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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Sims: Superstar

Автор: holly
Really hard if you don't know what to do next for your fame to raise. Fame is difficult to aquire in the most part. They don't even give you any lead way as to what to do but I guess that makes the game even better.

Автор: Claire
I think you make it easier on yourself if you build up your body, charisma and creativity to it's full before you get an agent.

Автор: TrainFreak409
Okay, I am a big Sims fan. I thought "Hot Date" was good. But, when I finally played "SuperStar", I went nuts! This game is fantastic! This expansion has really raised the level of fun and difficulty of "The Sims". Now you can follow your Sim to work, if they are a star. I thought, personally, that gaining fame was pretty easy, but, just like any job, you do have requirements. But, now, you have to ration energy in Studio Town, or you won't be in a good mood to act, sind, or model. So, in my views, "The Sims: SuperStar" has raised the bar on the whole Sims series!

Автор: Amy
"The Sims: Superstar" is very good, but it would be better if the children could grow up, and the sims grow old. And once you get all 5 stars there is nothing to do, it just goes really boring.

Автор: mee so da
This is an awesome game! I love playin' it all the time. If only I could be a sim. Too bad they don't have more social interactions!

Автор: Kris
I am the biggest sims fan of all. When I bought "Superstar" it was amazing, but really annoying to get to the top. You have to do all these different things to achieve stardom, but the faces and the clothes are rubbish. Not to mention the obsessed fan who steals your awards. The game is quite limited and really boring when you can only get half a star at a time and even then you have to keep on repeating the model thing or whatever you are doing a dozen times before you get another star level. By the way, "The Sims 2" doesn't give itself justice. It is really limited compared to the orignal sims and how much money do we have to spend on expansion pack upon expansion pack? It would be amazing if the needs wouldn't go down so quickly. Oh yeah, the aspiration thing is a really bad thing!

Автор: Simela
One word, awesome! I mean I ordered it and it was so fun to be famous! The people you can make are soooo cute way cuter than the ones on "The: Sims". I also have "The Sims: Vacation", "The Sims", "The Sims Deluxe Edition", "The Sims" on GameCube, and "The Sims: Bustin' Out" on GameCube". But none of them can equal "The Sims: Superstar"! All though it was kind of hard to start off in the beginning I loved it. The directors were pretty hard to get past though. But, WOW!

Автор: r3v07u10n
This game is better than I had hoped for, as the other expansions hadn't really improved the game so much. This expansion is really fun to play though, and it's harder to get bored with.

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