Space Quest 2

     You  begin  the game sweeping the outer decks of your space ship.
As you are doing your chores, you will hear a sound emitting from your
watch.  When  this  happens,  look  at your watch and press the button
marked  'C'  on  your watch. Your superior will order you to clean the
just-arrived spaceship. You may press the other buttons marked 'H' and
'T',  but  you  will not get points for them. They tell you the [T]ime
and  your  [H]oroscope.  Now,  press F10 to stop looking at the watch.
Now,  walk  up  the walls (Yes, you can walk on the walls) and situate
yourself in the circle on the ceiling. You will be whisked away inside
the  space  ship. When inside the space quest, you will go through the
process of decontamination. It only takes a second or two. On the back
wall,  you  will  see  an  empty hanger. Walk up to it and change your
suit.  Open  your  locker  and  take the puzzle and the supporter. Now
you're all set. Walk through the door on the left wall.

     One  of  the men will approach you and tell you get your ass over
to the space ship. On the base of the left wall, you will see a little
platform.  Walk  on  the  platform  and it will carry you to the level
above  you.  Walk  in  the  small  opening in the tube and you will be
whisked  away to another room.Leave the tube and enter the space ship.
As  you are disgusted by the smell of the space ship, you are abducted
by  Vohol's men. Vohol will explain his plans to get revenge from what
happened  to  him in Space Quest I. After his long and winding speech,
he  will  board  you  on  a  spaceship  destined to a nearby planet to
perform  labor work in his mines. After landing on the planet, his men
will  attempt  to escort you to the mines, but the hovercraft runs out
of  fuel and crashes to the earth. Luckily, you survive the crash, but
Vohol's  men  encounter  death,  most  likely approaching the gates of
hell.  Search  the  dead  body  lying  on  the ground and retrieve the
keycard  from him. Examine the wreckage and you will notice a peculiar
button.  Press  the  button  and  the beeping from the hovercraft will
stop.  It  is  advisable to watch out where you are walking around the
crash since there is a pit that you will fall into. Its located on the
right hand side of the screen.

     Make your way behind the large tree in the back of the screen and
move  up.  You will then appear in another part of the woods, however,
Vohol's  men  are  on the lookout for you, so you must hide here. Hide
behind  one  of  the bushes on the right hand side of the screen until
you  cannot see yourself. Wait awhile until one of Vohol's men appears
in a hovercraft searching for you. If you in an adequate hiding place,
the  man will leave and search for you in another place. Now, come out
of  your  hiding place and go to the bottom-right corner of the screen
and  go  right.  You  will  see  a  small  being tied to a rope. Being
patriotic,  you  must untie him and he will run away into the bush. Go
to  the  bottom-left corner and go left. When you are back at clearing
with the two large trees (Where you were hiding), go left and approach
the  top-left  corner  and go up. If you find the right path, you will
see  a  huge  plant-like  organism with some pulsating fuzzies in them
middle of it. On the other side of the plant is are some berries.

     Being  careful  not  to  touch ANY of the roots of the plant, you
must  make  your  way through the roots until you make it to the other
side.  Now,  collect  some berries, and make your way back through the
maze of roots. Now, go south again.

     On the ground you will notice two small plants. If you kick them,
you  will  die, so be careful. Take one of the spores from the plants,
and venture your way east. Now, go up the platform ledge and go to the
top  of  the  screen  then move west. Then, you will see a mailbox. In
your  possession  is a mail order form for a magazine. Mail it and the
mailbox  will  whirl, and then a whistle will fall into the tray. Take
the  whistle  and  go  east.  When you get to the next screen, go east
again,  and  you  will  be  prompted  to insert disk #2. When you find
yourself  on  the  shoreline of a swamp, rub the berries on your body.
This will deter the swamp slug from trying to eat you.

     Now, walk into the swamp. When you get into the 2nd screen of the
swamp, move towards the top of the screen and you will eventually find
a deep part of the swamp. When that happens, hold your breath and swim
under.  You  will  be in an underground cavern, and you must follow it
until  you  find  your way out the other end. At this end is a glowing
gem.  Take  the  gem  and  enter  the water again and hold your breath
again.  Swim  back to the swamp, and continue your journey east again.
When you reach the edge of a deep, deep cliff, you must then climb the
dead  tree situated at the edge and it will crack and provide a bridge
over  the  cliff.  Walk  over  the log and walk east again. As you are
walking  east  in  the  woods, you will be caught in a booby trap, and
blood  will  rush  to  yer  brain  and you may begin seeing things and
dreaming  about  weird things, then when you wake up, you will be in a
cage  with  a beast watching the fire burn. What you have to do is get
the  guard's  attention. Try to talk to him several times, and when he
finally  approaches your cage door and stops, throw the spores at him.
The  fumes  of  the spores will kill him. Now, take the keys from him,
unlock  the  door, and then open it and take the rope from the boulder
and make your way north.

     You  will end up on a small platform in the mountain side. In the
distance you will see the landing platform that you landed on when you
arrived on the planet. Quickly as possible, make your way west. If you
are too slow, you will be discovered and shot by Vohol's men. When you
make it west, you will be in the forest again. Walk west once more and
you  will  be  beside the cliff. Climb onto the log and crawl half way
across  it.  Now, tie the rope to the log and climb down the rope. (Do
not  tie the rope to the stump). Down inside the crack, you will see a
large  monster growling at you. Move your way down the rope until your
feet  hit  the  bottom  of the rope. Now, start swinging the rope. The
rope  will  swing faster and faster. When you notice the monster swing
his arm at you once, that is your cue to jump to the othe ledge. Don't
let  him  have  a second chance to swing at you. You should make it to
the other ledge. You will be in a dark cave, so walk into the darkness
as  far  as  you  can, and then hold out the gem in your hand. It will
give  you  a  lot  of  illumination inside the darkness. Make your way
around  the rocks and go all the way to the end of the cave, until you
fall down in a hole.

     When  you  fall out into an opening surrounded by large boulders,
some  small  men  will  appear and tell you to follow them. Before you
follow  them, take the gem from the ground again. (You dropped it when
you  fell). Now, follow them south. They will talk to you thanking you
for  saving their friend's life, etc, etc and tell you you can stay as
long as you want, and just give the word when you want to leave. There
is  no  reason  to  stay  there because you already picked up your gem
again.  Now,  type "Say the word" and they will provide you a means of
exiting  the  place.  Climb  down  the  ladder.  You  will be in total
darkness!  Now,  to  provide some light, put the gem in your mouth and
you  will have some light. What you have to do is find your way out of
the  underground  cavern.  Here is a partial map of how to get out. It
may not be exactly to scale, but it should suffice.

   *                                Follow the paths and connect to
   |                                each letter. Move your man to point
___|______________|(a)              'A', then from point 'A', move to
                  |                 point 'B' then from point 'B', move
             |____|____(c)          to point 'C', then from point 'C',
             |   (b)   |            move to point 'D', and so on, and so
             |____    _|____|(e)    on......
             |    |   (d)   |
             |          ____|
             |         |    |
                       |    |
          (g)|             (f)
          (h)|________________* -(get out here)

     When you reach a beautiful underground waterfall and a lake, walk
into  the  water and work your way to follow the current of the water.
When you approach the stream where it forks of into two holes (caves),
take  the  right  cave.  If you take the left cave, you will meet your
death  by  falling  over  a  waterfall.  Take  the right one! You will
approach  a  whirlpool  and get sucked up by it, but you will not die.
You will exit out into a small lake-like pond with an ugly face carved
in  the  mountain. A waterfall is spewing out of its mouth. Move right
and you will end up in a place where you cannot move anywhere. You are
surrounded  by  a  large rock and trees. Just to be safe, stand in the
water  and  blow  your  whistle.  A  beast  that looks somewhat like a
tornado  will  cut  its  way through the rock and try to kill you, but
because  you are in the water, he will not touch you. What you have to
do  is  throw  the  puzzle at him. You must be quick to do this, or he
will  kill  you.  Stand on the ground, and throw it at him and he will
leave  you  alone. Now, walk into the hole the beast carved for you in
the rock.

     You will now be outside of the platform where you arrived on when
you came to the planet. A guard will be patrolling the building, so be
careful  where you walk, or you will be shot. When the guard looks out
when  standing in the middle, and proceeds walking LEFT, then take off
to  the  door  and  insert the keycard into the door. If he is walking
'Right',  he  will  see you and kill you. Be quick! If you do it okay,
you  will  end up on top of the platform and you will see a spaceship.
Walk  to the rear of the ship and open the hatch. When at the controls
of  the  ship, press the "power" button, then turn the dial, and press
the  thruster button, and pull back on your joystick (or hit the down-
arrow  key  on your key pad). You will begin rising. When you exit the
atmosphere  of  the  planet,  begin  moving  in the forward direction.
Eventually, Vohol will get you and take control of the ship, and guide
you  to  his  base inside a very, very large meteor. It is now time to
insert disk #3.

     You  will now be docked in Vohol's base, but oddly enough, you do
not  see  any guards. You are curious as to what Vohol as in store for
you. Walkways are extending in almost every direction. Take one of the
paths going towards the east or the west. Either way, you will find an
elevator.  Walk inside the elevator and look around. You will notice a
panel  with  buttons on it. The buttons are labelled One, Three, Four,
and  Five. The second level is NOT accessible from the elevators. Now,
press  "three" and you will be transported to level three. As you walk
along level 1, you will notice a door with a button on it. This is the
only thing I found interesting on this level. Push the button and walk
inside  the door and take a look. It will be dark, but you will notice
that  you  are  in a janitor's closet. In there is a plunger. Take the
plunger.  On  each  end of the levels is an elevator. Make your way to
any one of the elevators and transport yourself to level four. On this
level,  you  will find a door. Push the button and inside the door you
will find a glass cutter. You obviously have to take it.

     As  you  continue  on looking around level three, you will find a
bathroom.  In  the  empty stall in the bathroom, take the toilet paper
and  leave  the bathroom. Make your way to an elevator and go to level
five. Up there you will find a door that contains a waste basket. Take
the  waste  basket.  Also  visible  are  a  pair of overalls. Take the
overalls  and  a  lighter  will fall out. Take this also. Also on this
level  is  a  kissing  monster with red lips who will give you a juicy
french kiss. I don't see any significance to this love monster yet. On
any  of  the levels, you may see a floor-walker waxing the floors. Run
away  from  it!  If  you don't, he will flatten you and end yer' game.
Now, go back down to level one in front of your space ship.

     You  will  now see a path extending downwards. Walk down the path
and  you  will  be  trapped  in  between two barriers and the floor is
moving  slowly out from underneath you. At the VERY last minute, stick
your  plunger  to the barrier. You will be safe. When the floor closes
again,  climb  down  from the plunger. You will subsequently lose your
plunger,  but  you  do  not need it. To the right and the left are two
exits.  On  both  exits  are  some killer-robots. Before you go in any
direction, put the toilet paper inside the waste basket, then drop the
waste  basket  on  the  floor and light the paper. This will cause the
heat-  sensitive  sprinklers to go off on the ceiling short-circuiting
the  robots.  After  your slick job has been completed, go right until
you  find  yourself  in  a  room  where Vohol is sitting on a platform
looking at you. What you have to do is walk up the stairs towards him.
You  will be shot by a laser-beam, but your game is NOT over. You will
eventually  be  minituarized  and stored into a small jar. Cut the jar
with the glass cutters and you will see a vent to your left.

     Climb  inside the vent and push the button on the back wall. This
will  shut  off  the  life-support systems thus killing Vohol. Go back
through  the  vents  and  walk  to  your  left. By now, you will see a
keyboard,  monitor,  and  a switch. Walk up to the switch and pull it.
Now,  the  screen  will  ask you if you want to enlarge or reduce. You
want  to  enlarge,  so type enlarge on the keyboard and go back inside
the  jar  and you will be enlarged again. Search Vohol's dead body and
you  will notice a password on him. This password is SHSR. Look at the
flashing  screen  and type in the password SHSR to abort the launch of
the clone-salesmen. Now, make yer' way up the second flight of stairs.

     You  will  now  be  outside of the meteor in some sort of tunnel.
Beside  you  is  a  box.  Open  the box and wear the oxygen mask found
inside.  Walk along the tunnel until you find yourself inside the base
again. You should save your game now as its not hard to die. The sound
of  a blaring siren is ringing through your ears. You must escape from
the  meteor-base right away. Walk left and after two (2) screens, type
"PUSH BUTTON", but don't hit the return key. Walk one more screen left
and  when  you see the robot standing on the wall, as quick as you can
push  the  button  to open the pod door and type "ENTER POD". This may
take  a  few  tries as you have to be extremely quick as the robot can
kill you very easy. When inside the pod, press the launch button. Ahh!
You  have  escaped  from  Vohol's base, but your problems are not over
yet!! Your oxygen supply is about to go empty, so you must walk around
the pod and find the chamber. Open it and climb inside. You have saved
the universe and the planets from certain destruction! You are waiting
for someone to find you... Soon!

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