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Saloon Cars Deluxe

     To  fix anything instantly on the car when in the pits (even when
your  mechanic  says  it  cannot  be  fixed), press \f' (refuel) for a
second when the engine is not running and the handbrake is on.

     Hint  for good starts. If you can see the lights at the start, do
not  wait  for  green,  but  accelerate  as soon as the lights turn to
amber. With this you can easily gain a few positions.

     If  you  are  starting  at  the  back of the grid at Silverstone,
bypass the traffic through the pit lane.

     To  be  able  to  race  on  the  test  track, open up the !Saloon
directory,  and  go  into  the  directory  \DISC2'. Open the directory
\!SILVER'.  Rename \DATA' as \DATA2' (as a backup for when you want to
reverse  the  effect). Open the directory \!TESTTRACK' and copy \DATA'
into  \!SILVER'.  Now  run  the  program and select Silverstone as the
current course. When you race you will in fact be on the test track.

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