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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Shane Warne Cricket 99

Автор: Mitchell
The game-play is simplistic but effective; allowing experienced game pros and novices alike chances for success. The batsmen are easy to control, and runs are made easily in the game's first two difficulty settings. On hard and dusty pitches, expect to set new records. However, "normal" pitches fail to live up to their title, and behave as would damp or recently rain-affected pitches in real-life. As the bowling team, your task is easy on these "normal" pitches. Nothing short and pitching on a good line and length will draw blood. Be 'warned' though: Bowling in the game can be tedious at the best of times. There is a lot of deadtime while waiting for umpires to signal boundaries, and balls to be returned, and so on. If that doesn't make bowling in the game without pulling out hair challenging enough, then try bowling fast, on any good line and length on hard and dusty pitches. There is very little incentive to keep on bowling - even perfectly - under such conditions.

My tip: spinners do well on dusty pitches, especially bowling full deliveries. (Experiment with speed and flight wherever possible). Swing bowlers do well to a degree on hard pitches, (regardless of whether you are playing a test or one-dayer), and certainly don't go for the runs the pace-men do. Tip: pay attention to how opposition sides are scoring. Slowing their scoring rate and even bringing about wickets can be controlled to some degree by where you place your fielders. There are relatively few fielding options in the game. But experimenting with the seemingly ridiculous often pays dividends. The game has its quirks. Some endearing, some just plain curious. For instance, in my experience, the well-renowned batsmen appear generally easier to dismiss than lower-profile players. So, don't think that because you're Lara, you're never getting out. Play some safe strokes until you get in, then consider how you will expand on that.

Likewise, the best bowlers seem to have a harder time of bowling than some of the second-fiddlers and part-timers. The sound effects of the crowd and hitting the wickets are quite good. There is plentiful ambience, differing as you tour the world. (No Steel Drums or Marley, though, during your visit of the Caribbean). Additionally, 8/10 people will likely want to murder John Agnew and co-sider Boycott after hearing the pair repeat themselves ad infinitum during match-play. A redeeming feature is the graphics which have good depth and reality, considering how old the game is now, and that it was created for a PS1 system. But, at times, the graphics are lacking, and some have condemned the lacking visual quality of the crowd. I agree, and think the crowd could be better defined. In all, the graphics are good, and reflect the marvel of the creators, and the time in which they were designed.

Other quirks... Beware - against the computer in "Test" mode, fast bowled Yorkers are practically impossible to play. Don't expect to make record scores in Test mode. Beware the quirks of the programming, allowing occassional ultra-fast movements by fielders that can lead to running out of your unsuspecting batsmen. At times, fielders while chasing a ball struck toward the boundary will 'mistakenly' pick up nothing. At that point, the actual ball vanishes, and you better hope that you'll make your ground before the thrown 'ball,' picked up way too early, is returned and an attempt is made to run you out. At other times fielders will cross the boundary rope in the course of a slide or regular pick-up of the struck ball. Though, this goes unnoticed by the umpires, and you are awarded whatever you have run, and not the four you so deserve.

Overall, it is one of the best cricket sims I have played, including the more current releases from EA Sports. Though, there is one thing I don't really get about Shane Warne Cricket 99: How can the batsmen continue to stand, (quite normally), and appear so dead-pan - after being struck full-force in the head with a lethiferous bouncer?

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