Various cheats (case sensitive): 

Cheat code:                  Effect:
Pieceocake [Code 01]         Unlocks Very Easy difficulty mode.
Myhero [Code 02]             Remy receives no impact and no damage 
                             from enemies, but still takes water 
                             and falling damage.
Shielded [Code 03]           Remy receives no damage from enemies, 
                             but still takes water and falling damage.
Spyagent [Code 04]           Remy can move undetected 
                             and unnoticed by any enemy.
Ilikeonions [Code 05]        Remy farts every time he jumps.
Hardfeelings [Code 06]       Remy head butts when attacking 
                             instead of a tailswipe move.
Slumberparty [Code 07]       Unlocks multiplayer mode.
Gusteauart [Code 08]         Unlocks all Concept Art.
Gusteauship [Code 09]        Unlocks all 4 championship modes.
Mattelme [Code 10]           Unlocks all single player 
                             and multiplayer minigames.
Gusteauvid [Code 11]         Unlocks all Videos.
Gusteaures [Code 12]         Unlocks all Bonus Artworks.
Gusteaudream [Code 13]       Unlocks all Dream Worlds in the Gusteau's Shop.
Gusteauslide [Code 14]       Unlocks all Slides in the Gusteau's Shop.
Gusteaulevel [Code 15]       Unlocks all single player minigames.
Gusteaucombo [Code 16]       Unlocks all items in the Gusteau's Shop.
Gusteaupot [Code 17]         Credits the player with 5000 Gusteau points.
Gusteaujack [Code 18]        Credits the player with 10000 Gusteau points. 
Gusteauomni [Code 19]        Credits the player with 50000 Gusteau points.

     Note  that  the  following codes seem to be disabled in the game,
since there does not appear to be a place to enter them:

Cheat code:                  Effect:
Asobo                        Plays the Asobo logo. 
Shrinked                     Remy is only half his normal size 
                             but his jumping abilities remain the same.
Humbled                      Remy's head is reduced.
Easter                       Remy's head is enlarged.
FlippedX                     Inverts the camera control axis 
                             in the X direction.
FlippedY                     Inverts the camera control axis 
                             in the Y direction.
Blessed                      Unlocks all bonuses.
Giveemcredit                 Shows the game credits for all parties 
                             (THQ / Heavy Iron / Disney / Pixar / 
                             Asobo Studio). 
Ouichef                      Remy wears a chef hat. 


1. Start the game. 
2. Load a Saved Profile or Create a New Profile 
3. At the Main Menu, select: Extras -> Gusteau's Shop -> Secrets 
4. Choose a "Code ##" option and enter the appropriate code 
   for that specific number, as listed above. 
   You must click the letters on the screen to input the code. 
   The keyboard can not be used to type them in. 
   Argh!!! The first 4 Cheat Codes on the Secrets Screen 
   can not be inputted. They can only be BOUGHT after earning 
   enough "Gusteau Points" in the Story Mode. 
   Either earn the required points by playing the game to unlock them 
   or else find a Scene-Released unlocker file. 
5. Some notes: 
a) Inputting a Cheat Code will only Unlock it. You must actually 
   click on it or hit ENTER on it afterward to ENABLE it. 
b) Currently unlocked Cheat Codes will be saved to your active profile. 
c) Currently enabled Cheat Codes will be saved to your active profile. 
d) Some Cheat Codes will be permanently enabled and saved 
   to your active profile. Such as "Very Easy Mode" & "Unlock 
   all Concept Art". So be careful because they will be stuck 
   on permanently in your profile, with no way to disable them. 
e) We found no way to enable those last 9 Cheat Codes. 
   There are no "Code #" choices in the Menu to unlock/enable them. 
   We also tried typing them on the keyboard at the Main Menu 
   and during Gameplay, but no effect was seen. 
   They are probably disabled by the developer, but you can search 
   for a way to enable them if you like. Maybe they are unlocked by 
   completing Story Mode 100%? Good luck finding out.

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