Start  researching  the  Automatic Weaponry right at the start of
the game using around $6000 and remember to pick up the Uzi at the end
of  the  first mission (it's at the end of the road in the hands of an
enemy agent).

     As  you  conquer the first few territories raise the level of the
tazes  to  100  per cent - the population gets pissed off and may even
revolt  but  at  this  stage in the game they pose no threat to you or
your  company. You should bring the level of the texes back down again
later on - a figure of around 35 per cent is ideal.

     During  a mission if you hear a strange beeping noise be warned -
there are time bombs around. These can do immense amounts of damage to
your  agents  but  they  can  be used against the enemy - try to guide
hostile agents into the vicinity of the bomb. If it goes off when they
are  within  range  it can kill them wholesale. If it is safe to do so
pick up time bombs and sell them - they're worth a great deal of cash.

     Ignore what the manual tells you about only deploying the minimum
number  of  agents  for  any given mission - use the maximum firepower
available - there's safety in numbers.

     Develop  the  mini-gun  as  soon as you can afford to do so. This
weapon is the most effective general purpose gun with a long range and
devastating firepower.

     Make  use  of  the  powers  of the Persuadatron and recruit enemy
agents  to  your cause - especially early on in the game when they are
lightly  armed  and  pose  little threat. The mission in Siberia is an
opportunity to brainwash a few agents.

     Always  equip your agents with medikits no matter what. A medikit
can  save  your  agent's life and they are easy to carry - so why take

     It  is  often safer to wipe out all the enemy agents by ambushing
them  before  trying  to complete your mission objective. Find a place
where  you  can easily defend yourself and just wait for the agents to
turn  up  -  when  they  have  all  been  killed  you  can get on with
completing the actual mission.

     Use  the  Gauss gun on assassination attempts - it's hard to miss
with  this beauty. Gauss guns are also useful for wiping out groups of
enemy agents because of their wide explosive area.

The final mission:

     It makes a lot of sense to choose the Atlantic Accelerator as the
final  mission  simply  because it's so tough. Before you embark on it
ensure  that  all of your agents have a full set of version three body
parts. Two medikits. Two energy shields. Three mini guns and the Gauss
gun  or  a  scanner.  When  the mission has started group your men and
select  their  energy shields and increase all of their drug levels to
maximum. Run down to the bottom of the heliport platform. The swarming
enemy agents come at you thick and fast. Use the mini-guns if they are
within  range  or the Gauss gun if things get desperate. There are two
waves  of  enemy agents so make sure you don't waste ammo on the first
wave  -  if  you  are  overwhelmed  move  three of the agents away and
self-destruct the fourth to wipe out every enemy agent in range.

     Check  your health status - if your agents have less that half of
their  stamina  left  use  the  medikits to bring them back up to full
power.  Make your way to the top left-hand building and fight your way
through  several  waves  of  agents.  Send one of your agents into the
building with shields enabled and use self-destruct on him to complete
the mission and the game.


     Use  a  hex  editor  to  edit  the  last  .GAM file in \synd\save
directory  for  example:  03.GAM  (if you have saved the game as three
different  files).  The  byte numbers listed in the MORE NUMBERS table
listed below affect specific elements in the game - search through the
code until you find them.

The amount of money:

     Type  in  any value from 00-FF. The higher the Hex value the more
money  you  give yourself. Replacing the standing values with 0F FF FF
FF should give you astronomical amounts - far more than you could ever
hope to spend.

Agent data:

     40  bytes  (28  hex)  make  up each agent's data. Edit each agent
starting at the address listed in the SOME NUMBERS table listed below.
     The  GUNS  GALORE  table listed below shows the digits you should
place  in the spaces for the amount of ammo left as well as the weapon
number as corresponding to the SOME NUMBERS table.
     Don't  be  tempted  to  increase  the values for the maximum ammo
beyond  those  stated increasing the value results in the weapon being
completely empty. There you go hack away and have fun!

Byte:           Value:          Effect:

1               00              Blank
2               Any             Name number (note the actual names
                                can be found in the \synd\main.exe file)
3               10              Shows that the agent is available -
                                you only start with eight agents
4               00              Blank
5               FF/FE           Gives version one legs arms chest
                                and version one heart.
                                FF specifies female - FE male
6               1F              Gives version three brain eyes
                                and brings heart
                                up to version three
7 & 8           00              Blank
9               00              Blank
10 & 11         See list        Ammo left for weapon number 1
12              See list        Weapon number 1
13              00              Blank
14 & 15         See list        Ammo left for weapon number 2
16              See list        Weapon number 2
17              00              Blank
18 & 19         See list        Ammo left for weapon number 3
20              See list        Weapon number 3
21              00              Blank
22 & 23         See list        Ammo left for weapon number 4
24              See list        Weapon number 4
25              00              Blank
26 & 27         See list        Ammo left for weapon number 5
28              See list        Weapon number 5
29              00              Blank
30 & 31         See list        Ammo left for weapon number 6
32              See list        Weapon number 6
33              00              Blank
34 & 35         See list        Ammo left for weapon number 7
36              See list        Weapon number 7
37              00              Blank
38 & 39         See list        Ammo left for weapon number 8
40              See list        Weapon number 8

Byte no.        Description:
14-17           Amount of money
130             Start address for Agent 1's data
158             Start address for Agent 2's data
180             Start address for Agent 3's data
1A8             Start address for Agent 4's data
1D0             Start address for Agent 5's data
1F8             Start address for Agent 6's data
220             Start address for Agent 7's data
248             Start address for Agent 8's data
270             Start address for Agent 9's data
298             Start address for Agent 10's data
2C0             Start address for Agent 11's data
2E8             Start address for Agent 12's data
310             Start address for Agent 13's data
338             Start address for Agent 14's data
360             Start address for Agent 15's data
388             Start address for Agent 16's data
3B0             Start address for Agent 17's data
3D8             Start address for Agent 18's data

Weapon:         Weapon no.      Max. Ammo Left

Persuadatron    01              32 00
Pistol          02              0C 00
Gauss gun       03              02 00
Shotgun         04              0B 00
Uzi             05              31 00
Mini-gun        06              F3 01
Laser           07              04 00
Flamer          08              E7 03
Long range      09              1D 00
Scanner         10              13 00
Medikit         1A              00 00
Time bomb       1B              C7 00
Access card     1C              00 00
Energy shield   1D              C7 00


     You  can  start  in  any territory of the game by pointing at the
desired  starting  place  clicking one with the mouse and then hitting
[Enter]. The briefing appears and you can play on.


     To  get  all  of  the equipment in the game plus loads of dosh to
spend  you  should  choose Guns n Roses as your company name and W Axl
Rose as you names.


     Input  the  following  codes  as  your  company name to get these
cheats to work:

COOPER TEAM:            Gives you full Cryo chamber -
                        all mods weapons and equipment 
developed               all agents fully equipped with mods.
                        All V3 plus $10000000 cash.
NUK THEM                Dead agents are resurrected
ROB A BANK              Gives you $100000000 cash
WATCH THE CLOCK         Accelerates time
TO THE TOP              Enables you to select any mission
DO IT AGAIN             Press [Ctrl]+[C] to complete a level

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