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Saddle Up Time to Ride! cheats, tips and tricks

Author: John Doe
To clean out your horses hooves, click on the right and drag up and down until you see a cloud of dust come out, you may have to do this up to 14 times.

Author: Andalusian Lover
In a show, either cross-country or jumping, when the judge or as far as you hear, the voice of a man who comments your every move says, "nice choice of stride" or "the horse is jumping well" in a not-so-excited tone, you know you should improve your riding. When a tone like that comes up a sentence/comment, that means whoever you think, expects more.

Author: Lexi
When you're grooming your horse you have to continue grooming until the screen flashes white, that means your done. That happens when your brush your horse, bathe your horse, pick your horse's feet, clean your stall, and pet your horse.

Author: Lucky Day
When you're washing your horse keep washing till he is completely wet, and screen flashes. Don't do it too much, or he will get sick and his health will go down! Don't wash his face ever!

Author: jj
The code for the treasure for the last level:
  1. 7 clubs
  2. 4 hearts
  3. 9 diamonds
  4. 10 hearts
  5. 10 spades
  6. 2 clubs
  7. 7 diamonds
After you do this the game ends. You can't access the last room, so after it shows you the video it goes to credits.

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