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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Sim City 4: Rush Hour

Автор: King_master
Simcity 4 is the first major breakthrough in the simulated world. Comparing all the other sim games I have bought, including all of the Simcities, Simcity 4 has the most accurate depiction of a city simulation. Even though other games like Monopoly Tycoon etc. that were made. With all their nice 3d graphics or other eye-candy features. Simcity still goes to the top of the list. I believe Simcity 4 and future Simcities will always lead the way, of the simulation mankind.

I really like the game! The only thing is that when you get further on in the game it starts to slow down! I rate this game as very good but not good enough for a '5'.

Автор: jack
I really liked "Sim City 4: Rush Hour", but there are some problems like when you build a very large city, your computer will start slowing down, and making sure every one has jobs is hard.

Автор: Mel
"Sim City: 4 Rush Hour" is great. Subways, monorails, highways, trains, toxic waste dumps, what more do you want? The problem with the slowing of the game was addressed by "Maxis", or so I heard, but they have not yet done anything about it. The best thing to do for now is to keep your city small but powerful, or order a new computer from Dell. G'luck with your cities!

Автор: Tyne
Stunning. Thats the only thing that can come close to the expierence of playing Sim City 4. I bought the Deluxe Edition, which included the "Rush Hour" expansion pack for about $20. Not only is it a great game, but the terraforming tools are top-notch, responsive, and accurate. And the stunning amount of detail put into the game. Workers building the buildings take breaks, eat lunch, and even venture off to a port-o-john to use the restroom. And if you register the product and go to the Sim City 4 site, and join up on it - you can download a tool that lets you make your own structures to be imported into the game!! Aside from loads of downloads and extras, an insane amount of attention to detail, a killer soundtrack (filled with the jazz music Maxis is famous for), and great minigames - Sim City 4/RushHour leaves you wanting more, and leaves you entertained for years.

Автор: joey
I love this game, it really does leave you wanting more and I can't wait till Maxis makes another. The graphics are awesome. I bought the expansion version and fell in love right away. If I could I would rate it a 6 or 7.

Автор: ZeppeLin
Sim City 4: Rush Hour is a great game. It doesn't get the highest score, cause it has some minor flaws. The slowness is indeed a problem, guess you just have to dismiss some detail level in order for the game to run smoother as your city gets bigger. I just hope that in future version of Sim City, the cities' boundary system will be corrected, because you don't get much liberty on defining them. We could also have some more control over the type of buildings to be constructed, example: you should be able to determine, when you set the type of zone (commercial or residential) if you want tall buildings, or small, two store offices, or small apartments, tall office buildings etc. That would add even more realism to the game and more personality... but still, it's one of the best games I've played, and it's a must-have for every building-game fan.

Автор: Tommyboy
I absolutely hate it when you get a huge city built and everything is going great, then suddenly Sim City 4: Rush Hour crashes to DESKTOP!!! It ruins your whole day! I give this game a two due to the strategy involved, and the right layout a real city would have.

Автор: matt3000
I would have to give SimCity 4: Rush Hour a rating of five because of the details and all the efforts put into making such a great game. However, I would have to comment on the disasters... I think that the Maxis company could have made some more realistic disasters like global warming, floods and land slides, etc. However, I would recommend this game to any simulator lover out there and say that by far, this game is the best. I would also like to bring to attention that Maxis have not let out any new SimCities for a long time and I would prefer if they stuck to this one and just made lots of expansions. I would also like to remind people that if the game crashes, it would probably be because of an overload or your hard drive being too full. I hope anyone who gets SimCity 4 enjoys it and I recommend getting downloads of the SimCity 4 website because it's great!

Автор: seeking
SimCity 4 always crashes. I have to keep saving it so that when it crashes I don't have to start over. With all the technology out there and computer engineers, you would think that this annoying problem wouldn't be a problem. This game shouldn't of been placed on the market until the software was up to standard.

Автор: perplex_bob
This game is great! It's hard to get a brilliant city, but you can get close. Only problem is that Maxis hasn't come up with enough patches (still crashes to desktop with mine, but only occasionally. It improved once I downloaded the latest patch there is at the moment).

Автор: fish
This game is strategic and complex. For the folks that have problems with it crashing. What platform are you playing of? If you are on a Mac you need to run your fans on a higher RPM. Your comp will over heat, otherwise. If you don't enjoy the longevity of this game, then (a) you must have a short attention span or (b) like to cheat (codes - unlimited money etc.) I just quit playing those mmorpgs and am downgrading to something more relaxed... All in all this is a chill for people with the IQ to play games that require intellect and patience.

Автор: Me
I must say that Sim City 4: Rush Hour is... disappointing. It has killed the fun-ness of the Sim City games. Sim City 3000 (Unlimited, World Edition or the original game) had friendly advisors and was more realistic, even though the graphics were much lower than Sim City 4. The game difficulty is overdone, and the detail is actually, PATHETIC. The period around beginning a city is SO unrealistic, I could throw up. I think I'll keep playing Sim City 3000.

Автор: The Sim Advisor
It's a good strategy title, but it's let down by getting slower as you play through the game, with the possibility of crashing on some systems. Creating a city doesn't feel as rewarding as Sim City 3000, and although this is more of a preference - I preferred the more serious 'to the point' visual style and layout of 3000 over the 3d of Sim City 4. It's essentially still the same game with added extras and updated graphics however, so you shouldn't feel to let down! It's good, but if you've played some of the older titles in the series you may feel like it could have been even better, but it's a solid 7 out of 10.

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