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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Rome: Total War

Автор: Julius Caesar
I don't know if 1 is bad or good, but I intentioned to give "Rome" full marks. Wonderful game. For people who enjoy games which have two concepts: military and financial, RTW provides a 3rd concept when playing as the Romans - politics. Diplomacy is awesome, as is battle graphics. Don't get me started on the beauty of the map when fog of war is off. In short, this is a must-buy. Also, units are awesoooome.

Автор: Chris
Buy the game as long as you have a very nice PC. If you do, this game is outstanding. It blows the first ones right out of the water. The graphics are outstanding, the campaign is much more in-depth, the maps both campaign and battle, just, just buy the game!

Автор: mike
I'm a big fan of strategy games. "Rome: Total War" is definitely on my list of greatest strategy games of all time. The graphics are the best of any strategy game I've ever played. Also its one of those games you can't win in like 3 hours. You don't get bored because every time you win one campaign, you unlock another one. It's just a great game.

Автор: The Molfet
I'm practically an exclusive gamer of strategy games and so I would like to comment this game. "Rome: Total War" is the best strategy game I had ever played! It has the best in-game graphics ever seen in RTS and the most realistic battles.

Автор: pistol pete
Superb. Everything, all of it, just superb. RTS games have a lot to do to match Rome. Graphics, gameplay, diplomacy, battles - all of which detailed to near perfection. Best RTS game I ever played, and will be playing for a long while to come. Superb!

Автор: AngryJerk
Rome: Total War is a great game for the most part, although I found the usability of the interface to be a bit tedious during the battles. This is especially true when you split you army into two or three separate groups and move them too far apart. Overall it is an excellent game, and worth the money, and I must say when you zoom right in on the battles they are quite spectacular.

Автор: Roma Victa
If you love war games or are just a Rome or Greek history nut, you love this game. With epic battles and an amazing realistic campaign map Rome Total War and the Total War series are a must buy. Will not disappoint.

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