Sam & Max Hit the Road

Complete Solution:

The office:
     Look  at the rat hole. This is where Sam and Max hide their cash.
Pick  up  the  rat hole to get the money. Pick up the black light bulb
from the closet. Leave the office and go down the stairs. Once outside
use  Max  on  the  flea-ridden  cat  to  discover  the details of your
assignment. Use the car to go to the carnival.

The carnival:
     When  Conroy  Bumpus  -  the  obnoxious country singer - has been
introduced  use  the  letter  on Flamb┌ the fire-eater to get into the
freak show. Talk to the Kushman brothers who fill you in on events and
give  you a free pass for the carnival. Pick up the severed hand (it's
in  the jar to the left - you need the jar too) and Bruno's hair (next
to the block of ice) and go to the Cone of Tragedy.

Cone of Tragedy:
     Talk  to  the operator about Bruno and Trixie then ask for a ride
on  the Cone. Once the ride has stopped look at your inventory. You've
lost everything you were carrying. Talk to the operator about the lost
items and he gives you a ticket for the Lost and Found. Go over to the
Wak-a-Rat  game  to work off your aggression and see how many rats you
can  pummel.  Score  over  20  and  you  win a flashlight (look in the
returns slot) which is just what you need to explore dark scary places
like the Tunnel of Love. Use the black light with the flashlight. Pick
up  the  fishbowl magnifying lens from the stall to the right and head
off to the Lost and Found Department.

Lost and Found Department:
     Collect your missing items. Look at your gear and you discover an
extra  item  -  a  fish  magnet.  Look  at  the  magnet  to reveal the
whereabouts of the World of Fish.

Tunnel of Love:
     Use  the  swan to get on the ride but first select the flashlight
with  the  right  hand  mouse  button so you can use/look at any unlit
areas  as  you  glide by. Find the fuse box and, for a sadistic laugh,
quicky  use  Max to throw the switch. Get off the swan and walk to the
beheading  scene. Pull Henry VIII's beard to reveal the secret lair of
Doug  the  Mole  Man.  Talk  to  him  and he tells you about his uncle
Shuv-Oohl  and  reveals  the location of the Ball of Twine Restaurant.
Use  the reset switch by the door to leave. To get the key to Trixie's
trailer  in  the  carny  you  have to fetch some pecan chocolates from
Snuckey's bar. Here's how...

     Drive  to Snuckey's which is one of the burger burs marked on the
map.  Pick  up  the cup on the right and go inside. Pick up the box of
pecan  candy  and  the  Sam and Max game from the rack and talk to the
assistant to buy them. Ask him about Snuckey's and then talk about the
severed  hand.  The assistant opens the jar for you. Ask him about the
toilet  and  he  hands  Max  a  key with a rasp attachment. Follow Max
outside  and  talk  to  him  about  the  key.  Make  sure he keeps it.
Afterwards drive back to the carnival.

Tunnel of Love:
     Return  to  the  Tunnel  of  Love  and talk to Doug. Give him the
chocolates and he gives you the key to the trailer. Use the key on the
trailer.  Take  the stilt- walker costume from the blue prop box. Open
the  closet  and pick up the Gator Golf score-card. This reveals a new
location for you to explore, the Gator Golf Centre.

Ball of Twine:
     Head for the Giant Ball of Twine and talk to the attendant in the
museum in the distance. Go to the cable car and hop on until you reach
the  revolving  restaurant.  Enter  the  restaurant  and  talk  to the
psychic.  Collect  the  bent spanners. Travel back along the cable car
ride and go to the World of Fish.

World of Fish:
     Pick  up  the bucket of fish. Go to the large fibreglass fish and
use  the  spanner  on the loose bolt to release it from the stand. Use
the  fish  to get into it then use Max with the fish - he gets in too.
After  a  long cut-scene you end up on the other side of the revolving

Ball of Twine:
     Look at the loose end of twine and use Max on it to pick it up.

Gator Golf:
     Go  to  the  Gator Golf centre and talk to the owner for a while.
Pick  up  the  broken  golf ball retriever from the rubbish basket. Go
down  the walkway where Controy and his henchman Lee-Harvey. Fix it so
Max ends up in the Dunk the Beast tank. There's only one way to rescue
Max  -  Sam  has  to play a game of Gator Golf. Use the bucket of fish
with  the  golf balls. Now hit the fish in front of each gator so they
form  stepping stones. Max tells you when you've got it right. Now use
the  plexiglass  door to free Max who gives Sam another piece of hair.
Use  the  other  door in the tank and look inside. Take the snow globe
you  find and the Mystery Vortex appears on the map. Now return to the
car and head off for...

The Mystery Vortex:
     Enter the cave (ignore the things outside). Go into the back room
and  talk to the woman. Pick up the third piece of hair near the block
of ice. Go into the main room and use the large mirror which reveals a
secret  room. Here you find threee different coloured magnets. Use the
levers  to  work  out the various magnets and you should find that the
following combinations open different doors:

        Red Door:       Red on
        Magenta Door:   Red & blue on
        Yellow Door:    Yellow on      
        White Door:     All three on
        Green Door:     Blue & yellow on
        Blue Door:      Blue on
        Mustard Door:   Red & yellow on

     Try  each  combination in turn, returning to look behind the door
each  time.  Shuv-Oohl is behind one of them. Talk to him and he has a
good  old  whinge  about  loosing  his  mood ring. He also reveals the
location of Frog Rock.

Ball of Twine:
     Go  back to the Ball of Twine. Use the severed hand with the golf
ball retriever and then use the magnet on the retriever to make a mood
ring  retriever. Go to the museum and use the retriever on the ball of
twine.  You're rewarded with Shuv-Oohl's mood ring. Take the cable-car
to  the  restaurant.  Use the fishbowl with the binoculars and pick up
the exposed wires from the base of the elevator. The icon changes to a
pair  of  wires.  Now click on the binoculars to fix them and look for
Frog  Rock's  location  by using the left and right controls. Move the
binoculars  slowly  and  Sam  helpfully  points  out all the places of

Mystery Vortex:
     Give Shuv-Oohl his mood ring and he gives you some mystic powder.

Frog Rock:
     Go  right  and  use  all three hair samples and the powder on the
rock. Bumpusville Conroy's home appears on your map. Go there.

     Use the front door and head left down the hall. When you get near
the trophies take the picture of John Muir. Go to the room on the left
and watch Conroy's performance. Now go back down the hallway as far as
possible.  Go  to  the room on the right and climb on to Conroy's bed.
Use  the  golf ball retriever with the blue book on the bookcase. This
is  the  instruction  manual  for  the  maintenance  droid you've seen
buzzing  around. Now get the pillow with the hair tonic on it. Go back
to  the hall. Look around until you find the droid and use the book on
it.  Sam exposes its inner circuits - attach the blue plug by clicking
on  it.  The droid now goes and gets Lee-Harvey from a room. Make your
way  to the right wing of the house and go into the back room. Use the
VR machine. Take the sword from the stone and move forward. Select the
sword with the right mouse button and when the dragon appears click on
it  to kill it. Take the dragon's heart and collect a key that's real.
Go  back to the room where you saw Conroy and use the key on the alarm
to  the  right of the door to deactivate it. Bruno tells you about the
party at Morrison's Savage Jungle Inn which is now showing on the map.

Savage Jungle Inn:
     Enter  the  Inn and talk to Morrison. Pick up the brochures. Give
the  rasp  to  the  bigfoot  bouncer  and  then  use the stiltwalker's
costume.  Look at the brochures and some new places appear on the map.
Head off to the Celebrity Vegetable Museum.

Celebrity Vegetable Museum:
     Go  right  until  you  reach  the  counter.  Take one of Conroy's
eggplants from the box and talk to the woman. Give her the portrait of
John  Muir.  Now  leave  the museum (just go back to the map) and then
return straight away. Talk to the woman again and she gives you a John
Muir-shaped zucchini squash. Now head to the Dinosaur Tarpit.

Dinosaur Tarpit:
     Go  to  the  dinosaurs in the distance. Use Max on the mammoth to
get  the  hair. Select some twine and use the button on the speaker at
the  bottom  of  the  Tyrannosaurus. Click the twine on the jaw of the
T-Rex  to  attach  it  and  then  use  Max on the twine to extract the
dinosaur's  tooth.  Go  to the tarpit. Walk off to the right and enter
the  elevator.  Once  at the top use Snuckey's cup with the retriever.
Select  the  retriever  so that it's ready to use with the right mouse
button.  Now use the screen to change into the harness. Use the bungee
rope.  When  at the bottom of the jump, use the retriever with the tar
to collect some in the cup.

     Go  to  Conroy's  bedroom.  Use  the  eggplant with the toupee to
collect it.

Savage Jungle Inn:
     Go  inside and make a bigfoot costume with the tar & mammoth hair
&  stiltwalker  costume and the toupee. Dress up and go to the Bigfoot
Party at The Savage Jungle Inn.

The Bigfoot Party:
     Take  the  bottle  of  wine  off  the  table (to the left) and go
through  the door to the right of the stage. Take the ice pick and try
to  leave  via  any  door. Conroy tries to catch you. Use your bigfoot
costume. When Conroy and Lee-Harvey are in the freezer use the freezer
to shut the door. Once outside talk to Bruno. Walk right to get to the
hot  tub. Talk to the bigfoot leader and give him the squash tooth and
pillow. Return to the car and head to the Ball of Twine.

Ball of Twine:
     Go  to  the  restaurant  and  give the ice pick to the mystic who
turns  it  into  a  corkscrew. Uncork the wine bottle and use the cork
with the snow globe. Return to the Mystery Vortex.

Mystery Vortex:
     Go  through the curtained door. Use the mini-vortex and while Sam
and  Max  are in there select the globe and use it on the mini-vortex.
Leave and return to the Hot Tub.

Hot Tub:
     Give  the  snow globe to the Bigfoot leader and sit back to watch
the end-game sequence.

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