Various Cheats
     During gameplay, press Enter and type any of the following "Codes":

Code                         Effect 
alreadydead                  God Mode 
alchemy                      999999 Gold 
noamnesia                    Makes Character Level 30 
potionsnlotions              Get Lots of Potions 
nahkranoth                   Kill Monsters with One Hit 
lookunderthehood             List Items Available for Purchase 
abracadabra                  All Spells and Unlimited Mana 
spell pouch                  ??? 
gimmesomegrub                Extra Food 
debug                        Press F12 for an In-Game Editor 
potionmix                    ??? 
dummies                      Turn Off Monster AI 
alchemyinfinit               Unlimited Gold 
godsubzero                   Unlimited Ice Arrows 

Increase Stats
     Go  to Jong (the trainer) and use the pass code Nahkranoth (which
makes you kill with one strike). Spar with Jong, each time you hit him
you  gain  a lot of experience. Continue to spar with him, but not too
long  or  he  will  die.  When  he  starts to dissappear, end sparring
session,  go back inside, then come back out. He will be rejuvinatedso
that  you  can  spar  with  him again. Continue to do this and recieve
until the desired stats are received.

Ice Arrows
     There  is  a  corridor  just  before  the  gates that has a chest
containing  25  Ice  Arrows,  guarded by a red ninja. Also, there is a
chest  to  the  right  just after you enter Soullage's cage that has a
longbow,  25 Ice Arrows, and regular arrows. The ice arrows are really
the  only  way  to beat Soullage. Hit him with one and he will turn to
ice.  Run  up, attack him a couple of times, then freeze him again. By
doing this, he can be defeated without you getting hit one time.

Reappearing Dragon and Treasure
     Get  to the tower where you get the ring for the sailor, with the
dragon.  Approach  and  kill the dragon. Take the treasure, then go to
the  middle  as close as possible without being teleported downstairs.
Save  the  game,  then  reload  it.  If  done correctly the dragon and
treasure will reappear.

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