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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Saddle Up Time to Ride!

Автор: Kit-Kat
It is a GREAT game for a horselover, like me! I loved it. You really feel like you own your won horse. I recommend it for horselovers!

Автор: Fina
I think this game is absolutely wonderful! My friend just gave it to me yesterday (12.20.2004) as an early Christmas present! If you ever think about buying it, do because you'll love it! It makes you feel like it's really your horse.

Автор: Alicia
Amazing horse game. Its rare to find horse games for PC and it's even more rare to find a good one like this. Challenging and educational.

Автор: Horse lover
Awesome game! It is just like jumping a real horse! Everything is realistic. The ending was disappointing though.

Автор: Andalusian Lover
It's a great game, but that "cracking the code to find the famous treasure on the farm" got me confuzzled. All the horses had very realistic looking coats designed on the game. Too bad there was no cart pulling in shows or any info about each horse.

Автор: Noey
This so great because it is challenging, but easy! Stop begging your parents for that pony and get this game!

Автор: Bucky
This is a wonderful game for any horse lover. I am 28 years old and laughed when I opened this as a Christmas present, but I spent several hours yesterday playing it. It's easy to play yet challenging as you attempt to perfect your skills. I highly recommend it!

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