The Sims

     While  playing,  press  [CTRL]  +  [SHIFT]  +  C,  then  type the
following codes:

Code                    Result 
klapaucius              $1000 Simoleons 
rosebud                 $1000 Simoleons (if using v1.1+ or Livin' Large) 
water_tool              Make your home an island surrounded by water 
set_hour #              Change time of day to # (1-24) 
sim_speed #             Game speed to # (-1000 to +1000) 
interests               View personality and interests of your Sims 
autonomy #              Change how Sims think on their own (1-100) 
grow_grass #            Grow grass # (1-150) 
map_edit on/off         Edit the map 
route_balloons on/off   Basic tutorial on/off 
sweep on/off            Shows ticks of the game 
tile_info on/off        Show or hide tile info 
log_mask                Set event logging mask 
draw_all_frames on/off  Draw all frames on and off 
history                 Dumps family history file 
edit_char               Open Create-A-Character screen 
draw_floorable on/off   Floorable grid 
draw_routes on/off      Selected person's path displayed 
move_object             Move any object 
prepare_lot             Check and fix required lot objects 
preview_anims on/off    Preview animations 
rotation (0-3)          Rotate camera 
house #                 Autoload indicated house # 
visitor_control         Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled via keyboard
!                       Repeat last cheat 
;                       Separate multiple cheat commands 

Fast Money
     Bring  up  cheat mode and enter the "klapaucius" code (or rosebud
if   using   v1.1+).   The   bring  up  cheat  mode  again  and  enter
"!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!:!;!" (you
may add up to 60 total).

Garbage Bag of Holding
     In  the  early  stages  of  The  Sims  life  time is often wasted
emptying  the  trash  and bringing it to the curb. I found that if you
fill  the  cheap  30  simolian  trash barrel you can order your sim to
empty  it and just as they remove the bag cancel the order. Then order
them  to pick up the mess that they just made and they will return the
full  bag  to  an empty barrel, which will now be empty. Do this every
time  it  fills  and  trash  need never be brought outside to the curb
again. This saves a lot of time.

Paying the Bills
     Simply  keep  a bill, unpaid, until the mail carrier delivers the
next  set.  When  your  flag  is up (your mailbox being full of-- what
else,  more  bills),  pay  the  first  one  (i.e., bring it out to the
mailbox.)  When  you  do  this,  the newer bills disappear. Using this
cheat,  you  will  only have to pay every other bill, instead of every

Building a Castle in the Clouds
     Large second-floor extensions to a house, or even an entire house
in  the air, can be built totally unsupported by the following method.
First, lay out a complete ground layer of pillars. You'll need lots to
form  a  surface to build on. Next build your second-floor home on top
of  these  pillars. It's important that you do ALL the structural work
at  this  point;  get  all  the  walls placed and floors put in. Don't
forget the stairs! Next, simply switch to the ground floor, and delete
all   the   pillars.   The  house  will  remain  standing,  completely
unsupported by anything except thin air! Voila! A castle in the clouds
for your Sims!

Raise Sims Mood Bars
     When  using  the move_object cheat you can restore your Sims mood
bars  by  getting  your  Sim  to  sit in a chair, pausing the game and
deleting  the  chair  that  your  Sim  is in. Your Sim will disappear.
Unpause  the  game  and click on your Sims face icon and your Sim will
reappear with some restored bars.

Indoor Swimming Pool 
     If  you want your sims to enjoy a luxurious indoor swimming pool,
delete  a  single wall panel so that the spot for your pool is open to
the  outdoors. The game considers any area in that room to be outside.
Place the pool and then seal off the swimming pool room.

Livin' Large Expansion Cheats 

Full Traits 
     Create  a  Sim  with  no  traits  (0  nice, 0 active, etc.). Make
him/her  a yellow potion, and have them drink it. Your Sim will have a
personality inversion, with all traits now at 10.

99 Neighborhoods 
     Note:  This  procedure  involves  changing  a game file; create a
backup  copy  of the file before proceeding. Enter The Sims folder and
copy  the  "TemplateUserData"  file to the Desktop. Rename the file to
"UserData" followed by a number from "6" to "99" for the corresponding

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