SimCity 3000

     To  use  a  cheat  code, press the [Ctrl], [Shift], [Alt] and [C]
keys  at  the  same time. This will bring up a cheat window for you to
type a code.

Add every building to the landmarks window:

     *Open the power plant window, and then close it with the X button
in the top right hand corner.

     *Now open the Rewards and opportunities window, and then close it
with the X.

     *Now open the Garbage disposal window, and close it with the X.

     *And  Finally,  open  the  Landmarks window and you'll have every
building in the game.

Gives all the reward buildings cheat:

     While  playing  press  ctrl-alt-shift-c  and  a dialog box should
appear.  type in 'pay tribute to your king' and it should give you all
the  reward  buildings.  note: sometimes this code doesn't work if you
have a lot of reward buildings already placed.


let's make a deal       neighbor/business deals offered
i like red tape         all ordinances become available
nerdz rool              high tech industry

CODE: i am weak
     EFFECT:   Makes  buildings,  utilities,  zoning,  transportation,
planting trees and creating surface water free.

CODE: call cousin Vinnie
     EFFECT:  A  new  petitioner  item will appear in the Meet window,
announcing  a  "Local Fundraising Event." This, um, "businessman" will
offer  you  some cash, no questions asked. Should you choose to accept
his offer, you'll notice a little extra cash in your c offers.

CODE: zyxwvu
     EFFECT:  This  code  isn't available to just anybody, you have to
prove  your  integrity  first.  Use the "call cousin Vinnie" cheat and
refuse  his  immoral  offer.  Then  use  the  "zyxwvu"  cheat  and the
beautiful SimCity Castle will appear in your Rewards menu. In addition
to  looking  cool,  the castle boosts land value, aura, and does other
wonderful things to the surrounding area.

CODE: garbage in, garbage out
     EFFECT: Makes all garbage buildings available.

CODE: power to the masses
     EFFECT: Makes all power buildings available.

CODE: water in the desert
     EFFECT: Makes all water buildings available.

CODE: Salt on
     EFFECT: Changes the sea to salt water.

CODE: Salt off
     EFFECT: Changes the sea to fresh water.

CODE: Terrain one up
     EFFECT: Raises the terrain.

CODE: Terrain one down
     EFFECT: Lowers the terrain.

CODE: Terrain ten up
     EFFECT: Raises the terrain.

CODE: Terrain ten down
     EFFECT: Lowers the terrain.

Unlimited Flying Objects ...

     EFFECT:  After  typing  the  cheat  code, Set Disaster to UFO and
watch an extreme number of flying saucers descend upon your city.

Bird's-eye View

CODE: The Birds
     EFFECT:  Look  closely  for a flock of seagulls flying above your
fair city. And tell your Sims to cover their heads.

Industrial-strength Detergent ...

CODE: nerdz rool
     EFFECT:  Causes  clean,  hi-tech  industry  to  be  built in your
Industrial Zones.

All Buildings, All the Time

CODE: (You don't need the Cheat window for this one.)
Open and close the Power Plants menu
Open and close the Rewards & Opportunities menu
Open and close the Garbage Disposal menu
Open the Landmarks menu
     EFFECT:  When  you  open the Landmarks menu, you'll find that ALL
the buildings in SimCity 3000 are now available to you!

Simon Says

     EFFECT:  The  following  codes  cause  the  Newsticker to display
something unusual.


SimCity 2000 music
     Note:  This  procedure  involves  editing  a  game file; create a
backup  copy  of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit
the  "audio.ini"  file  in  the "/game/res/sound" sub-directory in the
game  directory.  Locate  the  "SimCity  200  Theme" line in the file.
Change the numbers that follow that entry from "0,0,0,1" to "0,1,0,1".
The  music  from SimCity 2000 will now accessible during the game from
the preferences screen.

Import unlimited money
     Note:  SimCity  2000  is  required  for this trick. Create a city
within  SimCity  2000 using the "More money" cheat in that game. After
accumulating enough money, save and exit the game. Start SimCity 3000,
click  "Load  City"  and load the recently created SimCi ty 2000 city.
You will have the desired terrain with the money.

UFO surprise
     Build  a  farm  in  your  city,  then go to the "Start Disasters"
option  and  cause  a  UFO  swarm  to appear. Keep the emergency siren
running  until  the attack is over, then watch what happens. After the
UFOs disappear back to space, go back to your farm. If you a re lucky,
you will find a surprise that will make you famous.

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