Rex Nebular

     TIP:  There  are  four different possible endings in the game. To
view  the  one  of  your choice, first enter "MAINMENU -w:" at the DOS
prompt.  Next,  enter one of the numbers below for the ending you wish
to see and press .

                    NUMBER            ENDING           
                      1          "A Quick Death"       
                      2        "An Honorable Death"    
                      3             "Victory!"         
                      4     "The Decompression Ending" 

     TIP: To activate the cheat mode, you must either start or restore
a  game. Next, hold down the  key and press W, I, D, E, P, I, P,
and  E.  You  will  now  be able to do the following moves by pressing
certain key combinations.

             + A   Display memory information             
             + C   Display nouse coordinates              
             + D   Chance difficulty setting              
             + E   Quake                                  
             + F   Slow motion                            
             + G   Change global flags (not recommended)  
             + I   Toggle between verbs and game          
             + J   Disable cheat                          
             + L   Teleporter number and room number      
             + N   Set naughtiness factor                 
             + O   Move objects around                    
             + P   Display room number and graphic status 
             + Q   Quit                                   
             + S   Activate sound                         
             + T   Teleport                               
             + U   Rotate Rex Nebular                     
             + V   Display version number                 
             + X   Change sex                             
             + Z   Refresh screen                         
              Walk faster                            


Rex Nebular?


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Rex Nebular?
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: Rex Nebular

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