Sacred Ground

Santa Fe Mysteries Sacred ground November 26, 1996

Game Objective

Player's main objective is to arrest the kidnapper and murderer.


- Player must solve the crimes and arrest the kidnapper and murderer within
a timeframe of five  days.  Every  action  the  player  takes  has  a  time

- Player must make choices between which leads to follow, as there  is  not
enough time allowed for player to investigate  all  leads.  Therefore,  the
player could conceivable miss even meeting the kidnapper or murderer if the
player chooses not to interview them.

- Several people try to lead the player astray.


The game is partitioned into three acts or parts.

Part I: Kidnapping Scene & First Interviews The  first  part,  which  takes
part during Days 1 -  3,  is  exploratory,  where  the  player  may  pursue
whichever leads he/she chooses, with each action "costing" the player time.
Gameplay includes:
? Case assignment at Police Headquarters (1 hour)
? Investigation of crime scene (15 min. per photo or order)
? Interviews of potential leads (up to 15 suspects) (15 min. per question)
? Visit to the library to review articles, videotapes (15 min. each read)
? Visit to the Mongoose Tavern for local gossip (15 min. per question)
? Review Forensics Tests and Alibi Verifications (15 min. each)

Part II: Mid-Game Movies Part II begins at the start of Day 4 and  consists
of a murder and a direct order from the Chief to investigate it --  if  the
player disobeys the Chief, they get kicked out of the game.  Following  the
lead to the crime scene, the player  and  partner  John  Night  Sky  should
realize that the two crimes are related.

Part III: Second Interviews, Suspect Round-Ups, Arrests & Epilogue

The third part, which begins mid-day on Day 4,  is  where  the  player  can
re-interview  all  suspects  and  informants,  asking  specific,   in-depth
questions -- with each question costing the player time.

To raise the stakes in the story,  the  murder  on  Day  4  opens  up  more
questions and possibilities. The player must investigate further: who would
want to murder this person? How does it relate to the kidnapping?

Further, the Chief keeps the pressure on the player  by  paging  them  with

By the last few hours on Day 5, the Chief encourages  the  player  to  make
their arrest attempt.  If they choose not to arrest up until this point  in
time, they will be thrown off the case for running out  of  time.  If  they
arrest the wrong person, they are kicked off the case or could get  stabbed
and die. A correct arrest leads to a ransom payoff and results in a cast of
characters being held at gunpoint.  Key  dialogue  in  the  finale  and  an
epilogue explain how all the clues tie together in the story.

The mystery is difficult to solve and so it not expected  that  the  player
will arrest the right suspect the  first  time.  Therefore,  re-play  value
stems from the player saving their game at critical points where  they  may
return to a specific point in time and "buy more time," reviewing  evidence
and interviewing more suspects, and making another arrest attempt.



Timeframe: Day 1 to Day 3 = 24 hours

Locations: Police Headquarters (1 hour) Crime Scene  (15  min.  per  order)
Fifteen potential suspects (15 min.  per question) Library (8 articles,  15
min. each) Mongoose Tavern (15 min. per question)

PDA Options: Incoming Alibi Verifications (15 min. each) Incoming Forensics
Tests (15 min. each)


- Opening movie & DAY 1 Transition

- Main map with time stamp: Day 1, 9AM

- Police Hdqtrs -- Chief's Case Assignment
- Police Headquarters halo flashes until player clicks on building once.
- Chief's case assignment movie plays - player cannot click past.
- Movie ends and returns player to main map.

- PDA icon in lower right hand corner of screen flashes and pages player.
- PDA enlarges when clicked with the mouse, then a priority  voice  message
from Det. R. Orlando plays, providing an introduction.
- Player exits PDA by clicking on exit button.



- Tasker Residence halo flashes until player clicks on the house once.

- From the exterior view, cursor changes to a magnifying glass  over  crime
scene elements (i.e. the robe and gate), which are hot spots, or highlights
in the upper left of  the  screen  to  indicate  direction  towards  Martin
Tasker, who is in the house.

- After the player visits Martin Tasker for  his  first  interview,  he/she
exits and returns to the kidnapping scene.  The cursor becomes an arrow  to
the right side of the screen to indicate direction towards Manuel Orrosso.

- The player can investigate the crime scene any time in the first day. Any
forensics ordered in the first visit will not be processed until the player
leaves the crime scene.

- The player may choose to leave the exterior view at any  time  by  moving
the cursor to the bottom of the screen. The cursor changes to a directional
downward arrow and returns to the main map when the mouse is clicked.


- The cursor changes to a magnifying glass over each hot spot.

- When the player clicks once on a hot spot, a close-up photo  appears  and
an extension of the PDA icon exhibits three icons:
1) a microscope (to order Forensics Test)
2) a camera (to take Picture)
3) a notepad (to take Notes)

- When the player cursors over an icon, it animates. When the player clicks
once on the icon, it stops animating and the following occurs:
1) select microscope-- Gears animate  over  the  microscope  and  "Ordering
Forensics Test" appears in the info bar.
2) select camera - a viewfinder frame outlines item and a flash  and  sound
effect indicates a picture has been taken. 15  minutes  is  taken  off  the
3) select notepad - the PDA appears with notes about the item.

- The following hot spots occur in the crime scene:
- White terry cloth robe
- Partially Crushed Prescription Capsule
- Gate
- Broken and used hypodermic needle

- In the Crime Scene, a small PDA icon is located at the lower  right  hand
corner of the screen.  Player may click once on PDA icon to call up PDA and
the Main Menu screen appears:
- Help icon ("?")
- Case Files Folder
- E-Mail icon
- Evidence Folder
- QUIT icon

- All icons animate when the player scrolls over them.

- The cursor changes to a directional arrow at the bottom of the screen  to
indicate that the player may exit the crime scene.
- The player must visit Martin Tasker in order to interview other suspects.
- If the player is in the PDA, he/she must click once on the QUIT button to
close PDA and is then returned to the Exterior View.


After interviewing Martin Tasker the  White  Buffalo  Arson  Scene  becomes
available. This is another crime scene although the player can only look at
evidence,  take  pictures  and  look  at  notes.  There  are  no  forensics
available.  The crime scene has the following evidence: Invoice Letter from
Christine Belotta Letter from Free Tibet Note from M Note from  McClafferty

After leaving the White Buffalo for the first time, the player receives  an
Arson Report through the PDA.  The White Buffalo crime scene  is  available
throughout the game after interviewing Martin Tasker.


- All potential leads  are  called  out  by  a  blinking  halo  over  their
respective residence (except for  Manuel  Orrosso,  who  is  accessible  in
Tasker Residence, and George Vesco, who is accessible in the  Seven  Arrows
- The player must move cursor around the main map to figure out which leads
are located where (name rollovers pop up  as  player  cursors  over  a  lit
- Player selects subject to  be  interviewed  by  clicking  once  on  their
residence.  Interviews trigger other individuals to light  up  as  possible
- Establishing shot (640x480) appears, then a jagged boarder and  intro  of
the selected interview.  The  suspects  name  fades  up  and  down  at  the
beginning of the intro.
- The player has the option of several questions during an interview  (only
two are visible at one time). When the player clicks on a question, a movie
segment plays with Night Sky asking the question followed  by  a  response.
After the clip finishes, more questions are presented.
- Only in the first interviews does John Night Sky reiterate the  questions
the player chooses.
- Player can end the interview at any  time  by  selecting  "End  Interview
selection -- which plays an exit clip then brings up  the  individual  case
file for the subject being interview on the PDA.

- The individual case files consist of the following:
- a picture of the subject
- Pop-up menu: Select "Suspect" or "Informant"
- Pop-up menu: Select a motive
- film strip icon: "Click here to order Alibi Verification"
- magnifying/film icon: "Click here to re-play interview"
- notepad icon: "Notes available"
- Close icon - to return to  interview  suspect  screen.  Note:  Each  icon
animates when the player cursors over it and stops when the  player  clicks

- Player may exit at any time by selecting the exit button on the  PDA  and
shows the picture of the location of the last interview.

SPECIAL ALERTS - The following alerts from Dispatch occur in the first  two
days and can be divided into two types of alerts - hardwired and triggered.
Hardwired alerts occur at a specific time no matter where  the  player  has
been.  Triggered alerts occur depending  on  specific  choices/actions  the
player has made.

Hardwired Alerts:
- Prodding from the Chief (Day 1, 4 pm):
- PDA icon flashes and beeps
- When PDA is clicked Chief movie plays
- Player must click on PDA exit button to close PDA.

Triggered Alerts: - Dispatch Alert - Vehicle Trace - (Day 2, 10am)
- If player did not visit Wally Chandler and did not order vehicle trace by
Day 3, 10am,  then  this  alert  notifies  player  of  the  following:  "an
anonymous tip has just come in regarding a black  Jeep  Cherokee  near  the
Tasker Residence. A trace has been ordered."



VICTIM Randa Tasker

POLICE HEADQUARTERS Det.  John Night Sky Police Chief Weber Det. R. Orlando
W. Mirakama - Forensics Lab

POSSIBLE SUSPECTS (15) Martin Tasker Manuel  Orrosso  George  Vesco  Andrew
Grissom Amy Tasker Christine Belotta Dan Longfoot Richard Whitefeather Free
Tibet  Juan  Vijil  Mark  Kennedy  Carrie  March  Theresa  Madrone   Thomas
McClafferty Wally Chandler

MONGOOSE TAVERN Charlotte Mabrey Graham Haggerty Clifford  Lodgepole  Carla



Sacred Ground (a.k.a Son of Elk Moon)

Question Breakdown (Pass 2) Ed Clune 7/30/96 FIRST INTERVIEWS:

Martin Tasker: INTRO Q1: Why don't we start there?/ If we  might  have  the
names...? Q2: Another guest?/You think Grissom might  be  connected...  Q3:
And you left the restaurant when?/What  was  she  wearing?/  What  happened
next? Q4: Did your wife ever use drugs? Q5: Can you  think  of  anyone  who
might've hurt your wife...?/ What about the arson  incident...?/  And  your
own enemies? EXIT: If this was a kidnapping, Mr. Tasker...

Manuel Orrosso: INTRO Q1: Tell us about night. Q2: Were you aware that Mrs.
Tasker went for a swim about midnight? Q3: Did you hear  any  screams?  Q4:
Was unusual?/Who has the keys to the gate? Q5: How many dogs are out in the
kennel area? EXIT: Thanks for your help...

Carrie March: INTRO Q1: You attended the Taskers' anniversary dinner..., is
that right?/ How do you know that it was a kidnapping? Q2:  How  long  have
you known the Taskers? Q3: Can you think of any reason someone might abduct
her by force?/ Are you saying that Mr.  Tasker could have been  behind  his
wife's disappearance? Q4: Do you think this had anything to  do  with  Mrs.
Tasker's disappearance? Q5: Was  there  something  going  on  between  Mrs.
Tasker and her husband's doctor? EXIT:Anything else you think...?

Andrew Grissom INTRO Q1: You in the habit of taking the law into  your  own
hands...?/ So, you thought you'd get back at him through  his  wife...  Q2:
What's he got to do with Martin Tasker? Q3: Where'd you go after  you  left
the Mesa...? EXIT: Thanks for your time, Mr. Grissom.

Dan Longfoot INTRO Q1: You heard about Randa Tasker's disappearance? Q2:  I
understand you had a beef with Tasker? Q3: Tasker says you  threatened  him
publicly./ Your calling that a murder? Q4: You know anything about the fire
at Randa Tasker's leather goods store? Q5: Where were you on the night that
Randa Tasker disappeared? EXIT: For now...

Dr.  Thomas McClafferty INTRO Q1: And you've been Martin Tasker's  personal
physician for how long?/ Isn't that  a  little  unusual?  Q2:  What's  your
relationship with Mrs.  Tasker?/ Perfectly. Was there anything ... more  to
the relationship? Q3: I understand the Taskers argued a lot.  Q4: What time
did you leave the Mesa Cafe the other night? Q5: You've got a  key  to  the
gate at the Tasker estate, is that right? Q6: ...What kind of medication is
Mr. Tasker on? EXIT: Thanks. We'll let you know...

Richard Whitefeather INTRO Q1: You tried to fight in court? Q2: I  know  it
must be very painful, but could you tell me about the circumstances of your
daughter's death... Q3: Last Tuesday night ... say, between eleven and one
... Where were you? EXIT: Thank you, Mr. Whitefeather...

FREE TIBET INTRO Q1: You're an artist.../ Did you have someone in mind? Q2:
Say your theory is right...  Why wouldn't this Christine Belotta have taken
her revenge right on the spot? Q3: Is that just a vibe, or do you have some
evidence?/ Do you think she was getting ready to  leave  her  husband?  Q4:
Anything in her behavior lately that was out of the ordinary? Q5:  Anything
stand out in your mind from the anniversary dinner at the Mesa? Q6:  Is  it
possible that Mrs.  Tasker might have staged her  own  abduction...?  EXIT:
Thanks again, Ms. Tibet...

JUAN VIJIL INTRO Q1: What do you know about Randa Tasker's/ You're a friend
of Martin Tasker? Q2: Have you helped out in  his  plans  to  expand  Seven
Arrows? Q3: If Tasker goes under, you lose one of your big supporters. Am I
right? Q4: Mrs.  Tasker was taken from her  residence...  Where  were  your
about that time? EXIT: Thanks Mr. Vijil...

GEORGE VESCO INTRO  Q1:  The  word  is  that  there've  been  some  serious
financial  difficulties  lately...  Q2:  There's  been   some    talk    of
mismanagement...  Q3: You have any  idea  who  might  have  abducted  Randa
Tasker? Q4: Where were you on the night that she disappeared? Exit: Thanks.
We'll be in touch.

MARK KENNEDY INTRO  Q1:  What's  the  nature  of  your  relationship?/Close
friends? Q2: Did either of them give you any indication of difficulties  in
the marriage...  Q3: Anyone you can think of who might've been behind Randa
Tasker's abduction? Q4: What were the circumstances?/  When  was  the  last
time they spoke?/ How's Amy's relationship with Mrs.  Tasker? Q5: Where did
you go after  the  Tasker's  anniversary  dinner  the  other  night?  EXIT:
Appreciate your help, Mr. Kennedy.

WALLY CHANDLER INTRO Q1: You saw the kidnapping? Q2: Any  more  description
on the vehicle? Q3: And what direction was it coming from...? Q4:  Did  you
see the driver? EXIT: Thanks, Mr. Chandler...

CHRISTINE BELOTTA INTRO Q1: You're an employee  of  White  Buffalo  Leather
Goods ... ?/When was that? Q2: You say she was acting strangely?  Q3:  Know
anything 'bout how the fire got started? Q4: You know anything about  Randa
Tasker's disappearance...?/ You know why someone might want  to  harm  her?
Q5: You remember where you were Tuesday night around midnight? EXIT:

AMY TASKER INTRO Q1: How long have you been at odds with your  father?  Q2:
Back to your mother's suicide...  Q3: Is it true he's threatened to cut you
out of his will? Q4: Were you involved with Mr.  Longfoot? Q5: I'd like  to
know your whereabouts on the night Randa disappeared. EXIT: Thanks for your
time, Ms. Tasker. We'll be in touch.


INTRO Q1: Martin Tasker is one of your clients...? Q2: We  understand  your
relationship with Martin Tasker was more than just professional./ Was  Mrs.
Tasker aware of the relationship...? Q3: What did everything include?/Maybe
he changed his mind?/ Maybe Martin Tasker did away with his  wife  to  help
your cause.  Q4: Let's talk about facts for a minute...Last night your Jeep
Cherokee  was  seen  near  the  Tasker  estate  just  before  Mrs.   Tasker
disappeared.../ So, you drove over there? Q5: You  ever  use  a  hypodermic
needle, Ms. Madrone? EXIT:


- MAIN MENU - DAY 4, 8:15AM

- The PDA blinks red with an urgent warning.  When selected  the  following
movie plays in the PDA telling the player Martin Tasker has  been  murdered
at Seven Arrows and to go there right away.
- If player doesn't go to liquor store within 4 hours then the Chief  tells
player they have been demoted and kicked off the case --- GAME ENDS.

- Player selects liquor store by clicking  once  on  mountain  ridge  halo.
There, the player can click on the murder scene (or back out  to  the  main

- The murder scene can be  investigated  like  the  kidnapping  scene.  The
following evidence items are available: Blunt trauma wound  Puncture  wound
Abrasions on wrists Shovel Rope loop Glove

- After leaving the crime scene, Night Sky instructs  the  player  on  what
options are available - re-interviewing suspects and arresting suspects.
- After the Night Sky monologue, a message is received on the PDA from Sgt.
Orlando, giving further  information  on  reviewing  alibis  before  second
interview (with some chiding if no first interview alibis have been ordered
or reviewed).
- Tasker's Office becomes available after leaving the murder scene
- The murder scene is available throughout day 4.
- Everyone interviewed in Part I who's alibi has been read lights up.



Timeframe: Day 3, 3pm through Day 5, 5pm = 18 hours

Locations: All Suspects from Part I Re-Interviewed (15 min.  per  question)
Library (8 articles, 15 min.  each) Mongoose Tavern  (1  hour  each  visit)
Police Headquarters (to arrest & end game)

PDA  Options:  Incoming  Alibi  Verifications  (1/2  hour  each)   Incoming
Forensics Tests (1/2 hour each)



- Once the player has left  the  murder  scene,  another  location  becomes
available, Tasker's office, located at his residence.

- The player may go to the office to uncover other clues about his  various
dealings.  Found in  his  office  are:  A  receipt  An  unmailed  letter  A
prenuptial agreement A note from Theresa Madrone A letter from  his  lawyer
An answering machine with two messages

- The answering machine plays two phone messages when the player clicks  on
it, in addition to bringing up a close-up with the  photo  and  notes  icon
available. The messages are from Juan Vijil and then Randa Tasker (pleading
for help).
- Although these messages are not stored in the PDA, Tasker's is  available
for the rest of the game after visiting the murder scene.


- All suspects interviewed in Part I may be re-interviewed, and are  called
out by halos blinking over their respective residences.
- In addition, the Library, Police Headquarters, and  Mongoose  Tavern  are
available options, also with halos blinking.
- The player must move cursor around the main map to figure out which leads
are located where (name rollovers pop up  as  player  cursors  over  a  lit
- Player selects subject to  be  interviewed  by  clicking  once  on  their

- Establishing shot (640x480) appears,  followed  by  the  interview  movie
start and a text area displaying:
- a list of available questions (two questions at any time)
-end of interview selection

- Player clicks once on each question and movie plays of the  interviewee's
response. This sequence continues until all the questions have been asked.
- Player can ask whichever questions he/she chooses  but  once  the  Player
ends the interview, he/she may not return to interview this subject.
- After questions are finished PDA pops up with the case file.
- Player may exit at any time by selecting the exit button on the  PDA  and
player returns to the main map.




POSSIBLE SUSPECTS (11) George Vesco Amy Tasker Juan Vijil  Theresa  Madrone
Christine Belotta Thomas McClafferty Dan Longfoot Richard Whitefeather

MONGOOSE TAVERN Charlotte Mabrey Graham Haggerty Clifford  Lodgepole  Carla


George Vesco Can you describe how you found the body?  Did  you  touch  the
body or find a ransom note? Where were you around 2:00 AM? Where do you get
the syringes for your insulin use? You bought a second home recently.  Come
into some money?

Amy Tasker Where were you when your father met the kidnappers? Do not  read
this.  Continue the interview. Were you aware of any financial pressure  on
Randa Tasker? Why weren't you straight with us about you and Dan Longfoot?

Christine Belotta We know about the chemicals that you purchased.  Were you
blackmailing Randa Tasker? Do you have an alibi for the night Martin Tasker
was murdered?

Dan Longfoot George Vesco claims you threatened to burn Seven Arrows  down.
Did you have anything to do with the arson at Randa Tasker's  store?  Where
were you at the time of the murder? Were you  having  an  affair  with  Amy
Tasker? They tell me at the  station  someone  left  you  a  gift  on  your

Richard Whitefeather Were you here at 2:00 AM  on  the  night  of  Tasker's
murder? The friend who owed you, did you ever help  him  gather  scorpions?
Did you feel you owed it to your daughter to get back at Tasker?

Juan Vijil Why was Mr. Tasker making secret contributions to your campaign?
Did you influence the judge in the Indians vs.  Seven Arrows case? Were you
working with your secretary when Martin  was  murdered?  Do  you  have  any
horses here?

Theresa Madrone Tasker was murdered around 2:00 AM.  Where were  you  then?
How serious was your relationship with Martin Tasker? Did  Randa  have  any
other secrets she was keeping from Martin?

Thomas McClafferty No one can remember you at the Mesa Cafe  between  11:15
and 12:00. Martin was using you to funnel money to Juan Vijil,  wasn't  he?
What did you get out of the deal? Where were you when Martin was  killed  -
between 1:00 and 3:00 AM?


In order to arrest someone, the player must  go  to  the  arrest  computer,
located at police headquarters.  Here, the player must fill out a  document
what the crimes where who committed  them  and  how  they  were  committed.
Fortunately, the player doesn't have to write this from scratch. A standard
form is provided with blanks that  the  player  fills  in  from  a  set  of
choices.  The places to be filled in are:  Person  to  be  arrested  Crimes
committed  (one  or  two)  How  kidnapper  entered  Tasker  residence  When
kidnapping occurred What was  used  to  subdue  Randa  Tasker  When  murder
occurred What was used to kill  Martin  Tasker  When  the  murder  occurred
Whether the ransom money was really a motive The persons motive

- After filling out all of these items the player  can  select  the  arrest
icon (handcuffs). If the player has selected an invalid possibility (e.g. a
confirmed alibi) some of the other supporting

evidence isn't correct, the arrest will be rejected and 15 minutes will  be
subtracted from the time.

If the arrest is approved, but it is the wrong  arrest,  either  the  chief
will come on and tell you why it isn't the correct person and then take you
off the case, or, in one case, you will go arrest the person and be stabbed
for your work.

If the arrest is approved and it is one of the  two  correct  arrests,  the
finale movie sequence starts.  First, you go to the persons location, then,
after the arrest movie plays, you are  told  about  a  location  where  the
hostage exchange will occur.  When you go there, the  finale  movie  plays,
followed by various wrap-up activities.


CHIEF WEBER MOVIES Free Tibet Dan Longfoot

ARREST MoVIES Richard Whitefeather

FINALE Amy Tasker Thomas McClafferty

NO ARREST SEQUENCE Martin Tasker (he's dead) Manuel  Orrosso  George  Vesco
Andrew Grissom Christine Belotta  Juan  Vijil  Mark  Kennedy  Carrie  March
Theresa Madrone Wally Chandler


Day 5, 2pm

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