Ski Free

Easy Points
     After  you  start a freestyle game, press the left mouse key over
and over. Be sure you don't hit anything or you'll lose points.

Extra Points
     Earn  Extra  points  by sking under the chair lift, stopping, and
waiting for the chair to pass over you. You get 200 points for this.

Faster Speed
     For greater speed, press F when you start a new game.

Free Points
     Start a new game. As you're skiing downhill you'll eventually see
a  ski-lift. Stop and get under the lift. Your points will start going

Monster on the Mountain
     Start  a  new  game. Instead of going down the slope, press UP on
the  keyboard.  The  distance  (located  on  the top-right part of the
screen) will start to decrease. Keep going up until the distance shows
-122. You then should see the monster.

More Monsters
     Just  keep  going  past the stating line until the distance gauge
says  that  you  have  gone  2000  meters.  You  will then be promptly

Mud Mushrooms
     Start  skiing and get near a brown mud block. Use the keyboard to
straighten  your  skis  horizontally  while  lined up under the block.
Press  8  on  the key pad to scoot up the slope, and hit the mud. When
you hit the mud block, it will break into a mushroom.

Points Galore
     To  get  a  lot of points while you are skiing use the mouse, and
click  the  button a lot. If you do it correctly you should get up,and
fall  down a whole bunch of times (through the whole thing) you should
score over 1000 points.

Set Trees on Fire
     When  you get to a dead tree press both mouse buttons at the same
time. You will jump over the tree and set it on fire.

Set the Huskies on Fire
     While  skiing, if you see a dog jump over it while holding "s" on
the keyboard.

Skip Markers
     To  run  down  the mountain in as easy a way as possible you must
first  finish  a  race. Then, go back up the mountain without pressing
F2.  Once  you  get  past  the  green  start  flags come back down the
mountain.  Do  not  go  outside  of the markers. If this has been done
correctly  you will now be able to finish in times as fast as 28 to 27

Slower Speed
     To slow down your skier, press S at any time.

Stunt Moves
     As  you  hit a jump move the mouse arrow to the top of the screen
and you will do a spread eagle. If you want to do a flip, double click
the left mouse button.

Watch Out Where the Huskies Go
     If  you  run  over  any  of  the  dogs,  they'll bark and leave a
tell-tale mark.

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