Sensible Soccer


     Choose one of the following teams for the best all-round players:
National: Holland or Germany

Club: AC Milan
Custom: Sensible x1

     When  selecting  your squad don't bother with the star goalies or
defenders because they don't make that much difference. Concentrate on
building  up  a team of star forwards or mid-fielders - its speed that
counts  in  the  opposition's  goal  area and star forwards can easily
outrun  your  opponent's  defenders. The most effective formations are
Attack  and  3-5-2  so  choose  one  of these. Goal scoring is easy if
you've got your player into the right position. Hoof the ball from the
halfway line to one of your players running down the pitch and get him
to dribble it so that he is running directly at one of the posts. Kick
the  ball  from the 18 yard line or just after it applying after-touch
if  you  can  - the goalie dives but the ball should fly straight past

     When  you're  near the opposition goal kick the ball off the side
of  the pitch and give them a throw in. The PC almost always elects to
throw  the ball to the goalie. Intercept the ball and pass just as the
keeper  approaches  you.  The goal should be open and your striker can

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