1. Level Codes:

1  start
2  station
3  unity
4  wave
5  export
6  option
7  record
8  scale
9  sign
10 acorn
11 chopper
12 gate
13 island
14 legion
15 piece
16 rival
17 savage
18 xaver
19 blade
20 beacon
21 pasture
22 omnus
23 tribute
24 fountain
25 chude
26 trailer
27 canyon
28 repress
29 yoki
30 passive.

2. Tips:

     1) Your priority should be to accumulate territory so build guard
huts first far away from the castles.

     2)  When  starting out attempting to build too much will slow the
workers  down.  Don't  worry  if the computer-controlled players build
quicker  than  you  since  it  will  just mean the machine's having to
spread its knight thinner which leads to ineffective training.

     3)  Don't  change  a path to a building while the wood and stones
are  being delivered. This confuses the little men who tend to give up
and return to their castle.

     4)  Let  them eat bread. Don't bother with pig farms and butchers
because  you  can  get enough food for 10 and 12 mines from three corn
farms; one or two windmills and a bakery.

     5) Build twice as many coal mines as the other mines. You'll need
coal to make gold; steel and arms.

     6)  In  the early stages set building occupancy to Weak. That way
as  many  knights as possible stay in the castle - getting trained and
promoted.  Only  increase  occupancy if an aggressive enemy comes very

     7)  Make sure you build a tool maker before you run out of tools.
Since  it  has  relatively  low  outputs  and inputs don't worry about
linking it with roads. Just slot it in anywhere.

     8)  War. What is it good for? Well this and that: the best advice
we  can  give for attacking neighbours is to avoid any conflicts early
in  the  game. When you do feel the urge to wage war only give into it
if  there's  something  concrete to be gained - for example when hills
contain something you can't find elsewhere.

     9)  The  best  way  to  deal with combat is through frequent game
saves  after  each  successful  battle. If your man dies then quit and
restart  until  he  wins.  With  captains  this method is particularly
useful  since one by himself can sometimes defeat an enemy castle with
only  a  few  restarts.  On this theme it's always best to attack with
your  good  knights  since  in  the  early stages when you've got very
little  gold  your  weaker  knights  are pretty sickly individuals and
certain to be defeated.

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