As  you sit quietly at the workbench in your research laboratory,
you're startled into action by the sound of the videophone alarm bell.
You'd  better  act  quickly, because your buddy Tip Randall is raising
the  roof. The first thing to do is turn on the videophone. As soon as
you  do  that,  though,  you realize that the picture is fuzzy. That's
easy  to correct; simply adjust the videophone. There is Commander Zoe
Bly,  looking  worried, and telling you about an urgent problem at the
undersea  Aquadome.  You'd better pick up the microphone, then turn it

     After  asking  Bly  about  the  problem,  question  her about the
monster  she's  seen. Bly is sounding ever more desperate, so tell her
goodbye. Suddenly, however, something's wrong with the videophone, and
your score drops by 3 points!

     Now  is the time to go to the Computestor for a clue. First, turn
off  the  microphone and drop the microphone onto the workbench. Then,
head  for  the  Computestor  and  turn it on. Since the machine is now
ready  for questions, ask it about the videophone. Hmmmm...the problem
could be one of many, but you suspect that something may be wrong with
the electrical panel. The panel is just down the hallway, so go to the
panel,  and  examine it. Well, well, apparently the circuit breaker is
open.  By  fixing  the  circuit  breaker,  you  regain  your 3 points.
However, you are starting to wonder whether treachery is afoot here in
the lab. It's time to have a chat with your assistant, Sharon Kemp.

     Go  to  the  office and confront Sharon with your suspicions. Her
answers are evasive, and she seems very nervous. Since time is growing
short,  you  decide  to  leave  Sharon  and  head  for  your  sub, the
"Scimitar."  Realizing  that  the  sub won't start unless you have the
atomic  catalyst capsule, you first examine the work counter. There is
the capsule, so you grab it and head for the Scimitar.

     Once  settled in the pilot's seat, with Tip nearby, you decide to
check  the  sub  for any problems. Pushing the test button gives you a
positive readout, but you're still apprehensive. You will need to open
the  access  panel  in  order  to enter the sub's crawl space, but you
don't  have  a  tool.  Maybe  Tip has such an item? Tip comes through,
handing  you  a  Universal  Tool. Open the access panel, and carefully
crawl into the space. A check of the voltage regulator reveals that it
is  damaged.  Use  the tool to fix the regulator. Now all is A-OK, and
you won't have any problems going full throttle to the Aquadome.

     You're  ready  to  get underway, so crawl out of the space, close
the  access panel, close the sub's hatch, and put the catalyst capsule
into  the  reactor.  After closing the reactor, you'll need to turn on
the  reactor and fill the docking tank with seawater. Once the tank is
filled,  turn  on  the  engine,  open  the  tank  gate,  then open the
throttle. Push the joystick to the east, and you're off!

     The  surface  of Frobton Bay isn't the safest spot around, so the
first  thing  you need to do is set your depth to 5 metres and set the
throttle  to slow. You'll want to check the sonar occasionally to make
sure  you're  not heading toward any obstacles. Your sequence of moves
must be accurate to avoid destruction.

     One  quick  way  to  reach the seawall opening is to follow these
moves:  Northeast, then three Norths, then Northeast again, then wait.
The  alarm  bells  may be ringing, but you'll safely avoid a submerged
obstacle.  Then,  suddenly,  an  approaching  ship  is detected by the
sonar.  You'll have to stop waiting and set your depth to 15 metres to
dive  below the ship. Wait again, and you'll chug right on through the
seawall opening into the ocean.

     Be  sure  to  save  the  game here, since you won't want to cross
Frobton  Bay  again!  You can turn on the autopilot now, since the sub
will  head  straight  for  the Aquadome. Because you fixed the voltage
regulator,  you can set the throttle to fast without overheating. Wait
now,  as  you  continue  diving  deeper  and  deeper.  To check out an
enormous  whale, aim your searchlight to starboard. The trip will take
a  little  while  longer,  so  you  might  want  to ask Tip about that
magazine  he's  reading.  A close study of a particular article in the
magazine reveals that Dr. Jerome Thorpe (an Aquadome staff member) has
succeeded  in creating mutant sea creatures. Further, Thorpe announces
in the article that he plans to marry your lab assistant, Sharon Kemp!
You're  beginning  to  understand  who's  behind  the  attack  on  the
Aquadome, and you're even more anxious to arrive.

     Wait  a  while  longer, and then, as you near the structure, your
sonarphone  rings.  It's Commander Bly, asking to speak privately with
you when you arrive. You wait a few more turns, and the sub slows to a
stop  in the docking tank. Open the throttle to slide into the cradle.
You  wait  while  the water in the tank empties, and you save the game

     Before  opening  the  hatch  and exiting the sub, you pick up the
emergency  oxgyen  gear...just  in  case.  Leave the Scimitar and head
straight  for  the  Aquadome's  Reception  Area where Bly and her crew
await  you.  Greet  them,  and  then  take  a  quick look around. Your
explorations are interrupted by a sudden realization that something is
wrong  with  the  air  supply.  Quickly  using  the oxygen gear you so
intelligently  brought  with  you, head for the Dome Center. Commander
Bly and several crew members are gasping for breath, so time is short.
Use  the  universal  tool  to  open  the access door to the air supply
assembly. Instantly noticing that something has been unscrewed from an
important  cylinder,  you  pick  up  the  object. It is an electrolyte
relay.  Put  the  relay  into the cylinder, and close the access door.
Your  efforts  are  successful,  and the air supply is now functioning

     As  you return to the Reception Area, you observe Doc Horvak with
Bly's oxygen gear. You're suspicious, so when Bly ask you to accompany
her  to  the  office, you go with her. She volunteers some interesting
information:  She  suspects  sabotage  in  the  Aquadome and shows you
certain  evidence. The evidence consists of a black box which you open
and  examine.  This  device  could  be  used  to  interfere  with  the
Aquadome's sonar, and Tip has an idea about how to trap the saboteur.

     Go  to the Storage Room with Tip and discuss his idea. Before you
reach  the storage area, you notice the special Fram Bolt Wrench lying
under  Bly's  desk.  Realizing  that the wrench must have been used to
tamper  with  the  air supply, you show it to Doc Horvak. His reaction
proves most interesting.

     Now  you  need  to  do  some serious thinking. Conversations with
various  crew  members will assist you in your search for the traitor.
Ask  everyone about everyone else, check the locker in the men's dorm,
set the black box onto the sonar, and observe everyone's behavior.

     Commander Bly will offer to supply you with a bazooka so that you
can  hunt  the  monster  (the "Snark"). Get that from her and have Tip
install  it  on  the sub's extensor claw. Find Doc Horvak and show him
the  magazine  article  about  Thorpe.  Doc  will  come  up  with some
interesting   conclusions,   and  will  offer  to  prepare  a  special
tranquilizer  gun  for you. Get the dart gun and have Tip install that
as well.

     During  your  explorations  and  conversations,  Mick Antrim will
check  out  the Scimitar then return and ask you whether you'd like to
have  an Emergency Survival Unit installed in the sub. You agree, then
poke  around  a  while longer until the unit is in place. It's time to
think  about  improving your navigation and sonar -- the Snark will be
difficult to capture or kill. You ask Tip about installing a fine grid
and a fine throttle control in the sub, and he agrees to do so.

     You're  about  ready  to  head  out into the ocean again, but you
still haven't come to a firm conclusion about who the Aquadome traitor
is.  Once  in your pilot's seat, however, you notice that the survival
unit  installed  by  Amy  and  Bill  is  equipped with a nasty looking
syringe.  Grabbing the syringe, you head for Doc Horvak and ask him to
analyze it. His analysis reveals that the hypo is filled with arsenic!
You'd  better  confront  Amy and Bill with this evidence before you do
anything else.

     The instant you show the syringe to Bill, he turns and runs away.
He's  heading  for  the  sub,  and  you race to the office to view his
actions  on  the  station  monitor.  As  you watch Bill climb down the
inside  ladder  of the docking tank, you realize you have only seconds
to trap him. You quickly turn off the docking tank electricity so Bill
can't  open the gate. He knows he can't get out now, so he surrenders.
You turn the electricity back on, and leave the office.

     Cheers follow you as you head back to the Scimitar. After filling
the docking tank with water, you turn on the engine and open the gate.
Turning  the  joystick  to  the South, you open the throttle. Save the
game, and head out into the ocean.

     You're finally ready to confront the Snark and, perhaps, the evil
Dr.  Thorpe. Exit the Aquadome's docking tank by going South, then set
the  throttle  to  medium. Turn Southeast and wait until you reach the
Snark  and  the Sea Cat (piloted by Dr. Thorpe). Thorpe will taunt you
with his power, and admit his plan to wreck the Aquadome.

     Suddenly,  Thorpe's  transmission  breaks  off,  and  Sharon Kemp
begins  to  speak  to  you.  She explains how she only went along with
Thorpe  to  try  to  trap him, and she's ready to help you capture the
Snark.  Sharon  has  a  lot of interesting things to tell you, but you
don't  have time to talk to her right now. The Snark is moving quickly
toward the Aquadome, ready to batter it to bits.

     Here  is  one  method  you  can  use  to  put  the Sea Cat out of
commission  before Thorpe has a chance to attack you: East twice, then
check  your  sonar  to  make  sure you're in position. Set throttle to
slow,  then  turn  South. Head Northwest four times. Oh oh! Dr. Thorpe
has  recovered  consciousness  and  his  voice  is  crackling over the
sonarphone. Ignore him, and head Northwest twice more. The sub will be
just  to  the  East  of  the  Sea  Cat, so, all on one line, enter the
following command: West then aim bazooka at power pod then shoot power
pod with bazooka.

     There!  You've  done  it!  The  Sea  Cat is out of commission and
Thorpe's  out cold again. Sharon guides the Snark to its hidden cavern
so  that  you can safely study it later. You've completed your mission
and saved the Aquadome!

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