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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Space Colony

Автор: De Babi
The game was pretty cool. Somewhat similar to "The Sims" almost. There is a lot to do on the game and thats what I find so likeable about the game. Build your own little world and have people work on it. I like the fact that I can put people to work when I feel like it. Then there's a little stragey to it also. I like the game because it keeps me busy in all different kinds or worlds. I say if you are a Sim freak like I am but just need a little time away this is something a little different but keeps you busy all day.

Автор: cocoa
This game is really cool. Each character has it's own personality and you can actually understand what they're talking about. When you have completed a task you feel really satisfied.

Автор: BlueBb
Pretty cool game, spin off of "The sims" with a galaxy feel. Easy to understand and play except when you want to make your own galaxy and your own campaign. Then it takes some brain power.

Автор: Barb
"Space Colony" is ok. I can't quite figure out how to do a few things like kill the Giant Spine Weed that will eat up your base and make you loose the game. Sometimes the Colonist will walk through the furnature or do something funky that isn't part of the game and it will throw you back, otherwise it is entertaining.

Автор: Star
I have played this game for hours and hours. I love the way that you can have your colonists do anything you want. You can even go to work with them. I really wish there was a Space Colony 2 in the development. I would definitely buy it.

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