Psychic Detective

     This  is  an  unique  game  by  Electronic Art Studios. It has 10
endings,  four  of  them are bad endings, 5 are good endings, and 1 is
the  best endings, it called : The Grand Slam. This walkthrough is for
reaching the best ending. So here we are :


- Wait until Laina introduce Fox to Moki.
- Jump to his mind.
- Follow Moki until he had a fight with Laina.
- Watch he discover Laina's past
- Keep following Moki until he made a deal with Chad.
- Follow Moki to browse the paper
- When he sees Sylvia through the mirror, jump to Sylvia's mind
- Follow her upstair, as soon as you see Chad's mind, jump to his mind
- Look at the green book.
- Jump back to Sylvia's mind again when she enters the room.
- When she starts stabbing Chad jump back to Fox mind.
  (You'll hear Fox said about a girl and big knife)
- Go to library, and find Chad's body
- Analyze the knife or paper
- Go out


- Listen the conversation (Laina will praise Fox)
- Wait until she goes out the car, click on "HELP ME" icon on the right
- Analyze the bracelet
- She'll go out, Moki will come.
- Ignore him and follow Monica


- Jump to Monica's mind when she enter the lounge.
- Jump to Sylvia's mind.
- Wait until Monica said about an address (484 something)
- When the bodyguard talk to Sylvia, and Sylvia order him to go to that
  address, go to the address.
- You'll back in Fox mind.
- Watch Laina using the collector (you can jump to Sergei's mind)
- Barge in
- Choose "HELP LAINA"
- Watch the story unfolds.

Change disk 2


- When Sergei starts to scream, jump to Sylvia's mind.
- Watch Sylvia monitoring the conversation between Moki and Max
- Jump to Sergei's mind when you see Max torn the paper from Moki
  (you must act quickly or fox can't see Sergei's killer)
- Watch the killing, the police will arrive
- You should see that Fox is speechless in front of the police (if
  you see Fox talking to much, you'll miss the ending)
- Jump to the police's mind (I forgot his name) when he drags you
  to jail.


- Outside jump to the Delivery's mind (first man you see)
- Jump to Laina's mind at the crosspoint.
- Watch she blame herself
- Jump to the boy with skate.
- Wait until you see a bag lady
- Jump to her mind
- Watch she discover the fourth collector in the shop
- Back to Fox's mind

Change disc 3

- Follow Laina to that shop
- First jump to Sylvia's head than use Affection on shop owner, he'll
  give you the collector (don't choose submission, you'll go straight
  to Max's office)


- Follow Laina to the library
- Analyze the triangle
- Follow the step on triangle, it will open the secret door
- Analyze the collector bag, the symbol and the workbench.
- Quickly go to Madamme T, it's on lower right (don't do anything else)
- You'll have time to help her
- Choose "MONICA TROUBLE" when you deal with Sylvia
- Anna will say "That's a good move (something like that)"
- Watch the scene until you reach Max's office


- Choose "HELP MONICA"
- Jump to Jeanine's mind
- Watch her seduce the bodyguard
- Back to Fox's mind
- Use collector when the bodyguard sees you.
- Choose Affection on bodyguard
- Choose Aggression on Monica (act quickly)
- Watch Fox grab the gun from the bodyguard.


- Watch scene until Max challenge you to play Black Diamond Game
- Win it and you'll get the GRAND SLAM.

Choose this powerful items :
- Anna, the kite, Monica, or Laina
Monica's weakness is with the king doll and Moki
Laina draw with the king doll and Sergei

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