against the door. Anyway, because of your high grade
on the SAT, you are promoted to captain or something and are in charge
of a garbage scow.

     Talk  to Flo. Hail Starcon for clearance to leave. Talk to Droole
and lay in coordinates for Gangularis (71552). Lite speed. When Droole
tells  you  that  you  are  approaching  the planet, change to Regular
speed. Activate the RRS (Refuse Removal System).

     You'll  be  notified  that  there  is  a  life  form in the waste
compartment.  Get  out  of chair and open the trash (white door on the
right).  An  aliens creature will hop out and stick on your face, then
walk  away.  While  you're  here  click  on the toolbox. Get the laser
torch, fuse, hole punch, antacids.

     Go to the Engineering room (door on left). Walk out and then back
in  and Spike will be there. Walk to lower left corner. Put him in the
specimen  container on the right (the red glass jar). Put the antacids
in the container to calm him down.

     Go  to  the  bridge  and  lay in a course for Peeyu (92767). Once
there, activate the RRS. You'll intercept a message about a dirty deed
going  down.  Lay in a course for Kiz Urazgubi (kiss your ass goodbye)
(20011).  You  get caught in a tractor beam and are hailed by a bounty
hunter  because  of your mail fraud in SQ3. She tells you to beam down
to the planet. Go to the Engineering room and beam down.

     You'll  start  on  a  screen with a waterfall and pool. Go to the
northwest corner into the mouth of the cave FAST! because the bitch is
gonna try and zap you. Go east. Click the hand icon on the BRANCH (not
the  log).  The branch snaps and you fall down. Get the stick. Go back
to  the log screen. Click the walk icon on the log to get to the other
side.  Hit  the bananas with the stick. While they're swinging, take a

     Crawl back through the log and then go west. Enter the left cave.
You'll  be on a waterfall screen. Enter the left cave. You'll come out
on  the left side at the top. Jump across and climb up to the boulder.
Use the stick to knock the boulder loose.

     You  knock  the  bitch  silly. Go back down to the pool where you
started  out.  The  bitch  is  still alive, but her cloaking device is
gone.  Go  to the log screen and climb in the middle. She will land on
top  and  look for you. Stick the banana in her jetpack. She will blow
up.  Climb  back  out  and  get  her  head.  Go back down to where you
started. Cliffy is there and you talk to him. You get beamed back.

     Go  out  of  Engineering  and go back in. Cliffy is fixing up the
robot.  You  will automatically give him the robot head and he'll give
you  a  remote  control.  Beam  down  (Cliffy comes with you). Use the
remote  control  on  yourself. The ship is now uncloaked. Stand on the
platform  to  enter  the ship. The game will lock up here if you touch
the  panel. Load up save game #1. Click on the panel on the right. You
are  now  looking  at the cloaking device. Click on the top latch then
the  bottom latch. Turn all 4 dials so they are diagonal. Click on the
panel  to  the  left of the upper left lock. It will open. Do the same
for  the lower right lock. It will open. Turn the remaining 2 locks so
they  are  both straight. Click on the panel for the upper right lock.
It  will  open. Do the same for the lower left lock. It will open. Get
the cloaking device. Run out FAST!

     Now  you're  back  on  the  ship.  Go  to  the  bridge and lay in
coordinates  for  the  Starcon  Academy  (69869).  After you change to
Regular  speed,  enter  Standard Orbit. Grab Spike from the container.
Beam down.

     Sit  down  with  your friends at the table on the left side. Some
guy  will  come  up  and  give you free Space Monkeys and his business
card.  Quirk  will  approach  you  next and challenge you to a game of
Battle  Cruiser.  Beat  em.  If  you don't beat him, you don't get the
points.  Cliffy gets in a brawl and is taken away to jail. Talk to Flo
and  Droole  to  figure  out  an  escape  plan.  You  have  to  make a
distraction,  so  put  the  Space  Monkeys  in  your  drink. They will
multiply  and take over the station. Walk east and the guards will run
off  to  try  and  stop  the  monkeys.  Click on the panel to shut the
shields  off.  Click  the  hand icon on the 2nd cell. Use Spike on the
cell  so  he  will  pee  acid all over it and melt it away. Go west to
teleport back to your ship.

     Put Spike back in his container and then go to the bridge. You'll
get  a  message  to  head  to  Clorox  II.  Lay in a course for 90210.
Standard  orbit.  Ask  your Science Officer (the orange button by your
right hand) to scan the planet. Beam down.

     You're  on a desert type planet. Go in the big building. Click on
the  computer in the center of the room. You'll be attacked by a loogy
monster.  Dodge  his loogy blasts 5 times. Droole will then shoot him.
the  monster will transform back into a man. He grunts something about
looking  to  the  west  for  a  secret path. Get the piece of paper he
dropped. Look at the computer. Punch in 80869 (the code on the paper).
Leave  the  building.  Walk to the lower left corner (secret path). On
the close-up shot, look at the container. Beam up.

     Go  to  the  bridge.  You  get  a  weak emergency signal from the
Goliath. An animation sequence is played. You're told that the Goliath
is  in  the Thrakus system. Lay in a course for 53284. Standard orbit.
Go down to the docking bay. Get the rebreather mask (panel to the left
of  the  suits).  Get  the  oxygen tank to the left of the mask. Go to
Engineering and put the mask on. Beam down.

     Walk  to  the pod and look inside it. Grab the coat. Push the red
button  to  shut off the homing beacon. Walk to the left until you are
jumped  by  the  girly. It's Wankmeister! You fight and end up hanging
onto the edge of the mushroom. Before she falls, use the coat. Use the
communicator  on  yourself.  Wankmeister will drop a vine to you. Grab
the  vine.  You barely escape. Once back on your ship, she's sick. She
gives you a warpdrive distributor cap she stole from the Goliath. Open
the  Cryo  chamber.  Put her in the Cryo chamber. Look at the panel in
the lower left corner. Put her on Cryo for 10 seconds.

     Go  to  the bridge. Your ship will be attacked. Tell Droole to do
Evasive Action. Tell him to head for the asteroid field.

     Cliffy  goes  outside  to  fix some shit. He ends up floating off
into  space  and  you  have to rescue him. Go down to the docking bay.
Enter  the EVA. Watch your fuel gauge. Maneuver yourself so you are in
front  of Cliffy and until you see a green box on his chest. A message
will  say  "Target in range". Extend the claw and push the button with
your thumb to grab him. Head back to your ship.

     Once back inside, Cliffy is all fine. Go to the bridge and lay in
a  course  for  the  Space  Station  that  was  mentioned on Clorox II
(41666). Standard orbit. Beam down.

     A fly will enter the teleporter at the same time and fuck you up.
It's  unavoidable. You'll turn into a fly. Your communicator will drop
on  the  ground.  Click  on  the  part where the water meets the green
grass.  A  frog  will try to catch you and lands on your communicator,
turning  it  on.  Land  on the communicator. Talk to Flo. She says the
teleporter  is broken, but will tell Cliffy that you are a fly. Now go
to  the west (click on the right side of the hill on the right side of
the  screen).  Click  on  the  dumpster.  You'll be on a screen with a
waterfall and a card slot. Click on the card slot.

     When  you  walk  through  the  card  slot, note which laser beams
affect  which  locking  mechanisms.  You'll need it later. Land on the
computer  screen.  Clicking  on  Security lets you see what's going on
outside.  Click  on Projects and keep doing Next until you see Project
X. Click on Accounting to see that Quirk was bribed. Fly back outside.
Click  on Cliffy. Take Cliffy to the dumpster where your body is so he
can  fix you. Your body will jump out. Click on your body. You'll then
be teleported by Cliffy to fix you up.

     Use the hole punch on the business card. Make an X pattern on the
business card so the lasers will go through.

     Use  the  new  business  card on the slot to get back in. Get the
liquid nitrogen containers that are in the cabinet near the stairs. Go
back  out. WD40 will return your communicator to you and she will beam
back up. Tell Cliffy to beam you up.

     Spike  will  jump around, trying to convey a message to you. Tell
Cliffy to reverse the teleportation process. Look at the Cryo chamber.
Look  at  the  control  panel. Put Beatrice on Defrost for 10 seconds.
Pick  up  Beatrice and put her on the teleporter. Cliffy will kick the
machinery  to  fix  it.  Beatrice is all fine now but will rest in the
Cryo chamber. Talk to WD40 to get the plan of action. Go to the bridge
and  lay in a course for Commodore LXIV (64, get it?) (81100). As soon
as  you  get there, they tell you that the Goliath will be in sight in
10 seconds. Call up Cliffy (the green button by your right hand). Tell
him  to  cloak the ship. He will tell you to come to Engineering. Walk
back there.

     Cliffy  will  tell  you  where  to  land the pod (where the least
amount  of  Pukazoids are at). Go back down to the docking bay and get
in the EVA. Click the hand icon on the part of the ship immediately to
the right of the engines. You'll connect up to the ship. Use the laser
torch on the hull of the ship. You automatically walk in the ship.

     Wait  until  the guard has left the room. Walk up to the computer
in  the  middle.  Put the warpdrive distributor cap back. Wait for the
guard to come back in and leave. Creep to the door. Click on the grate
in the middle of the hallway.

     You're  on  level  8  in  the service tunnels. Go north,east then
north.You're now in the elevator shaft. Climb up the ladder as high as
you  can  and  enter  the  small door at the top. You should now be in
level 6. Go South, West, North, North, East, North.

     Climb  up.  Enter  the top door. You should now be in level 4. Go
South, West, North, North, West, West, North.

     Climb  up.  Enter  the top door. You should now be in level 2. Go
South,  South,  West, South, East, South. Click on the button. Pull it

     A  Loogy  monster  grabs you. Big animation sequence. Once inside
the  teleporting  room,  wait  for  ALL  of  the monsters to be on the
platform  and  give  Cliffy a command so he'll beam up back to normal.
You don't know where Quirk is, so you head back to the bridge. You see
Quirk fly into the blob in space. Flo calls you and asks what you want
to do. Tell her to beam you back over.

     Go  to  the  bridge. Give Droole a command to Fire. The blob will
float  towards  your ship. Tell Droole to activate the RRS to suck the
monster into the garbage bay.

     You're screwed. Push the red button by your right hand to get the
self-  destruct mechanism up. Push the button on the left to start it.
Go  to  the  Engineering  room.  Get Beatrice out of the Cryo chamber.
Stand  on the energizer platform. It blows out! Run to the fuse tunnel
and  pull  out  the fuse in the middle from the front row. Put the new
fuse you got a long time ago in its place.

     Go  to  the  Engineering room. The blob will be oozing out of the
garbage  container.  Jump  into the Engineering room. Get Spike out of
his container. Stand on the teleporter and energize!

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