Space Quest 4

Complete Solution:

     Take  the  rope  from the bottom of the screen. Stand between the
two pillars at the top so you can't be seen. Select the rope from your
inventory  and  put it on the road and when bunny walks on to the rope
take the rope. Examine the bunny and take the batteries. Go west twice
then  click  on  the  skimmer  with  the  hand  icon.  Open  the glove
compartment  and  take  the Pocketpal computer. Put the battery in the
Pocketpal.  Go  north.  Click  the  hand  icon  on  the tank. Take the
ordnance  then  put it back in the tank. Go east twice. Open the grate
on  the  ground  and  go  down into the sewer office. Pick up the jar.
Click the hand icon on the pad on the table and read the message. Open
the big door on the left and go into the sewers.

     Wait for the slime to slither towards you and when it is right at
your  feet  use the jar on the slime. Walk through the sewer. Find the
ladder  and  climb  out  through  the man-hole cover. Watch the Sequel
Police  land and when they have left the area walk towards their ship.
Click  the  hand  icon on the landing gear to enter the ship. The ship
will take off and when you've arrived in the building go west and wait
for  the  guards  to  enter into a conversation. Click on the time-pod
with  the  hand  icon and note the buttons you press when you pass the
copy protection. You're whisked away to...

Space Quest X:

     Click  on the red button to get out of the pod. Go west and after
the  shadow passes over go back to the east. The pterodactyl picks you
up and takes you to its nest. When the Sequel Policeman arrives in the
nest  search  him.  Take  the  chewing  gum  wrapper and unfold it. Go
through the hole in the bottom right-hand corner to leave the nest and
when  you're captured get inside the sub. When the women run away from
the  sea  slug and the restraints are loose click on the red button on
the  left  arm of the chair. Pick up one of the oxygen tanks. When you
are  close  to the sea slig's mouth use the tank on it. The women rush
out and thank you and then take you to the shopping mall.

     Pick  up  the  credit card from the floor. Go to the bottom right
walk-way and enter the women's clothes shop. Talk to the assistant and
give  him  the money. Go to the burger bar and talk to the pig. Select
the wimp option. Earn the money and pick up the cigar butt when you're
fired.  Go into the software shop and examine the bargain bin. Examine
the  software  titles  for  a good laugh. Then find the Space Quest IV
hint book and keep it. Pay the salesman for it and then leave. Go back
to  the  mall  and  put the credit card in the credit card machine. Go
back  to  the  women's clothes shop and buy a dress and a wig. Use the
credit card machine again and remove all the money from the account.

     Go  to  the  Radio  Shack  and click the hand icon on the robot's
screen. Click on the catalogue. Then on the electric gadgets. Click on
continue  until  you get to the Pocketpal connector and buy it. Choose
the  bottom  left plug and leave the shop. Go back to the clothes shop
and  go  into the dressing room to get changed. Go to the arcade. Walk
to  the  top right corder and a time-pod should appear. When the first
Sequel Policeman has left the building leave as quickly as you can. Go
to  the  Skate-O-Rama and a policeman should be shooting at you. Skate
to  the  other part of the Skate-O-Rama and another one shoots at you.
Fly  up to the upper part of the dome and the officer follows you. Fly
to the other part then walk down and go back to the Arcade.

     Get in the time-pod and put the plug in the Pocketpal. Write down
the code to the Galleria which is on the display. Use the pen with the
hint  book to uncover the first three co-ordinates. Then combine these
with   the   co-ordinates  on  the  piece  of  gum  paper.  Enter  the
co-ordinates into the computer and you're whisked to ...

Space Quest I:

     Push the button to leave the time-pod. Go south and into the bar.
Pick up the matchbook and when you're thrown out knock the bikes over.
Go  east and jump away from the biker and go back inside the bar. Take
the matches. Go west then north and enter the time-pod. Now go back to
Vohaul's  fortress  using  the  first  code from the first part of the

Back on Xenon:

     Go  east  twice and pour the slime on the lock. Open the door and
enter the following numbers on the keypad: 160 30 and 110. This should
straighten  the laser beams. Light a match and use it on the cigar and
you  can see the beams. Walk through them and examine the slot. If the
slot  matches  your  Pocketpal  then  everything  is alright. Plug the
Pocketpal into the slot and walk all the way to the north and take the
last  turning  on  the  left. Take the first left turn you come to and
save the game.

     There  should  be  a pillar in the centre of the screen. Wait and
walk  around  it to the north on the left side of the pillar. Walk off
the  screen  to  the  right  and you should find yourself at the first
screen.  Talke  the  path  in the middle on the left of the screen and
follow  it  all the way round to the west. When you arrive in the room
inside the computer open the door and enter these numbers: 69 65 84 76
and  69 - you can get them from the hint book. Go into the programming
room.  Drag  the  droid icon to the toilet then drag the brain icon to
the  toilet.  Click  on  the  square  in  the top left corner. Use the
Pocketpal  in the slot and go to the room in the north corner of level
3. Fight Vohaul and when he's in the beam climb the ladder and put the
disk  in  the  unit.  Upload  Roger  Wilco  Jr.  and click on the beam
download. Sit back and watch the end-of-game sequence.

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