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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Sid Meyer s Pirates

Автор: Jessiboo
So far this game rocks! "Sid Meyer's Pirates" is far superior to "Sea Dogs". Much more fun - although the dancing is tedious sometimes. The manual has the keys for movement backwards, so it takes some experimentation - but over all, awesome!

Автор: b0red20
This game has all the fun features you'd expect from Sid Meyer and more. The game runs smoothly on most medium - higher end pc with everything turned on. Only drawback - dancing gets annoying after the 20th time around.

Автор: baggerzen
Great game so far. For an old school guy like me though, it has the scripted quarter eating "dragon slayer" feel to some of the cut scene tasks i.e.: sword fighting is like an expensive game of rock paper scissors. But all and all entertaining.

Автор: Smirk
Sid Meyer's Pirates is a great game that deserves it's credits. Sure, some things might get repetitive after a while, but which game doesn't suffer from the same problem? However, I do like the dancing which is a nice mini game in itself and keeps you from "clicking" yourself through the cities, and it can be very rewarding, too. A good dancer will not only get information, but cool presents (armor, weapons and so on) from successfully charmed governors daughters.

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