Space Empires 5

Various cheats
     In  the  main  window press the ~ key, then type one of the codes
below, then press the ~ again to enable/enact it.

Cheat code:             Result
allsysseen              Current Player has seen all solar systems.
allempseen              Current Player has encountered all other players.
omni                    Current Player is omnipresent in all solar systems.
money                   Add 100,000 resources of each type 
                        to the Current Player's treasury.
research                Add 100,000 research points to the Current Player.
alltech                 Current Player gains ALL technologies available 
                        (all the ones that you are able to get according 
                        to your racial traits ie. if you did not choose 
                        temporal or crystaline, then you won't get those).
fastbuild               All construction queues get 1,000,000 
                        in accumulated resources-make, sure you have 
                        enough money also to build everything and you may 
                        have to enter the cheat several times if building, 
                        oh, lets say the components for a Sphereworld - 
                        it will instantly build EVERYTHING in your queue, 
                        but press it with each planet selected.
nomaint                 Current Player's empire no longer pays maintenance.
intel                   Add 100,000 intelligence points to the Current Player.
restoresupplies         All of the Current Player's ships get full supplies 
                        and ordinance.
collisiongrid           Show the collision grid in combat.
showstats               Show statistics on the selected combat object.
retrofit [design name]  Retrofit the current ship to the new design.
repair                  Completely repair the currently selected ship.
allplayershuman         All players set to human control.
viewallcombats          All combats are shown on screen.
restoremove             Restores selected ship's movement 
                        VERY useful as you can select ALL button in a group 
                        or fleet and restore the movement points for 
                        every ship in the grid over and over again.

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