Space Ace 2: Borf's Revenge

     Well, I haven't seen any solutions going around for this yet so I
guess  I'll  type one up. Thanks to THG for the game and $yndicate for
the cheat (without which this would have taken a lot longer).

     I've  tested  these  movements  once  and  they  all seemed to be
working.  I  divided  it  up  into  scenes  according  to where Dexter
reappeared   after   dying.   The   words   in   parantheses  indicate
approximately  what  the  scene  should look like when you are at that
point in the solve. Be careful when hitting keys, as sometimes you can
just  keep tapping a key until he finally moves, while other times you
have  to  be  sure  to  only  hit  it  once or else it will buffer the
keystroke. Also, many of the movements have to be done very quickly to

Scene 1 - Fire, Fire  (Beginning)
Scene 2 - Up  (Monster)
Scene 3 - Fire  (Monster 2)
Scene 4 - Up, Fire  (Same Monster, Closeup)
Scene 5 - Fire, Left  (Same Monster, getting away)
Scene 6 - Right, Up, Up, Left  (Red ball firing at you)
Scene 7 - Up, Right  (Purple ship)
Scene 8 - Right  (leaving purple ship into hole)
Scene 9 - Down, Fire, Down, Right  (Black SpaceAceEvilDude)
Scene 10 - Fire  (Red Crystal)
Scene 11 - Left, Left, Fire  (Black SpaceAceBigEvilDude)
Scene 12 - Right  (Same, Closeup)
Scene 13 - Fire  (Same, Hand closing in)
Scene 14 - Left,Left  (Hanging on his clothes)
Scene 15 - Left, Right  (Getting off of his body)
Scene 16 - RIght, Up  (Head Rolling After You)
Scene 17 - Down, Left, Right, Up  (Coming Out of Hole, Jumping for Disc)
Scene 18 - Fire, Right, Fire, Right  (Flying on disc, getting off disc)
Scene 19 - Left, Right  (Evading monsters, leaving planet in ship)
Scene 20 - Right, Up  (Borf is back, jumping into pit)
Scene 21 - Right, Up, Left, Up  (Hanging, Monster trying to grab you, etc)
Scene 22 - Left  (Borf about to drop your girlfriend)
Scene 23 - Left, Right  (Swinging on vines)
Scene 24 - Fire  (Monster about to eat your flower)

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