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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Silent Hunter 3

Автор: Kevin
"Silent Hunter 3" is one of those games that combine brilliant simulation with unbelievable stupidity in its design. Example if an enemy tug boat comes by your quad 20 mm cannon or 3.7 cm flak guns cannot damage it - anyone for wasting a torpedo or letting the tide-e-bowel bastards slip away? Second, crew members get exhausted on strange schedules - depending on what's happening some can set at a station for 48 hours or longer without becoming tired while in another situation they are nearly worn out in 10 minutes - to add to this crazy situation they will die if you don't click and drag them into a bunk - they don't have the sense to do this themselves and will die at their station rather than disobey an order or have a fellow crewman take over! Then there are the seagulls - yes the seagulls that flew happily around my u-boat as 12 liberator bombers attacked me with depth charges and strafing while my crew filled the sky with flak-amazing 8 of the 12 bombers went down in flames and I lost a crew member, but the birds were not in the least bit ruffled... I could go on folks, but I think you get my point.

Автор: Jim
Silent Hunter 3 is the best uboat sim game ever developed. The graphics are fantastic and the realism and challenge of an uboat command during WW2 is accurately portrayed. The one glaring inaccuracy in the game is the new shallower diving depths of the uboats unlike Silent Hunter 2 so. Watch it when you try to push 180 meters - you probably will not make it. The other flaw is that the flack guns on an uboat can't be used to take out small craft - I tried using my heavy flak on a lone english tug boat for 20 minutes without effect - that was stupid that it didn't work. Despite that, its a good game.

Автор: Cory
It's ok, but you spend 80% of your time having to drag little crew guys around to see that they get to bed before they die of lack of sleep.

Автор: B.J.
I give Silent Hunter 3 only 4 'cause it is too good to get less, but it's too "unrealistic" to get a 5. The graphics are wonderful and the game play is a fun that will last...but there are those small problems that everyone talked about:
  1. the injured crewmen that will die for you and will get tired whenever they like
  2. the Heavy Flakgun don't give damage to boats (unless it is a small torpedo boat)
  3. if you want to have fun attacking a city the Gins does nothing : I wanted to be funny and destroy New York and there I was facing the "Liberty Statue" so I wanted to knock it's head off. I gave it a shot with my DeckGun and I hit in over 10 times, but nothing happened T-T...what a disappointment!

Автор: skydog
The weather patterns are totally out of sync with the seasons. Summer you get howling gales and thick fog, winter it's as smooth as a millpond. And heavy fogbanks 3000km in length? Doesn't happen. I've been in the North Atlantic and rarely seen fog. Gales yes, and what bloody gales they were! Type XXI boat? Always shows the rundipole radar as destroyed.

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