Signal Ops

Steam Achievements
And I Can’t Get Up
Fall through the world.
Arresting Developments
Arrest 10 enemies in a single mission.
Autoerotic Ventilation
Have one of your agents shoot you.
Band Standing
Keep all band members alive.
Barking for Bones
Kill 3 enemies with a single fully upgraded bomb.
Collect all secret documents.
Destroy 2 vehicles at the same time.
Complete the final mission with all agents rescued and alive.
Chain Gang
Have two agents complete interactions at the same time.
Chain Smoker
Set off a chain reaction of at least 4 bombs.
Cut the Red Wire
Plant the bomb on the train without raising the alarm.
Drive-by Pacify
Kill an escaping drive-by shooter.
Exit Strategy
Destroy all trucks Operation Matchsticks.
Put pie in a soldier’s locker.
Friend of the Law
Don’t kill any police patrols during Operation Rat Hunt.
Shoot the volunteer instead of the bottle.
Ghost Train
Whistle goes woot woot.
Catch a ride on a transport truck.
In the Nick of Signal
Plug into a power source with less than 1 second of battery left.
Jack of All Throwing Trades
Kill an enemy with each of 3 unique thrown weapons in the course of a single campaign.
Killed by the Bell
Kill 2 enemies while a truck’s fog horn is sounding.
King of the Keyhole
Lock or unlock 50 different doors.
Leaving a Series of Clues
Kill 5 enemies using door traps.
Lone Wolf
Complete the final mission without rescuing any agents in the agency.
Lookie Lookie, I Got Hookie
Track 10 enemies using the watch order.
Meal Interrupted
Distract a guest who is enjoying a pie.
Moonshine Shot
Get killed by a drunk party guest.
Mopping Up
Kill at least 10 enemies in the warehouse with an agent under your control.
No Bloods
Complete a mission without killing anyone.
No Paper Trail
Kill both of the informants.
No Radio Left Behind
Bring the radio with you while making a getaway.
Toggle track switches 24 times.
One Life to Live
Complete all missions without using reinforcements.
Quick Learner
Complete the warehouse practice mission in less than 3 minutes.
Rail Shooters
Your rescued agents killed enemies while escaping in a truck.
Collect 6 rats.
Real Old-School
Complete all missions without loading an in-progress mission.
Saved by the Bell
Lose your last agent within 5 seconds of completing a mission.
Pick up 100 weapons.
See Something, Slay Something
Kill all traitors found in evidence planting rooms.
Slip Between the Cracks
Complete Operation Arrival without killing the checkpoint guard.
So Hard on the Knees
Lose 5 agents due to fall damage.
Sole Survivor
Complete Operation Matchsticks with only one surviving soldier.
Stop Hammer Time
Stop the Hammer Dice game through non-violent means.
Table Dancer
Get on top of the briefing room table.
Vehicular Man’s Laughter
Blow up 5 vehicles with bombs.
Swap weapons with another human-controlled agent.
Young Man, No Need to Feel Down
Start a conversation with a civilian, police officer, engineer, soldier, and rebel fighter in the course of a single campaign.

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