Sacred Mirror of Kofun

     Disk 3 / 1: Peleliu Enigma, Jelly Fish Lake Dive, Jelly Fish Lake
Enigma, Fixing Edward Enigma
Level 1 

     I took all of the photos on Peleliu, what do I do now?
     If  you  have  taken  all the necessary photos and analyzed them,
something of interest should appear.

     I  have gotten the Peleliu enigma, but I am not sure how to solve
it.  You  should  treat  this like the Napoleon Legend enigma. Can you
make a story out of this one too?

     I  solved  the Peleliu enigma, I am just not sure what to do now.
Make  haste  to  the World Net with any keywords you received from the
analysis.  Looking  up  the results of that search in the encyclopedia
will bring you one step closer to finding Braddy.

     I just found John Braddy and I am not sure where to go from here.
Being  the  adventurer  he  is, Braddy might have first hand knowledge
about sites of great interest to our mission. Hear what he has to say.

     I  have  just finished the Jelly Fish Lake dive and there are two
selections  in  the  Database.  One  of them has a moving sun over the
ocean. What am I supposed to do here?
     A  cycle  is  running  its  course right before your eyes, but it
appears to be missing some key ingredients...

     I  solved  the  Jelly  Fish Lake enigma and I am stuck. What am I
supposed to be doing now?
     Someone  aboard  has  first  hand  knowledge about this "glorious

     I  just  received  a  new  file from John Braddy, after doing the
Jelly  Fish Lake dive, and I can't get into E.D.W.A.R.D. What is going
on?  Have you talked to the Edward apparition recently? Perhaps Edward
isn't doing so well. If he is ill, no one knows how to help him better
than the man who built him.

     I can't figure out how to solve the Broken Edward enigma. What do
I do? You might have to fix Ed yourself, but you won't be able to that
without either Paul Sinus himself or equipment found in his cabin.

     I  am  now inside Paul Sinus' cabin. Edward is brokem. What is my
next  move?  Edward  can  operate with less than maximum power but his
circuits  need to be re-routed. Listen carefully in that cabin for the
answer. Is that Morse Code?

     I  have  fixed  Edward  and  reviewed  the Letter from a Japanese
Sailor (ISC), bu t I am not sure what to do now.
     Once the results of keywords have been viewed in the encylopedia,
new coordinates should make their presence known.

The Sacred Mirror of Kofun
     Disk  2: Leaving Hawaii, John Braddy Video, John Braddy Enigma #1
Level 1


Ann Fong is on board but I don't know how to continue.
It's time to set sail, so go plot a course. 

     I can't seem to get the boat to leave Hawaii because Edward keeps
saying "forget it".
     Steve  Grant  told  you  where  to  go  but if you don't remember
checking the database in E.D.W.A.R.D. may give you a clue.

     Steve Grant told me that he sent me a copy of John Braddy's video
but I don't know where to find it.
     E.D.W.A.R.D  is  the record keeper aboard the Antares, especially
"data" of this nature.

     I've  analyzed  John  Braddy's  video but I don't know what to do
next. Browse the "net".

     I  don't understand how to solve the "Message from John Braddy to
WWH" enigma.
     Replace  the  symbols  with letters using the table at the top of
the screen. 

The Sacred Mirror of Kofun
Disk 3: 3 ISC Dives and the ISC Alert Dive
Level 1

     I've   set   sail   for  Palau,  but  I  now  have  two  possible
destinations. Where should I go?
     Explore both paths -- no path should be ignored. Why not continue
on with your present course, for now.

     I've  zoomed  in  on  Palau  and have 3 possible dives. Which one
should  I  take?  Keep  your  mission in mind; your next dive could be
biologically fit to place the Poseidon. When in doubt, check them out.
Try "one".

     I  finished the first ISC dive, now what am I supposed to do with
the photos that I have taken? How do I put them to use?
     It is a shame that there is no on-board computer that would prove
invaluable at analyzing photographs...or is there?

     I've  analyzed  the photos for the ISC dive, entered key words in
the  world  ne  t , explored the results of those searches in both the
encyclopedia and database: what do I do now?
     Don't leave dives unexplored. The more marine life you encounter,
the  better  your chance at finding the correct site; after "one", try
another.  Once  you've  gathered all you can, use all that E.D.W.A.R.D
has to offer: Data Base, World Net, Encyclopedia...

     I  am confused. Jean-Michel just gave me another dive to do and I
haven't  finished  the other ISC dives yet. Which ones shoud I do now?
Jean  Michel  may  introduce  a  pivotal clue. Then again, he may not.
There is only one way to find out the value of his words. Besides, you
can always return to finish were you left off.

     I  did  a  bio-analysis  on  the  ISC  Alert  dive and didn't get
anything  to  transfer  to  Dr.  Capucci.  Is this correct? Did I miss
something? Nothing came up in the ISC Alert bio-analysis? Perhaps that
was do to the pollution. What should you do next? Hmm, perhaps you can
continue  on  with the other part of your mission. I wonder just where
Braddy is? Maybe evaluating that video will help.

     I finished all of the ISC dives and I am not sure what to do now.
Where do I go?
     Have  you taken a look at the video you received from Steve Grant
that  was  sent to him with John Braddy in it? Perhaps that holds some

The Sacred Mirror of Kofun
     Part  Three-Two  (Alternate):  Braddy  Coordinates  --  Eten Walk
Through Level 1


     What should I do at Shinkoku (Braddy Coordinates)?
     It  may  be wise to do more than just marvel at the scenery. Take
the  experience  back  aboard the Antares and use a computer to do the

     What should I do after I have analyzed and bio-analyzed Shinkoku?
     Don't  just  add  keywords  from  an analysis to your vocabulary,
download some more about them on the Net.

     I received keywords from the World Net and transfered them, but I
am not sure where to look now.
     If  you  wanted  to  know  more  about a subject, you'd go to the
reference the same here.

     I  looked  at the keywords in the Encyclopedia, is there anything
else that I need to do?
     Anyone  can  miss  a keyword. An explorer extroaordinaire will go
back and make sure to catch even the slightest clue.

     I  keep having to do all of these dives and they don't seem to be
leading me anywhere. What am I supposed to be doing?
     The  crew is here to help, and E.D.W.A.R.D. in all forms is a big
part.  Use  all facets of his personality to analyze/bionalyze all you

The Sacred Mirror of Kofun
     Disk  2:  Dives at Shinkoku (Braddy Coordinates),Nippo, Fujikawa,
and Betty Bomber
Level 1 

     I don't see Braddy's coordinates on the map, where should I go?
     Approximations  are the next best thing to accuracy. Get as close
as you can and sail.

     I  am at the Shinkoku (Braddy Coordinates) dive and I am not sure
what I am supposed to be doing here.
     You  are  equipped  with  a  camera, in an underwater plethora of
marine life. Do what comes naturally.

     I  took  all the photos I could take at the Shinkoku dive (Braddy
Coordinates) . Now what do I do with them?
     What  should  you do with all of the photos you just took? How do
you get the information out of them? Hey, maybe Edward will know.

     I  reveiwed  the  Shinkoku  photos  and  did  an  analysis  and a
bio-analysis on them. Where do I go from here?
     E.D.W.A.R.D  has  many  functions. Be sure to get the most out of
his varied capacities: World Net, Data storage, encyclopedia, etc.

     I've  analyzed all the Shinkoku photos and bioanalyzed them but I
seem to be stuck now. Is there something that I am missing?
     Whenever  you  find  something  new, be sure to run it through as
many of E.D.W.A.R.D.'s different resources as you can.

     After  analyzing/bioanalyzing  all the photos, entering keywords,
and  looking  things  up  in  the  database and encyclopedia, is there
anything pivotal that I have overlooked?
     Did you analyze everything that you have in your Database so far?
Have  you  reviewed the items in your Encyclopedia? Have you found all
of the things you needed to?

     I  can't  get the Auto-Map to zoom out from the region containing
the dives. I s there a reason for this?
     There   may  be  more  to  this  region  than  just  diving...the
encyclopedia may be of some help to you.

The Sacred Mirror of Kofun
Disk 2: Eten Jungle
Level 1 

I am on Eten Island and I want to know what to do next.
     To  get  through  this island, tools are essential. However, they
are not always easy to find...

     I  am  on Eten, looking at a vine wall, there is a hot spot there
but I cannot get around it. What should I do?
     If  you  cannot  get  around  it, you might be able to go through
it... if you have the right equipment.

     I cannot open the trunk. Is there another tool I need to find?
     Do  you  remember  the  vine  wall  that you chopped down? Do you
remember the falling down building? Perhaps it contains some clues for

     I found the pick axe and I don't know where this is to be used.
     There  are  other  tools to be found. Following wandering animals
and carefully examining wreckage can do wonders for your mission.

     What exactly am I looking for now that I have the pickaxe and the
     There  are  so  many buildings here. It is not a waste of time to
search  around  for  hidden objects. It is worse to miss something and
get stuck later on in the game.

The Sacred Mirror of Kofun
Disk 2 / 3: Betty Bomber Enigma, Daikisan Dive, ISC Dives
Level 1 

     I  have  analyzed  the  Eten  Photos and I didn't receive any new
     What should I do now?
     Pay  close  attention  to  the  hieroglyphs.  You have seen those
symbols before. A second look at an old clue may give you the answer.

     I cannot solve the 'Betty Bomber Message', what am I missing?
     The  characters  in  the  calendar  and Decoder found on Eten are
pieces  to  a puzzle. With a little luck, trying to put this affair in
"order" could be the elusive solution.

     I  finished  the  'Betty Bomber Message' enigma and I am not sure
what to do no w?
     Talk   to  Edward.  He  seems  to  have  some  noteworthy  advice
concerning one of your fellow shipmates.

     I  took  the  photos  at Daikisan, but Edward keeps giving me the
message that there is more here. What am I missing?
     Follow  the dive to the very end. Did you notice anything unusual
floating in the water?

     I  found  the letter at Daikisan and I don't know what to do with
it. Letters go in the рin boxс.

     I  have analyzed the 'Letter from a Japanese Sailor' and I am not
getting any thing from it. What do I need to do now?
     Have you talked to a crew member who can translate Japanese? Have
you talked to Edward? Search around and you will find your answer.

     I  transfered  all  the  info  from  the  'Letter from a Japanese
Sailor' and now I don't know what to do.
     Make  certain  that you have completed all the dives available to
you.  Even the most obvious ones found in your database, can be easily

     I  have finished all of the ISC dives and the ISC Alert dive, now
I am not su re what I should be doing. Where do I go from here?
     Examine  all  your  photos  carefully, analyzing them with all of
your  available  resources.  Certain shipmates may offer the resources
needed here.

The Sacred Mirror of Kofun
     Disk  3:  Braddy Extraordinary Site Enigma, Ngarol Dive, Ann Fong
Enigma, Local Authorities Site Dive, Braddy Video Enigma
Level 1 

     I just discovered the 'Braddy extraordinary site' enigma and I am
not sure ho w to solve it.
     All  the letters begin highlighted; upper case, lower case -- one
form  should  be removed, along with words that are familiar to you by

     I finished the dive at Ngarol and I am not sure what to do now.
     Analyzing  the  NGAROL  photos  has unlocked a hidden file from a
site  hailed by John Braddy that you have already studied. Find it and
then head for the World Net.

     I have just discovered the Ann Fong enigma, how do I get into it?
     You  will need to figure out Ann Fong's password. Perhaps her bio
in the Data Storage will have some clues as to her personal life.

     I  just  finished  the 'Local Authorities Site' dive and I am not
sure where to go next.
     Clues  from  the  past  begin  to  haunt  you now. This fish that
surrendered  at Waterloo should be investigated in E.D.W.A.R.D....then
find out where you have seen it and John Braddy together.

     I  just  got  the  'Braddy Video' enigma and I am not sure how to
finish it.
     You  are  trying  to  get  the  Napoleon  Legend, try to make the
pictures into a story that flows from beginning to end.

     I finished the 'Braddy Video' enigma and I am lost as to where to
go to next. What should I do now?
     You will need to view the 'Napoleon Legend' that you just solved,
paying close attention to what Edward told you to do?

     I  just  received  new  coordinates  after Analyzing the Napolean
Legend file and I can't see them on the map. Where are they?
     If  you  have  completed  all  that  you need to do here, the map
should allow you to zoom out, where Peleliu is once again visible.

The Sacred Mirror of Kofun
Disk 3: Peleliu Island
Level 1 

     What am I looking for on Peleliu?
     Clues  as  to John Braddy's whereabouts abound on this island. As
it was on Eten, find tools to help you through the jungle.

     How do I get the flashlight without getting attacked by the snake?
     If only you had some tool that would scare that snake away...

     How  do  I  get  the  flashlight  to work? I picked it up, but it
doesn't work inside the building. Why?
     What do you usually need to make a flashlight work? Be careful in
your pursuit, lest you be food for this jungle's inhabitants.

     I  have  found  the  place where the monkey dropped my bag, but I
can't find the bag.
     You  need to search this area thoroughly. The dense foliage makes
it  very  difficult  to  find  out  where the bag is hidden, but it is

     I have the flashlight and it works, but what photos am I supposed
to take in the Bai building?
     There  are  clues in this building left by Braddy that will guide
you  along.  If  you  can't find them, you could always take photos of

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