Sim Copter

     To  bring up the cheat screen press and hold: ctrl, alt, x To get
any  chopper  you  want  type  in on the cheat screen: 'I'm the CEO of
McDonnell  Douglas'  Then  go  to where you buy the choppers and press
1-9. If you press 3, you get an Apache...heehee.

And check out these codes...

Cheat code:                  Effect:
Gas does grow on trees       full tank of gas
Shields up                   makes you invincible
Out for a Sunday drive       gives you the view out of a car
Radioactivity                makes a reactor blow up
I love my helicopter         takes you back to the chopper
superpowermultiply           when you push shift it makes you go
                             faster (on ground it turns you into a dog...)
Gort                         shows alien dialog of when you beat the game
Been there, done that        career level skip  
Warp me to career: xx        warp to career level. xx stands for #level
The map, please              shows map outside of your chopper
PAMCAREYGOLDMAN              shows picture of directors wife
Lights, Camera, Action!      plays a movie on the drive-in movie theater
There's no place like home   takes you to your hangar 

A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush
     allows the pilot to use the megaphone outside the chopper
Give me bucks or give me death: $$$$ $$$$
     how  much  money you want up to 50000 or get sent out of the game

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