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Rome: Total War cheats, tips and tricks

Author: death adder
Using V1.1

Somehow I'm able to defeat all armies even when outnumbered 3:1. I usually keep a group of barbarian calvery (80+ size) hidden in the forest if possible (they get a bonus). I keep my army under 1500 units to make the opposition charge. I originally place my units as far back as possible to make the enemy walk farther, tiring them out. When they finally come into range, I have one group of archers (Roman or Mercs) fire at any enemy cavelry even just to kill one but with fire arrow to keep them afraid. Then I rush whatever I have like, more barbarian cannon fodder or Mercenary soldiers to hold for a bit. Then I bring the Calvery from the forest (and these guys are anxious to fight) when they charge from behind it never fails. The enemy routes and I then use my General's Heavy Cavarly to charge the fleeing army. It's quite a sight.
I've found that even when my barbarian or Mercs are 'wavering' from the fight and defeat is a possibility for them, I have timed it right so they 'see' the calvery appear and none of my guys route. So far 5 victories using this tactic. If you have more men than the enemy it's hard to get the enemy to charge you. Unless you have forest to 'hide' a good number of your guys in. Good luck!

Author: Nick
Lately I found out how to gain more money when I had economic crisis. Send a diplomat to the enemy and give him a region (or many) of yours as a GIFT (caution: check out if there is any enemy troops near by, the same that you gave the region). He will accept it no doubt. Then attack it with your army that used to own this region. Then from the options enslave - occupy - exterminate, use the last one. Notice: Unfortunately, you can't gain the same money all the time.The more times you do that, less money you will get.

Author: Vanquisher
A diplomat can be a powerful tool. He can get you an ally, trade, or even money. Try selling all sorts of things. If you are short on cash and you hate to use cheats, sell some map info to your allys (note: if you try to sell map info to your enemy or a neutral faction, they'll change the subject and say they will attack!).

Author: Julius Caesar
About map info - you can offer this over and over (at least twice in a row) and they will give you money for it.

Author: Julius Caesar
For diplomacy, if you want to struggle some money into your treasury, it's easier to do business with a non-Roman faction. Only do this if you are playing Brutii, Julii, or Scipii.

Author: Juilius Caesar
I can go on forever with hints. Diplomats are an important aspect of the game militarily. Once you have a huge economy, the bribe option is awesome. Entire armies disband for 1000 denarii. I once had a Briton diplomat join me for 450 denarii (for the newcomers, that's nothing).

Author: Julius Caesar
To get a good economy, quickly conquer a city. Use cheat codes if you must (it's once only). Then exterminate the pop. Hold the city with low tax rate (don't forget a governor). Later on, you can send a diplomat over to the attacked faction and squeeze some more bucks by proposing a ceasefire and eventually an alliance for a large sum of denarii. Also, remember that you start the game with little money, little armies. 5000 denarii may sound like a lot for begginners, but in my most advanced game it equals a penny. So go berserk with numbers during diplomatic info!
By the way, if you have nothing to do, may be just attack a faction the Senate is taking care of. You probably would get a lot of missions from the Senate to do things involving the the Senate's war.

Author: Julius Caesar
Another great battle tip: if you have your city under siege and it has a stone wall or higher, and some artillery inside it, make the archers go on the wall. Toggle on flaming arrows and have those crash down on any in range units. Have the artillery fire flaming objectiles at other siege weapons. In short, attack the prominent menacing stuff.
Also, if the enemy is using a battering ram, have cavalry near the gate. When the soldiers break the gate, they have to be infantry so your calvary can cut them down easily.

Author: Julius Caesar
Probably the most useful hint I'll ever give. Some players just start making troops like heck. Then they start taxing like heck when they realize they're losing money. And during that, their armies probably have declared with a faction powerful like heck. And they start losing like heck.
Sure, everyone knows this, but even one unit making can make budget into a deficit.
I learned this the hard way: I built and recruited a lot of stuff as the Julii. The outcome is I am having a profit of -200 denarii per turn. Plus, my people aren't happy.

Author: Spartan
A Spartan phalanx marching to the enemy is virtually impossible to stop. I've been winning games like crazy using this tactic - simple & effective. Marching a couple of Spartans in phalanx formation with some Cretan Archers and some cavalary is the perfect combination. Spartans will beat Roman legioners as well as Barbarians and Cavalry with impunity! Spartan soldiers are "perfect soldiers"

Author: Julius Caesar
Advice for Julii: Immediately take Patavium. It really helps out in the economy. Build a lot of moneyincome buildings. Normaly, do all what Victoria says. Add in farming after a while. Try to make the Gauls paya pric for a ceasefire. Then wage war again by taking the province next to Patavium.
Don't worry too much about upgrading city defenses.
Ally with the Germans: sk for military access; it helps out.
The senate orders you to take Segesta. I suggest taking it - an extra city always helps.

Author: Granny in Disguise
When you're playing as a roman group: Julii, Brutii or Scipii, the next tip I have: destroy Gaul, Thrace and Brittain. Then get an alliance with: The Germans, The Greek and Spain. Try to get with your boats to Africa, before the other Romans do. When you are in Africa, capture as many as possible settlements and then slowly go to the east to capture more settlements.
When the time is there the senate asks you to commit suicide.
Answer NO, or else you lose a family member. If it.s possible before the senate asks you to commit suicide, try to take care of the other roman factions with your diplomats.
The earlier you try to take care of the other roman factions, the better it is in the future because they will do anything to stop you (they did it with me and I lost 10 settlements!). I hope that you all will have something at my advices. (Phew, that was done).

Author: Mike
If you are playing as the Julii, get to Carthage as soon as possible. It will give you a foothold in North Africa when you fight the Scipii and/or the numidians. Also you have a good chance of killing Carthage's faction leader.

Author: MESL
Increase your income.
In subfile "\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data" open the text file "Descr_sm_resources.txt" and change (increase) the items trade value. For safety backup the file before modification.

Author: mike
When you're Romans and you fighting a phalanx, put 2 units of legionary cohorts into the fight. One can hold the phalanx long enough for the other one to charge around the phalanx and hit from the back, causing an almost immediate rout. The odds were 4:1 against me and I won the battle using this maneuver.

Author: mike
Back to the phalanx, put ballistas behind your legions. What's an easier target then a slow moving, tightly packed unit. Then put light cavalry on the flanks of your legions. Wait until a direct hit by your ballistas (right into the middle) and charge your cavalry into it's flanks before they can regroup. When one phalanx dies, pull back, and repeat. Won 4 victories using this.

Author: Andrew
If you are under siege and have siege equipment, sally forth and take on the army. You can take out large portions of an army behind the safety of your walls, and the besieging army almost never counterattacks. You can continue this process as many times as you need until the enemy force is decimated or runs. Works almost every time.

Author: Hardcore Heathen
I advise (if you are Julii) taking out Segesta and Patavium immediately. If you do it right, the Senate assigns you missions to destroy them the second before you get there, and you get 5k for something you were going to do anyway. Not a lot, but it will help with bribes and building an early army.

Author: I M I
You can beat a whole army with just a few units when you are besieged. This is how it is done. First, you will have to be inside a wall (wooded wall if possible, as only rams are allowed as siege equip). When the infantry comes with the ram, usually they will leave the cavalry behind. So when they come half way, use your cavalry and sally out just out the door. The infantry will drop their rams and charge at you. Quickly go back inside. They will go back also and pick up their ram. Then sally out again. Repeat this. Ta Da! The enemy soon runs out of time, and you win. This probably works best with wooden walls with an enemy that has infantry and cavalry.

Author: Imp Caes Miro
The correct way to win "Rome: Total War".

Never lose a battle.
(If you do, as soon as the campaign reloads, hit escape and load autosave. You'll be back to just before the battle - try again, eventually you'll win)

It's the only way to succeed against "Very Hard" settings and have 16-18 provinces by 220BC. And naturally be above the other factions by 3 quarters in rating.

P.S. The Seleucids are the most versatile civ, as they are financially progressive and have the best units of all the other civs (even the roman legion).

Author: Granny in Disguise
How to defend your town (city).

If you are outnumbered in forces but you want to win, then is this the right place to be...

It's very simple tactic but very useful. Don't place your troops all apart, but put them all together in those very long streets; if possible phalanx in front. If you have cavalry place them in the side streets. Now your ready for the battle. When the enemy attacks on your infantry, charge with everything that's behind your first line (except your cavalry!). If its right, they will only fight on the frontline and they don't care about your cavalry. That's the right time to strike them from behind with your cavalry. Those are moments that make the game beautiful :).

The most of the enemy's forces will route and the rest of enemy forces will be crushed thanks to your army:)

I've used this tactic and won many battles with this tactic.

Author: Deathpaw the Wolf
One sound strategy I've always relied on is a lot of archers or long range units. Nothing routs enemies faster then a rain on fire arrows at long range and javelins at close range. Firing fire arrows takes a lot longer and they are a bit more inaccurate then normal arrows, but the higher damage and great moral impact is a great trade-off. Always try to put spear units in front of your archers as enemy cavalry will almost always go for them first, also put your archers on defense mode, and don't forget to disable fire at will mode.

Author: Decimus Maximus
In the barbarian territories in the early game, cavalry are essential. The Gauls especially are very susceptible to cavalry flanking maneuvers. This works especially well when defending barbarian settlements: put your cavalry on the hill near the center of the village. Wait for them to knock down the gate, and right when they start climbing the hill, charge DOWNHILL at them, and there will be an immense charge bonus and they will most likely rout.

Author: jamie
When a city with a stone wall is besieged, send out a useless infantry unit, and when the enemy come close, retreat your men to the city and the enemy will stay close to the walls for the towers to shoot at.

Author: jamie
When you first start the game and you are a roman faction, send a diplomat to Rome and bribe one of their strong armies to your side, so you can start with a strong army.
P.S. It is best done to do it in the first 3 turns before the senate combines their armies so you cannot buy them.

Author: cupavi
The elephants are really hard to destroy (especially when you don't have a spear unit). But there is a little trick. Send your best troops to charge the elephants (DO NOT SEND CAVALRY!), kill one or two elephants and then fire flaming arrows on them. They will get scared and they will route.

Author: Mr. Man
You can of course use the cheat codes more than once. Just save and exit the game, then load your save game back up and you can use the same cheats all over again. It's just a matter of clearing out what has previously been typed in the console.
And the tactic of tiring out your enemies by making them charge you does not work when you are playing the game in Arcade style combat. This by default turns off the stamina meter for troops.

Author: bobik
Here are my cheatless hints to win Rome: Total War (on the hardest difficulty):
  1. If you have a financial problem, find the city that is about to revolt. Let it revolt by withdrawing troop numbers and then capture and exterminate the populace. You take care of two problems.
  2. The best unit if you are besieged are archers. Build building to upgrade light weapons so the archers have fully upgraded weapons. In numerous numbers they will slaughter units before they get to your walls, especially those caring ladders and are good at eliminating the general.
  3. Dealing with the senate is easy. Make secret alliances against other roman factions. Assassinate their family members and take the territory where they want to expand. E.g. when playing with Scipii I didn't even fight in Africa, I took lands in Europe and Greece stopping other roman factions from expanding. When they backstabbed me they were a walk over. This was on the hardest difficulty setting.
  4. Do not trust allies more powerful than you. They will always betray you.
  5. Use the navy to land an army at a rich unprotected city. Take it, sack it (exterminate populace), retrain your army, destroy buildings and abandon it to move on to other plunders. This will earn you a huge amount of cash and bring the other faction to their knees.
  6. In a battle go for the head of the army. Use onagers and archers to kill off the general. This is 50% of the victory.
  7. Support your allies if the common foe is stronger than the two of you. If he is weaker do not support you ally as he will become strong and turn on you. Instead take the territories for yourself.
  8. Assassins are like an army once they gain enough experience. So start off praying on weak diplomats and generals, then work your way up to; family members, powerful diplomats, spies and etc.
  9. Have a powerful financial base to support your armies (trade is more profitable than farming... keep that in mind). Every campaign I would have a time where I peak around 200000 denari. Honest.
  10. Carthage are the hardest to play. They make most enemies and have weak armies to start off with, and no archers. I found them the most fun to play with as I played all the way 280bc and it was a constant struggle. But very fun. When you learn to master Carthaginian armies, all the rest seem easier (this is on the hardest difficulty I'm talking about). And make sure if you're Carthage you control the seas. That is a must.
Note: try fighting one enemy at a time, for a challenge go for more.

Author: Rickie
Ever want to win a siege as the defenders without losing any men... here's how. First this only works with units that fight in a Phalanx Formation.

Armored Hoplites are the best at this.

Place the hoplites or pikes as close as possible to a gate or wall so their spears are pointing through the wall any battering rams nearing the wall or gate will run into the wall of spears killing the men pushing it straight away so they can't use the ram, killing more men as they go to take the ram. You may want a unit to pin the hoplites in place because they tend to wander off after a while and it is impossible to get them back into position. Then sit back with triple speed on and watch an easy victory, not very honourable but it's war.

This also works at stonewall sieges, just place them in behind the gate as close as possible. The spears will not stick through the gate, but when the gate opens they are for a nasty surprise! They will pour everything through the gate just to be stabbed, plus the hoplites will pin them in the gateway so boiling oil can be poured on their heads as they to get through, you'll kill a lot of men this way, they'll last for about ten seconds before they run away with their hair on fire! Have 2 or 3 units of hoplites overlapping each other because the amount of soldiers and horses pouring through tends to make a large dent in your formation and one unit won't hold at all, 3 units over lapping prevents this from happening. Good luck!

Author: dragonrid
When defending a Greek city with wooden wall defenses against a superior force, say 6:1, the easy way to slaughter the enemy every time is to retreat all of your forces to the city square in the deployment and place one phalanx formation on each entrance to the square, then place as many Cretan archers as you have in the center of the square and make them fire flaming arrows. You will always win whether you are fighting roman legionaries, other phalanxes, or cavalry; I have even won a battle against 5 units of war elephants using 4 armored hoplite units and 6 Cretan archers.

Author: James55
When you're fighting against a large empire (like Egypt), a good tactic is to slip an army full of cavalry units behind their lines and sack as many towns as you can. This splits their front-line forces and damages their economy, and you can reinforce your units as you go. Towns far behind the lines will be lightly defended, but if you're drawn into a large-scale battle, just let their army chase your speedy horses across the field until the enemy is exhausted. Then maneuver them onto a hill and charge them from above. When the enemy is tired, they'll rout ten times faster. It takes a while, but its worth it to see all those white flags go up.

Author: 007
Train assassins. Don't start with killing the faction leaders and heirs, for they are much better protected. Kill the normal family members. Once they are gone, kill the heir and then the leader. As a result, the whole faction is gone and there just some rebels left. They are way easier 'cause they don't fight together, as an faction, but as lonely cities. Once you've crushed them, move on you assassins. Note 1: It may take a while before your assassins are ready to kill highly protected men, first use them to sabotage. Note 2: By the time your assassins are good enough, they might be a little old, and die soon. Keep training assassins to make sure you'll always have a few left. This may cost a little money, so keep watching your treachery.

Author: John Kamaguan
When Playing as a roman faction, a good way to start is by quickly creating armies to block the other two factions (ie. if you are Julii that conquer the western part of Sicily, and Carthage, as well as the two Greek provinces around the Brutii territory). This stops them expanding, so it is easier to kill them later.

Also, in battles, if defending a town you can win with a simple trick. If you have any calvary, general, move all your troops to the town center. Then when an enemy unit comes charge it and retreat, till they route. If they all come together try to draw one off then attack it. I won a 5:1 game with only a generals calvary with this tactic. If they have control of the town center, just step in there once and the timer restarts!

Author: Yaj
Phalanxes are the best units in the game. You can always win on defense with a hoplite better then the militia hoplites by simply arranging your phalanx units in a circle, placing any missile units or cavalry inside the circle. After the enemy has been defeated by missiles/impenetrable wall of spears, use cavalry to charge down remaining troops. You can also leave the cavalry outside of your circle if the enemy has more then a few missile units, cav can chase them down and destroy any large artillery. Fool proof for defense. In attack arrange units in a very long line and advance right into the enemy. You can then use skirmishers from behind the line and charge through the line or flank with cavalry.

Author: Witch King
Place your hoplites in phalanx formation in a shape of a triangle, pentagram etc. (depending on how much you have them - no squares because then their flanks are vulnerable). In the middle of the "cage" place generals unit and set them to guard. Use triple game speed until enemy comes to you. If they don't, use some light cavalry to lure them. Use generals encouragements if you need, and charge with a general when their army is broken. Works almost every time, just watch out for archers, route them with some cavalry if you have it. This tactic is best for Creeks (Spartans and armored hoplites), but also works for Carthage, Seleucid or any other faction with strong phalanxes.

Author: The Emporer
I find that using a reasonable mix of troops seems to work the best. The foundation is heavy infantry (legionaries, triari, hastati, phalanx, etc.) and typically I have 8 to 10 of these units. I use auxilia or other spear based light infantry to protect the flanks (usually 2 units). I try to keep four light missle units (archers/slingers) and at least two javelin based units. I typically have 4 cavalry units and depending on the mix maybe two heavy artillery (onagers, ballista, etc). It is important to ensure you have enough javelins in case you're fighting chariots or elephants (they are very effective against those units). I try to keep at least one heavy infantry cohort in reserve along with the general's cavalry. I keep two cavalry units on each flank lined up at an angle from the main line with the spear units protecting the flanks. The remaining cavalry unit I like to try and hide somewhere to attack light or heavy missled units behind the enemy lines. This formation works great for both offensive and defensive battles and allows for great flexibility. I rarely, if ever, lose a battle where I have a strong mix of units, even against all cavalry and heavy phalanx armies. Keeping the army in formation is the key... do not let them charge after retreating units. Follow simple rules: Don't attack heavy infantry or spears head on with cavalry, have your archers concentrate on one enemy unit at a time (preferably light infantry), let the enemy cavalry attack your main line and then use your cavalry or reserve infantry to support the attacked area, don't let units get separated from the main force, be careful with your cavalry especially light cavalry, keep your flanks well guarded, know when and how to use your javelins either keep in reserve waiting for an elephant or chariot attack or put them in front of the main lines to break up attacking infantry formations and to draw out enemy units, don't miss a chance to attack an enemy unit that is separated from their main force with cavalry, use terrain if you can to guard one of your flanks allowing even stronger support on the opposite flank, wait for phalanxes (or any other heavy infantry) to engage your main lines before attacking from the rear or flank with cavalry, put as many archers using fire on an elephant unit as possible then attack with javelins when they get close to your lines, make the enemy come to you if you can, use higher ground if you can, use phalanxes (or strongest heavy infantry) as the center of your line. I could go on forever but I won't. I hope this helps.

Author: Servius Brutus
The Brutii is probably the easiest faction to play. After Greece and Macedon are conquered, you just need to conquer a couple barbarians, then some Romans. Greece is an economical super-power -- and all you need to do is conquer it. You start out with two armies and a senate mission. Take it. If odds are ever against you, use this cheat: auto_win attacker or auto_win defender. I don't think of it as cheating, I think of it as "reducing my losses". Anyway, always enslave a conquered city. Exterminate gives you more looting cash, but enslaving causes happiness, population and economic boom in all governed cities. Greeks just need a little power to overcome. Get lots of velitets (not too many) some hasati and some equitets to chase the enemy and you're good. Velitets will be very effective against tightly-packed formations, like the phalanx. They might either rout of come out of the phalanx to prevent losses. Use your Hasati to charge them. Then use your euqitets to chase down routing enemies to get more command stars. Conquer all rebel cities if you may, they are fairly easy. Then you can focus on civilized folks, like Greeks, Carthigians, Egyptians, Macedonians, etc. Once you have Greece (all of it) you will be getting cash. Lots of it. You should be the richest faction. Great. Now, don't build walls unless you need them. Same with arenas. Always build places for your governer IMMEDIATLY. Sewers are important; it keeps people happy so you can tax them more. Never, EVER automatically put your cities on high tax rate. Ever. Let the population grow. Have a strong navy to blockade ports of your enemies. This will cut their income, and so they can't produce units that will pose a threat to your might. Always build ports and their upgrades when they come along. Choose a few cities to make big units, like Principes (early) Triarii (middle) and legions (late). If you can, always make ballistas or onagers when going out to siege a city. You will be able to conquer as soon as you get there, and you have the enemy by surprise. Always go out and make trade agreements with everyone. Build roads and their upgrades, they giv eyou trade. Build shrines and temples to give you bonuses like extra experience for your troops (Mars) and extra naval trade. Build markets and farms to tax more things and give population to the area. Greece is hard to conquer because they have so many settlements--they have about 4 or 5 to start with. If your city is rioting, don't bother trying to keep it under control. Let it rebel, then when you come to conquer it again, EXTERMINATE!! Certain units will be more effective for different factions. Recruit lots of velitetes and medium hasatis for greece, macedon and thrace. Use heavy infantry and missile cavalry for dacia, scythia and germania. Gaul needs a mix of everything, and so does briton.

Author: Roma Victa
When playing Gaul the first few turns should be buliding up trade and farming. Recruit diplomats and send them all over the place, trying to get trade and alliances. At the same time build shrines to gods that give experience and start to build up you armies, especially in Spain and in Patatvium & Mediolanium. Once done, send you troop from Northern Italy south into the Jullii owned cities of Arretium and Ariminum and take them both out. Then raise another couple of armies and take out the SPQR (Senate and People of Rome). Once completed you can raise even larger armies and take all of Italy and Sicily. Meanwhile you armies in Spain are doing their work. The main tactic with playing Gaul is just to expand quickly and money and land will be yours.

Author: Roma Victa
When ever you are defending a town or city (works best when outnumbered) and you have phalanx or spear units, always move them straight to the town center. If you block up all the entrances with spears the enemies large armies will count for nothing and will be obliberated before your eyes. Best to keep your general behind these units to keep their morale up. Once the enimie starts to rout, other units will follow, and you chase them down with cavalry. Works on many occasions.

Author: Urthurian
Assassins are the best units in Rome: Total War in my opinion. Upkeep for each assassin cost only 200 gold each turn; treat them like one of your troop group and build 20-30 of them. Since you can assassinate any unit on the map, start off by someone who can be cut down at higher than 50%, and make sure to kill someone with an assassin each turn to lvl their skills. With 15 of them as a test, I NPC'd basically every nation but Senate in less than 150 turns. Killing all family members of Senate always crashed my game (version 1.3). Using 28 Assassins on second test run took less than 100 turns to eliminate all but Senate. They will not succeed most of the time, get used to Quicksave and Quickload. Slitting throats of enemy leaders until there is no more heir... was priceless experience for me. Slit-Ahhh!

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