Quest For Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness


     Advice on creating and playing as a Fighter.

     A Fighter's most important stats are Strength, Vitality, Agility,
Weapon  Use,  and  Parry.  Strength  and Weapon Use are the easiest to
build  up during the game, so you may want to use your bonus points in
the  other  areas. Carefully read the articles in your game manuals on
combat  and  monster types. Work out every day on the exercise machine
and  get  a  quality  sword  from  the  Guild.  Pace yourself with the
monsters  at  first  --  don't  be  too  proud to run away when you're
losing,  and  make sure you rest and heal between encounters. Remember
though, fighting is crucial for building up your skills. You will have
an  opportunity to learn the "Climbing" skill in this game. Be sure to
practice this extensively once you get the chance.

     Advice on creating and playing as a Magic User.

     A  Magic  User needs Intelligence, Agility, and Magic Skill. Read
your  "Hero"  manual  about  Spells and the interview with Erasmus and
Fenrus.  There  are five new spells to seek out in this world. Talk to
Dr.  Cranium,  the  Gypsies,  Baba  Yaga,  and  Katrina  about  magic.
Carefully investigate Erana's Garden. You will gain another spell when
you  have  gained Erana's Staff and return to the Faerie Folk. Katrina
will  teach you "Frost Bite" outside the town gates at night after Day
3.  You  can  learn another spell in Erana's Garden by casting spells.
Once  you  have befriended the Gypsies, they will teach you the "Aura"
spell  at  their camp. Trade something tasty to Baba Yaga and you will
learn another spell.

     Advice on creating and playing as a Thief.

     A  Thief's  most important stats are Agility, Vitality, and Luck.
Climbing,  Stealth,  Acrobatics,  and Lock Picking are easily built up
through practice. Read the section in your "Hero" manual about Thieves
and  pick up the Tools of the Trade in town. There is a Thieves' Guild
in town, but you'll need to look for it.

     Advice on playing as a Paladin.

     You can only play a Paladin if you became one in a previous Quest
for  Glory  game  and  "Imported"  your  character into this game. The
Paladin needs to look to the past to find what needs to be done in the
present.  Visit  the  Staff area in town at night to learn what things
need  to  be  done  in  town by speaking with the ghost of the Paladin
Piotyr. Talk to Olga and Boris, and try to get them back together. Let
no  opportunity  pass  to do good for someone, and always use courtesy
and kindness.

     How to import a character.

     To transfer characters from other Quest for Glory games, you must
play "So You Want to Be A Hero", "Trial by Fire", or "Wages of War" to
the  conclusion  and  follow the directions to create a character disk
for  transfer.  Then,  when  you  start  "Shadows of Darkness", select
"Import Character" from the opening menu and follow those directions.

     General combat tips.

     Fight monsters to build up your skills and to earn money from the
man-like  creatures.  Don't be too much of a Hero -- if the monster is
winning, run away and live to fight another day. Store extra equipment
in  your  room at the inn; you fight much worse when carrying a lot of
weight.  Build up your character's skills at every opportunity. If you
like fast action and direct involvement, use the "Arcade Combat" mode,
and  set  your  Skill  Level  according to the amount of challenge you
want.  There  is  no  "puzzle  point"  penalty for using a lower Skill
Level.  If  you  prefer  using strategy and your character's skills to
determine  the  combat,  play  in "Strategy Mode" combat. The computer
will act for your character according to the strategy you set for him.
Different monsters require different strategies.

     Fighting tips for Fighters or Paladins.

     The best close-combat tactic is to spend about two-thirds of your
time  defending  and  one-third  attacking. Your strikes are much more
accurate  if  you wait a few seconds between attacks, and the monsters
will hurt you less if you defend. Try to get in close to spell casting
monsters and hit them before they can get their spells off at you. Use
the Jump and Duck commands to avoid incoming spells.

     Fighting tactics for Magic Users.

     Magic  Users  can't  stand  up  to  a  lot  of  heavy damage. Try
attacking  monsters  from  a  distance with your spells, then run away
from  close  combat  and  cast another spell. Calm is useless in close
combat, but Dazzle can be very effective against monsters that can see
you.  Magic  Users  should  also  look  for  alternatives  to  combat.
Sometimes  you  can  use  your spells to get the same result without a
fight.  The longer you hold down the mouse button on a spell icon, the
more  powerful  the  spell. If you cast the spell at maximum power, it
will  do a LOT of damage. However, you have to time this carefully; if
you  are  hit while casting a spell, you'll have to start over. Always
keep a "Zap" spell on your weapon -- cast it before you go into combat
so  it will be ready. The Zap spell lasts until you successfully hit a
monster with your weapon.

     Fighting tips for Thieves.

     Use your Acrobatics attack to do serious damage then run away and
soften up the monster with thrown rocks or daggers. You can also throw
daggers  in  close  combat  by  clicking the right mouse button on the
control  area.  Don't stand there and let a monster whomp on you; your
armor isn't good enough for that.

     Help! The monsters are just too fast and powerful for me!

     If  you  are  having  trouble  with the "Arcade" combat, set your
Skill  Level to Easy in the Control Panel. This will also make some of
the  logic  puzzles  easier. If you aren't having any fun using Arcade
combat,  try  using  the  Strategy combat feature. This mode uses your
chosen strategy and your character's skills to determine the result of
the  fight.  If  you  don't  like  the  way  a  fight is going you can
interrupt  the  Strategy  Mode at any time by clicking the right mouse
button. You can also use the left mouse button to change your strategy
settings.  Full details on Strategy Combat are on the Combat Reference
Card included in your game package.

     What are Special Attacks and how should I use them?

     Sorry,  the  programmer  made me promise not to reveal the secret
techniques  for using Special Attacks. But they're there -- experiment
with   your  mouse  and  keyboard.  In  Strategy  mode  you  must  set
Aggressiveness high. Setting Special Attacks high will cause your hero
to  use  them  more  often.  Don't  overuse this attack method -- your
character will be open to attack, and will tire very quickly.


     How do I get out of this Bone Cave?

     You need a source of light. There is a torch just to the right of
the  Bone  Altar on the right side of the room. Take the torch. Search
the  skeletal remains to find a couple of objects to create a spark in
order  to light the torch. Searching may also turn up some ready cash.
To  light  the torch go into your inventory and click one of the items
on the torch.

     What do I do in the Heart of the Cave?

     There  are some objects in this room that you need to find before
you  exit from the botomof the scree. If yu arent Fihter, avoid combat
by picking up things and get out as soon as possible.

     How do I cross the Pit Cave?

     Crossing the pit is easy for the Fighter and Thief. The rope is a
useful  way  to  cross, as long as you are strong or agile enough. The
Magic  User  needs  something  from  the Heart of the Cave in order to
cross.  Click  this  item on your character, cast the spell that makes
you  weightless,  and  let  the crosswinds carry you over to the other
side. Find the town of Mordavia as soon as you leave the Caves!


     Where is the town of Mordavia?

     After  exiting  the  cave, travel to the west until you come to a
swamp.  Go north until your way is blocked. Go east until your path is
again  blocked. The town will be visible to the north. Go north to the
town gate.

     How do I return to the town after sundown?

     The  gates  of  the town close at sundown. You can get back in by
either climbing or using the Levitation spell.

     Where is it safe to sleep in town?

     Your  room  at  the  inn  is  safe. If the inn is closed, you can
safely sleep in the town square in the grass beneath the Staff.

     How do I get a room and a meal at the Inn?

     Enter  the  Inn  and  talk to the Innkeeper about the Hotel and a
room.  Your  room  will be the first door at the top of the stairs. To
eat,  seat yourself at the chair on the right side of the right table.
You will be served.

     What should I do at the Hotel?

     Talk  the  various characters and get some background information
about  what  is  going on in Mordavia. Go downstairs at night when you
hear  some  noise,  listen at the Innkeeper's doorway and you'll learn
why  the  Innkeeper and his wife are so grim. On other nights, you can
meet and speak with the Domovoi here. You will have some most peculiar
dreams sleeping at this inn. If you are a thief, use the window to get
out at night and practice some of your stealthier skills.

     What should I do in town?

     Spend  the next few days exploring the town and the areas beyond,
Practice  and  build  up your skills. Visit Dr. Cranium. (if you are a
Magic  User,  ask him about Magic). Talk to everyone and find out what
is going on in Mordavia.

     Of special interest to Paladins.

     Visit the town square where the staff is at night will put you in
contact with another Paladin. He will suggest quests for you to go on.
Help  anyone you can in the game. Your goal is not to kill things, but
getting rid of dangerous Undead is certainly a good thing to do.

     What should I do with the Burgomeister?

     Talk  to  him and get the key to the Adventurer's Guild. Although
he  doesn't  like  or  trust you very much, you can win his respect by
helping others. Visit his office when the Gypsy is caught. The Paladin
character needs to return here with Piotyr's Sword.

     What should I buy at the Shop?

     Buy  rations,  garlic,  candy,  and  a pie pan. The Thief needs a
shopping bag. The Paladin needs a broom.

     How do I help the Old Man find his wife?

     Search  the forest at night for the Lost Ghost. Convince her that
she  is a ghost. This will take several visits. Once she remembers her
name,  go  back to town and tell the old man about her. Return to this
screen later to visit the happy couple and get the old man's hat.

     How do I get Olga and her husband back together?

     You  will  meet  Olga's  husband  elsewhere  in  the  game.  They
definitely  are having some marital difficulties. Just keep talking to
both of them and telling them what the other says.

     What about this Gnome?

     Eat  supper  at  the  inn on the third evening to meet the Gnome.
Catch  his  act  and visit him upstairs at the last door at the end of
the hall. Ask him about humor, borrow the Rubber Chicken and visit him
several  times to find out about Baba Yaga. Your quest will be to help
him get his sense of humor back.


     How do I get into the Guild?

     The Burgormeister has the key. Talk to him until he gives it to you.

     What should I do at the Adventurers' Guild as a Fighter?

     Do  some  reading in the Guild. Use the exercise machine there to
build  up  your leg muscles and increase your strength. Once you learn
how  to  climb,  practice a few times with the rope and grapnel on the
ceiling  hook  there.  Take  the rope with you. Pick up a better sword

     What should I do at the Adventurers' Guild as a Thief?

     Use  the rope and grapnel on the ceiling hook. This will give you
the  clue  of how to find the Thieves' Guild. Look under the table for
more  clues,  then  solve  the puzzle of the coat hooks hanging on the
wall to open up the secret passage into the Thieves' Guild.

     How do I use the exercise equipment?

     Read  the  manual on the bookshelf. Once you are strong enough to
require  more  weights,  pick  some  of them up and drop them into the
baskets. Click "Do" on the stair-stepper to use it. Adjust the weights
according  to  your  strength.  You  can  only build up your muscles a
certain  amount each day, so you will want to come back here every day
for a while.

     What do I do with the rope?

     If  you are a Fighter, read some good books before trying to deal
with  the  rope. Both the Thief and the Fighter need to click the rope
on  the  ceiling  hook  to  get  in  some  climbing practice. Practice
repeatedly  to  improve  your climbing skill. Be sure to take the rope
with you later.

     Where is the Thieves' Guild?

     You  can only reach the Thieves' Guild by way of the Adventurers'
Guild.  Look  for  the Thief Marks there. One is up so high you need a
rope  to find it. Another is down low. You'll have to find your way up
and out by hook or by crook.

     I'm in the Thieves' Guild, but everything is locked up!

     A  Thief  is nothing without a toolkit, and you lost yours on the
way  in.  Still,  a  good  Thief  can  improvise.  If you don't have a
lockpick,   try  slipping  the  latch  with  a  credit  card  (or  the
equivalent).  Maybe  it's  time for you to recruit yourself. You might
want  to  study up on traps before you start cracking safes or opening

     How can I bypass the Thieves' Guild traps?

     Those  traps are intended for practice, but they can still sting!
Break  into  the  back  room  and  visit  the  library.  You may learn
something.  You can disarm simple traps just by knowing how they work,
but you'll need a Thieves' Toolkit (Mark 2) for the complicated ones.

     How do I open the main safe in the back room?

     The  safe  seems  to  be  missing its knob. Where could that have
rolled  off  to? Search low and lower, in a really GRATE hiding place.
(That's a pun, son.) Finding the combination is sort of like the "Case
of  the  Purloined  Letter"  -- it's right there in plain sight on the

     How do I open the Chief Thief's desk?

     You'll  need a lockpick and some knowledge about disarming traps.
You can get the lockpick from the main safe in the back room. To learn
about  traps,  carefully  study the books on the bookshelf in the back
room.  Locate and disarm the desk trap. Pick the lock. If at first you
don't  succeed,  keep practicing. Once you get into the desk, read the
Chief  Thief's logbook carefully; even the "nonsense" section contains
important clues.

     Where is the Chief Thief?

     The  Chief  Thief  is  hiding out because of an embarrassing skin
condition.  Check  behind  the barrels in the back. The secret passage
has  a  very  complicated  lock;  you'll  never  guess  the  solution.
Fortunately,  it's  so complicated that the Chief couldn't remember it
either,  so  he wrote it down in his logbook. Find the part that makes
the least sense, then think of words as colors.

     How can I cure the Chief Thief?

     The  answer is in the secret basement of the Monastery. Take care
that  you  don't  wind  up in the same state as the Chief. You can get
some  supplies  that  will  help  in  the  store. There is some useful
information in Dr. Cranium's hallway.


     How do I get into Dr. Cranium's house?

     Ring  the bells that you see (and hear) the same number of times,
in  the  same  order. If you have trouble ringing the bells correctly,
change  your  skill Level to low. If you've turned off the sound, turn
it back on; it may help you here.

     Where do I get a key to Cranium's inner door?

     You  must  sucessfully  guide an Antwerp through the key maze. If
you can't get an Antwerp for the maze, try TRAPping one.

     What do I do with the TRAP?

     You  need to figure out what those beasties from behind the right
door  eat,  so  start entering everything you know about them into the
Animal  Identifier. Once you find the type of treat that Antwerps eat,
you  need  to  figure out where to get some. Fortunately, you probably
have  some  already  in  inventory.  It  is something every adventurer
needs.  Just  click  it  on the trap, and you'll soon catch a bouncing

     How do I get the Antwerp through the maze?

     If  you  have  an Antwerp, change your skill level and your speed
control  to  low  in the Control Panel. Open the door to the Key Maze;
this  will  start the maze. Take your time and maneuver the Antwerp to
the key and out through the side exit.

     How do I solve the Keyhole Puzzle?

     Once you have the key from the Antwerp Maze, set your skill level
to  low. Use the Help key on the puzzle bar to obtain some hints. Once
you solve the puzzle, click your set of keys on the door.

     What do I do with Dr. Cranium?

     Talk  to him. You can get potions and flasks from him if you help
him  with  his ingredients. You can also get a "Rehydration Solution",
if you trade him something he is interested in.

     What are the missing ingredients for Dr. Cranium's potions?

     To  find  the ingredients you will need to look the word he gives
you in your Technical Manual. This is the copy protection, in case you
hadn't  guessed.  We  apologize for the necessity. [ HOLLY FUCK A COPY
PROTECTION?!?!?!?! ]


     How do I get into the Monastery without being eaten?

     Most characters need the Dark One Sign to get into the Monastery.
You  can  find  it  just outside the Dark One's Cave where you started
out. If you are a Thief and have a rope and grapnel, you can climb the
walls and break into the upstairs window. Once you're in, don't forget
to pick up anything loose that's lying around on the shelf.

     What do I do with the blob in the cabinet? (The Dehydrated Domovoi)

     You  need to get some "Rehydration Solution" from Dr. Cranium, or
at least a flask of water.

     How do I get past the Hexapod above the fireplace?

     Visit  Dr.  Cranium  and use his animal Identification Machine to
find  out  what  a  Hexapod eats (assuming you already found out about
Antwerps). Feed the Hexapod. Pull one of the andirons by the fireplace
to reveal secret stairs to the basement.

     What do I do in the Monastery basement?

     Check  out the Cask of Amon Tillado. That's one powerful vintage!
Open the desk, but watch out, it's trapped. A Fighter is going to have
to  force the trap and take some damage. A poison cure would help. The
Magic  User  should use a spell to open the desk. The Thief had better
visit  the  Thieves'  Guild,  pick  up  some  tools,  and  learn about
disarming  traps before he even thinks about unlocking this desk. Read
the  Diary  of  the  Mad Monk. If you are a Thief - look for the Magic
Statue,  but  don't  pick it up with your bare hands. Cover it up with
something  first.  You  can get something appropriate at the store. If
you  are  a  Paladin, you should seriously consider how to permanently
get  rid  of  the evil in this place. It's so cold and dark in here, a
little  light  and  warmth  might  be a good idea. Maybe even a lot of


     Forest survival tips.

     The  forest  is  a dangerous place, particularly at night. Try to
spend  your nights in the Inn or at Erana's Garden. To the west of the
town  is the Lake and the Gates to the castle. To the south of town is
the  swamp  and  the  Dark  One's  Cave.  To  the  east of town is the
graveyard  and  the  Gypsies' Camp. To the southeast is Erana's Garden
and Baba Yaga's Hut.

     Who is the woman in the lake and how do I deal with her?

     The  woman  is  a Rusalka. If you want to be more than her victim
you  need  to  be kind to her. Think of giving her something. Once you
win her friendship, ask her about the Swamp and Will-o- wisps.

     How do I release the Rusalka?

     You  must be a Paladin to help the Rusalka. When Piotyr sends you
to  help  the Rusalka, you should first make friends and talk to her a
bit. If you are friends of the Gypsies ask them about her. To find her
true  name, search the one place that has "death records". Get a broom
and  a  bit of the Rusalka's hair. Sweep the grave of her untrue lover
and  give  him  some  just  desserts.  Follow the rest of the Gypsies'

     Where is Erana's Garden?

     Erana's  Garden  is  to the southeast of town, south and a little
east of the graveyard. You can only enter it from the south.

     What can I do in Erana's Garden?

     This  is  a  safe place to sleep at night. You will need to plant
something  here  when  asked. Magic Users can fetch magical fruit that
restores their Mana from the fruit tree. A Magic User should carefully
investigate  the  garden for other magical places. A secret there will
yield to the correct combination of spells; start with Detect Magic to
locate it.

     Where can I find the Faerie Queen?

     If  you  are  a  Magic User the Leshy will warn you of the Faerie
Queen. Meet her south of Erana's Garden at night.

     What should I do about the Faerie Folk?

     You  will  only  encounter  the  Faerie Folk as a Magic User. The
Faerie  Folk  believe  Erana's Staff belongs to them. You need to play
along  because they have something you need. Visit the Faeries several
times  at  night  just  south  of Erana's Garden. You can only get the
Staff  after  you've  rescued  someone  from  the castle. In the final
battle,  start  by  summoning  Erana's  Staff  and  using  all  of its
protective  spells.  Be prepared for a difficult magical duel and heal
yourself  as  needed.  Area effect spells like Frost Bite will be more
useful than direct attacks.

     What is a Leshy and what do I do with it?

     The  Leshy  is a mischievous character often disguised as a bush,
who  likes  to  ask riddles and play tricks on travelers. However, his
riddles often contain useful clues.

     How do I solve the Leshy's "bush quest"?

     The  bush  of  the  Leshy is down near the Dark One's Cave by the
swamp.  In  the  room  where you slide down the slippery goo path, the
bush is stuck on the right side of the screen. If you are a Fighter or
Thief,  throw  some rocks to break up the rock dam. If you are a Magic
User, use a couple of spells to do the same and retrieve the bush with
another spell. As a Thief, use your rope to get above the bush, and go
fishing. Take the bush to Erana's Garden for replanting.

     How can I help the captured Gypsy?

     The  best way to help the Gypsy is to find Igor. You need to look
in the most obvious place to find the gravedigger.

     How can I free the captured Gypsy?

     As   a   thief,   improve   your  skills  by  breaking  into  the
Burgomeister's  Office  window  at  night.  Set  the  Gypsy  free. All
character types should search and find Igor.

     How do I get into the Gypsy camp? What do I do there?

     You  can't  get into the Gypsy camp until you've saved the Gypsy.
The camp is a valuable place for hints and clues. Crossing the Fortune
Teller's palm with silver will give you information about the past and
present. Be sure to ask about sacrifices when you get the chance. This
is  a  good place to keep coming back to for more information later in
the game.


     What do I do in the graveyard?

     From the Town Gate you need to walk South for two forest squares,
East  for  two  forest  squares, then North. Later in the game you can
find a passageway to the castle from the Borgov's crypt. Igor can help
you  get  into the crypt after you do a favor for him. The Paladin can
find some information about the Rusalka and avenge her death.

     How do I move the fallen tombstone?

     If you are a Fighter move it by brute force. As an alternative or
if  you  are a Thief, Climb the tree. Use the rope from your inventory
on  the  pulley  and  raise the Tombstone. If you are a Magic User you
need to know how to spell relief.

     What do I do as Paladin in the graveyard to help the Rusalka?

     If  you  were sent on this quest by Piotyr and have talked to the
Gypsies,  you  should  have a good idea of what to do. Add her hair to
the broom and sweep the correct grave. Fight and defeat the villan.

     How do I get into the Borgov's Tomb?

     Ask  Igor  for a key once you have helped him, or try some skills
or spells.

     What do I do in the Borgov's Tomb? How do I get out of here?

     There  is  an  entrance  to  a secret passageway to the castle in
here. It is accessed by finding the Borgov crest on the floor and take
a  colorful  approach to the problem. Think of the names of the colors
and of whose crest it is. When you solve this puzzle, you will receive
a  key to a secret passageway to the castle. Look behind the rightmost

     How do I get out of the Borgov's Tomb?

     Shake hands with the Grim Reaper.


     Where is the Baba Yaga's hidden hut?

     Baba  Yaga's hut is hidden by a magical spell. Help the Leshy and
he'll  give  you  the magical phrase in a riddle, or visit the Gypsies
after  you've  aided  one and ask them about Baba. Once you know about
the  magic phrase (or know magic), go to the farthest southeast forest
room.  A  Magic  User  can  cast  a  couple  of  spells  to get by the
protective  magic here. A Thief may be able to go over the barrier. If
you  are  playing  with  other  skills,  click  the  talk icon on your
character and say the magical phrase. Walk to the west.

     What does the Skull guard want?

     Bonehead  really wants something to cover his bald spot. You will
have  to help a ghost's identity crisis first, then tell someone about
his  missing  wife. If you visit them a couple of times after they are
back together, you can get the thing you need to give the skull.

     Why does the hut run away from me?

     Because  it  was  a  big  chicken!  You'll  need to bribe it with
chickenfeed. Look around the town gate for some.

     Where do I find elderbury berries?

     When  Baba  Yaga sends you for elderbury pie, seek out the killer
bush  in  the  south  of  the  central part of the forest. You'll need
special tools to get the berries.

     How do I get the elderbury berries?

     The Fighter and Thief will need to knock some berries off at long
range,  then lure the bush away from its position. You need to use the
kind of lure a Gnome would really appreciate. Sneak around and get the
berries.  Magic Users only need to knock the berries off with a spell,
then pick them up with another spell.

     How do I make a pie?

     You  can  get  the pie pan from the shop in town. To get the Grue
Goo, you'll need an empty flask. Go to the slippery path near the Dark
One's  Cave.  You'll  find  plenty of goo there. You can make bonemeal
after  you  pick up a bone. You can find bones at the west edge of the
swamp.  Take the bones to Baba's hut and grind put them in the mortar.
Use  the pestle on the mortar to grind them. Use an empty flask to get
the  bonemeal. Mix all the ingredients together in inventory. To bake,
click your mixture on one of the skulls.

     I've given Baba the pie. How do I get the Gnome's Humor back?

     You  need  to  tell  Baba  about  the  Gnome  by clicking on your
character. She may not be too sympathetic, but she will help you.

     What else can I get from Baba Yaga?

     The way to Baba's heart is through her stomach. You'd better have
a  tasty  (by  her standards) bribe to feed her or you'll wind up in a
stew.  Almost  anything nasty will do. Once fed, you can get some good
information  about  the  Dark  One  and a magical ritual you will need
later  in  the game. As a Magic User you can also get a new spell from


     What should I do in the castle?

     If you are just exploring, you might learn a thing or two here.

     How can I find Tanya?

     Once  you  pass through the secret entrance into the castle, exit
the  room  to  the  right.  Go  North  in the next room and follow the
stairs.  The secret passageway in this room is behind the bookshelves.
This  takes  you to the other side of the castle. Leave the room, take
the stairs, and exit the next room to the left. These stairs will take
you  to Tanya's room. To leave the castle, go right through five rooms
until  you  come  to  another  set of bookshelves. This secret passage
leads back to the other secret passage. Just go to the main passageway
and out.

     How can I help Tanya?

     Win  her  confidence. Give her something she loves from home (the
Domovoi  should  help  you  with  it). You need to talk to the Gypsies
about sacrifice in order to convince Tanya to go home with her.

     How do I escape the dungeon?

     If  you are a Fighter, click the "do" icon on the chains to break
them.  As a Thief, use your Thief skills. For a Magic User, just spell
it  correctly. Once free from the chains check out the Iron Maiden for
an escape route.

     How do I avoid being killed by Ad Avis in Katrina's room?

     Killing  Katrina is not a wise thing to do while Ad Avis is still
around.  As  long  as  she's  still  alive,  he  still  needs you. Try
awakening  her with a kiss, or just talking to her. She won't be happy
about it, but you won't be dead, either.


     How do I learn the Heart Ritual?

     If  you  are  a  Fighter, Paladin, or Thief, you need to defeat a
powerful Wraith to obtain this Ritual. His mound is 3 screens south of
the  Town  gate,  2  screens  east,  and then 3 more screens south. To
defeat the Wraith, you will need protection from the Gypsies and a lot
of practice building up your fighting or throwing skills. If you are a
Magic User, you need to take Erana's Staff to the Faerie Folk.

     How do I learn the Blood Ritual?

     This  is  in  the basement of the Monastery. You have no Madeira,
m'dear, so try a little Amontillado instead.

     How do I learn the Breath Ritual?

     Your  favorite  hag  from  Spielburg  has this one. Remember Baba
Yaga?  Be  sure to bring something she might like to munch on when you
visit her.

     How do I learn the Sense Ritual?

     It  is  hidden within the swamp. All roads lead to the Mad Monk's
Tomb.  If  you're  a  Fighter/Paladin, make certain you are in tip-top
physical  strength  before  you try this. You are going to have to use
brute  force to get there. Thieves can use their Acrobatics to go from
dry  land  to  dry  land.  Magic Users have a spell made for this, but
they'd better stay out of the way of the Grasping Hands. Once you make
it  there,  you  have a couple of nasty dudes who will try to keep you
away  from  the  tomb. When you have defeated them, use the Dark One's
Sign on the Tomb to open it. Spell out the proper order of the rituals
-  Mouth,  Bone, Blood, Breath, Sense, Heart, and Essence. Go North to
leave the swamp.

     How do I learn the Bone Ritual?

     This  is inside the Squid Rock near the Dark One's Cave. You will
learn this from the Gypsies. You'll need to get a Will-o-wisp from the
swamp  first by luring it with candy and using a flask on it. Use your
Will-o-wisp  on  the Squid Stone. The secret writing will be revealed.
Touch  your Dark One's Sign on the Stone and spell out the name of the
Dark  One  (This  is  found  in  the Mad Monk's Diary at the Monastery
Basement,  or  from  the  Gypsy  camp  when you have the final Fortune

     How do I learn the Mouth Ritual?

     Katrina  has  this  Ritual.  It's how she got you out of the Dark
One's Cave at the beginning of the game.

     How do I learn the Essence Ritual?

     You  can  find this ritual inside the Dark One's Cave. It is in a
book  guarded by the former Boyar of Mordavia, although he's not quite
himself anymore. If you are a Fighter or Paladin, use your rope to get
to  the bottom of things, then put the last of the Borgov's out of his
misery. The Thief needs to use some common skills to get down and out.
The  Magic  User  better do something to the Boyar to keep him relaxed
before going down and across to the other side

     What are the Rituals about and why am I looking for them?

     Katrina will eventually get around to telling you about them. She
wants  to  bring Darkness to the world. The rituals are used to summon
the  Dark  One. The reason you want to find them, besides the fact you
might  die if you don't, is that only by doing all the rituals can the
spirit  of  the  Mage  Erana  be  released,  and the Dark One banished


     How can I reach the Blood Altar?

     The  Altar  is the large bowl on the right of the picture. Follow
the  path as far as it goes, then climb up to the upper path -- if you
are  a  Magic  User,  cast  Levitate; anyone else can use the Rope and
Grapnel.  Click  "Do"  or  Acrobatics  on the lower shelf, then on the
Altar  platform, to get back to the Altar. Use the Blood Ritual on the
Altar,  and  then the fun begins! Acid blood starts flowing throughout
the cave; you need to get out without it killing you.

     How to escape the Blood Cave?

     If  you  are  a Fighter use your Grapnel to climb up to the shelf
just  above the Altar. Push the large rock; it falls blocking the flow
of  acid  from  the Altar. Click "Do" on your rope to climb back down.
Walk  over  to  the  lower  path and out. If you are a Magic User cast
Frost  Bite  on  the  spout  of acid flowing from the Altar head. Cast
another  Frost  Bite  on  the  spout  from the base of the Altar. Walk
across  the  now-frozen  blood and follow the path to the exit. If you
are a Thief get back up to the upper shelf the same way you came down.
Use  Acrobatics to get to the central "island" and again to get to the
main path.

     How do I perform the Breath Ritual?

     Go  up to the Altar, the multi-tentacled statue on the left. Read
the Breath Ritual for instructions. Save your game; there are some fun
special  effects  if  you  blow on the tentacles out of order. To blow
into  a tentacle click the "hand" icon on it. Start with the rightmost
tentacle  on  top.  Click  on  the leftmost tentacle on the side. Then
click on the center tentacle of the middle group. Finally click on the
large  black  tentacle  on  top. Once you've completed the Ritual, the
wind begins to blow.

     How do I escape the winds as a Fighter or Paladin?

     Grab  one  of  the tendrils to the right of the screen. When your
character  is flung off onto the ground, run to the exit and out. Make
sure  you  stay  on the side of the screen closest to the exit, or the
winds will catch you again.

     How do I escape the winds as a Magic User?

     Wait  for  a  pause between breaths when your character is out of
sight  inside  the  lung  valve. Cast a Calm spell. That buys a little
time. Cast Open on the valve and race towards the exit before the wind
starts up again.

     How do I escape the winds as a Thief?

     The  Thief  needs to take a page from the mime's book -- climb an
invisible  wall.  When  he  is  plastered  up against the front of the
screen,  click the Hand anywhere towards the right. You will climb the
"glass  wall"  in  front  in the direction you clicked. Once you climb
down,  run  to  the exit. Make sure you stay on the side of the screen
closest to the exit, or the winds will catch you again.

     What do I do in the Sense Cave?

     At  first,  none  of  your  senses seem to work. Walk around (try
moving  to the left) until you bump into something that gives you back
your sense of touch. This will make it slightly easier to move without
falling  off the path. You can also click the Hand icon here and there
to get a "feel" for what is in this cave. Once you can feel, work your
way  around  to  the left and up until you regain your sense of smell.
Click  the  "hand" icon in various places to find out how things smell
in  here.  With your smell restored, keep going up, then to the right,
and  your  hearing  will  return. Use the "hand" icon to find out what
things in this cave sound like. With your hearing restored, proceed to
your  right  until  you  can see. Yuck, that was a giant nose you went
through! Use the Eye icon to see what's in here.

     How do I use the Sense Ritual?

     If  you  have  all  of your senses, walk over to the Altar on the
right.  Use  the  Sense  Ritual  on  the  Altar. The cave will come to
high-voltage life! The only trick now is how to get out of here alive.

     I'm a Fighter. How do I avoid getting burned?

     Start   by   playing   Tarzan   --  click  your  Grapnel  on  the
horseshoe-shaped  object (that's the stirrup of the ear). You'll swing
down to the nose platform. Take a healing potion if you need one, then
escape  by  timing  the final dendrite cluster and running through it.
You  will  probably  take  some damage, but hey, you're a macho, tough

     I'm a Magic User. How do I avoid lighting up like a Christmas tree?

     Summon  Erana's  Staff  and cast Resistance; this will reduce the
amount  of damage you take. Try to time the "zaps" and avoid them. You
can   temporarily  short-circuit  any  of  the  Dendrites  by  casting
Lightning  Ball at them. If you run out of Mana points, summon Erana's
Staff; it will help restore your Mana.

     I'm a Thief. I don't want become Thief Toast!

     You'll   have  to  be  a  swinger.  Click  your  Grapnel  on  the
horseshoe-shaped  object (that's the stirrup of the ear). You'll swing
down to the nose platform. Swing over the big cluster near the exit by
clicking the Grapnel on the looped area at the base of the Altar.


     How do I defeat the Priest Horror in the Cave Pit?

     The Priest Horror is the toughest monster in the game. If you are
a  Magic  User or a Thief, don't fight it -- use your spells or skills
to  get  what  you  need  from it. Above all, be very, very quiet. The
problem for a Fighter or Paladin is getting close enough to damage the
Horror.  This  requires a lot of patience. Keep ducking when it throws
acid at you, then move forward just a bit and duck again. Once you get
in close, wail on it with your sword until you take it out.

     What do I do in the Bone Cave?

     Light  the Torches and replace your torch on the Altar. Touch the
Bone  Ritual  on  the  Altar and take a good look at it. Use your Dark
one's  Sign  on the Sand. Fit the bones to make the sign. Use the Bone
Ritual  on the Altar again. The Thief needs to really work fast to get
out  of  the  trap  -  Use  your  Acrobatics before it's too late. The
Fighter  needs  to  do  what he does best -- attack the bone cage. The
Magic  User needs to make the bones brittle by applying some spells of
opposite  temperatures  and  then  using  a  little force to break the
bones. Get your magic torch before you go.

     What do I do in the the Heart Cave?

     You  can't do anything here until you've completed the first four
Rituals  --  Bone,  Blood,  Breath, and Sense. Once you've done those,
click the Heart Ritual on the Altar in the center. A new passage opens
in the ceiling. Heal yourself to prepare for the final battle, then go
up -- a Magic User can cast Levitate; other characters use the Grapnel
on the new passageway and climb up.


     I'm a Magic User. How do I make sense of the Essence Cave?

     It's just you and Ad Avis, and he thinks he can block all of your
spells.  Summon  Erana's  Staff  and use it to cast protective spells.
Tell  the  Ultimate  Joke.  While  Ad Avis is helpless, hit him with a
Force  Bolt.  It  won't hurt him, but it will knock him back. The Dark
One  does  the  rest.  Click the Staff on the large glowing crystal to
release Erana's spirit.

     I'm a Thief. I don't want an out-of-body experience in here!

     It's  just  you  and  Ad  Avis,  but you can't get to him quickly
enough  to  keep  him  from knocking you into the void. Normal weapons
won't hurt him, so get out Erana's Staff. It changes to something more
useful  in  your hands, but you still don't have enough time. Buy time
by  telling  the  Ultimate  Joke.  While  Ad  Avis  is  helpless,  use
Acrobatics to finish him off in impressive fashion. Click the Staff on
the glowing crystal to release Erana's spirit.

     I'm a Fighter or Paladin. I want to make certain a certain Undead
Magic User never walks this world again!

     It's  just you and Ad Avis, but you can't get to him. You've been
in a situation a bit like this once before in Tarna, but this time you
don't  have  a  spear.  Take  out Erana's Staff -- it changes into the
weapon  you need! Ad Avis now has Vampire reflexes and will just knock
it aside if you try to throw it. Tell him the Ultimate Joke. While the
Vampire  is  helpless,  use the Staff to destroy him once and for all.
Click the Staff on the glowing crystal to release Erana's spirit.

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