Search for the King

In New York

     1.  Inside  Les  room,  walk  to  table. Open drawer. Look inside
drawer. get thermos and lunch bag.

     2.  Walk to hall. Stand at the cooler. Open thermos. Fill thermos
with water.

     3.  Go  to the boss's office. Ask for raise. When Stella came in,
the  boss  will  turn his eye and look at her. At this moment, get the
key and walk out the room.

     4.  Walk  to  hall, unlock door. Walk inside the store room. Look
inside tools box. Get reporter ID.

     5. Walk to Lobby, there is a guard sleeping there. So, look dream
and then get the dream of size.

     6. Go to the Circus. Walk until you find the trailer. Knock door.
Talk to Bob. Ask for job.

     7.  Now  walk  to  elephant  area, there is a pile of shit on the
ground.  So,  start clearing them by getting the shovel. After working
for  a while, drop shovel and walk to the trailer. Knock door, ask Col
Bob for the free ticket.

     8.  With the free ticket, you will be able to look at the various
sport  at  the circus. Now look around until you find the gypsy wagon.
Walk inside to ask about your future. Once inside, ask about fortune a
few  time  until  the  girl say nothing else. Touch girl, and the girl
will disappear. Touch the lizard and a card will come out of it mouth.
Get the resurrection card. Look wax and then get wax.

     9.  Find  Luigi in the circus. Look picture. Look difference. Ask
about mustache. Give wax to him. After that get rosin.

     10.  Now find Helmut, the world smallest man. Give him the dream.
Then get Helmut.

     11.  Now  walk to the popcorn stall, get popcorn. Walk inside the
circus, you will see three lions. Throw popcorn at lion, when the lion
starts  to  eat the popcorn, walk to the right. You will find Fred and
his  assistant  there.  Give the rosin to Fred, after his performance,
get his cape.

     12. Walk to mailbox outside the bus station. Mail helmut.

     13. Go to Bobbi's house. Knock door, show ID. She will then bring
you  inside.  Sit  at  the couch beside her. Ask for soda. Show scarf.
Spill soda on scarf. You will then be chased out of the house.

     14. Walk to empty lots, climb fence. Get the scarf
on the clothesline.

     15.  Go  to circus, walk to the Test-O-Strength. Stand just below
the bell, this will take you to Las Vegas.

At Las Vegas

     1.  Walk right to desert, at the phone booth, answer phone. Drink
water,  this  will give you back your sense of direction. You can then
go back to the mailbox. Open mailbox, look inside mailbox, get Helmut.
     2.  Walk  left to Vegas Hotel. Walk to the stairs which will take
you to the hotel.

     3.  Walk inside hotel, at the counter, call Mr. Fabulous. Walk to
pool,  sit  at  the  chair  beside  Lyla. After she went swimming, get

     4.  Walk  to  elevator,  press button. Walk to typical room. Walk
inside  the  bathroom, look inside sink. Get floss. Look at door. Look
at  sign.  Walk  to  door at centre of screen, get sign. Reverse sign.
Look  sign. Place sign on door. Walk to bed, sit on bed. Walk to cart,
look  inside  cart.  When  the maid walk over to tidy the bed, get the
skeleton key which is in the cart.

     5.  When  you  have  the  skeleton  key, you will then be able to
access  another  room. So walk to elevator, press button. You will now
find  yourself  in  Mr Fabulous room. Walk to left screen. Look inside
tub.  Look  drain.  Tie helmut to floss. Lower helmut in drain. Helmut
will  then  return  with  a receipt. Look receipt. Get floss, you will
need it later.

     6.  Walk  to  elevator, press button. You will now be back to the
ground  floor.  Walk left to the Dry Cleaners. Open door, walk inside.
Show the receipt to Susie. Look suit. Get suit.

     7.  Now go outside of the Hotel. Thumb. A bus will come and bring
you to Kingdom.

At Kingdom

     1.  Walk  around,  until  your  are at Red's bar. Walk inside the
phone  booth.  Wear  suit. You will need to have the sunglasses, white
suit,  scarf and cape for this to work. When you have changed, walk to
door,  open door and get inside. When you are in, dance. You will then
be rewarded, ie the gate of the Kingdom is opened.

     2.  With  gate opened, walk inside and move around until you have
reach the king place.

     3. At Foyer, look inside bear mouth. Lower Helmut in mouth.

     4. Walk left to the awards room. Walk to guitar, get guitar. Look
guitar. Fix guitar. Get the mike near the trophies.
     5. Walk to dining room, look bowl. Get banana.

     6.  Walk  to the King's bedroom. Open bureau. Look inside bureau.
Touch  mechanism. Look pole. Slide pole. Release pole, you will end up
inside the kitchen.
     7. Inside kitchen, get bread. Walk to counter. Open counter. Walk
inside counter. Stand just to the right of the stove. Spread butter on
bread.  Les  will then prepare a banana sandwich and eat it. This will
make Les fatter. Now you really look like the KING !!!

     8.  Walk to Red's bar. Open door, get inside. Sing. Les will then
be killed by the king's fans. He will ended up in heaven and found the
king  there.  And because of his resurrection card, he is able to come
back to life and take the photograph to his boss.
     Well done, you have finally found the KING.

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