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Saboteur, The cheats, tips and tricks

Author: Miki
The Saboteur is a perfect game! Just finished the story, and I have left a few missions to accomplish. Found a Tiger tank, and a few more vehicles that nazzies left alone. Go from the Belle. Take right and go straight as much as possible, turn left. You will come to country side. Go that road for a while, and after 90 degrees turn right. You will find ruins of a house. There is a Tiger tank waiting for you to just sit in. If you go further that road, you can find more abandoned vehicles. If you need extra contra band, find a location with a cannon. There is one when you are again at the Belle. Look left and you can go to that roof top. You will find a crew of 2 nazzies. Kill them and take possesion of a gun. Then shoot arround what you find interesting. Within a couple of minutes, nazzies flying ships will come. You can shoot them. You get 50 points for each one. If you have enough patience, you can get a lot of points. Perks are easy to get. Real easy. Another thing. It is worthwhile to spend contra band bonus on your help attack crew. Spend points on their health and guns. Also, buy the option to have 4 member of resistance to come and help you. It can be very useful! Hope you enjoy The Saboteur as I did.

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