Here  is  a  nice  little cheat that gives you oodles of credits:
Load up the game and watch the intro sequence. Use the computer at the
main  concourse  to  save the game. Call it START (although it doesn't
matter a great deal what you call it). Quit out of the game and return
to DOS. Open the file with a hex editor.
     Look  for the hex address 306 and change the value there to 40 4B
4C.  Save the file and load up Privateer again loading the START saved
game  the moment you can. When you load the game up you will find that
you have 5000000 credits!!


Combat guide:
     The  most  important  thing  to  remember is that in general most
combat  strategies  that  work  in  Wing  Commander  2  also  work  in
     At  an  early stage of the game in the Troy system you run into a
huge  bunch  of  Retros.  An  effective attack play is to fly at about
150kps  -  this  encourages them to attack you head-on. Retros tend to
fly  directly  at  you  and because you are flying slowly the approach
takes  a  while  giving  you time to blast them to bits with a pair of
mass drivers. Alternatively a couple of well placed dumb missiles also
take  them  out. A different approach is to use Torpedoes as dumb fire
missiles; they're cheaper and more powerful.
     If  you  use  the  IR  missiles  with  two missile launchers most
enemies  in  Talons  can  be taken out easily. Simply get close to the
arget  and  slow  down to enable your enemy to draw away and then fire
two missiles at him in quick succession. The first missile brings down
his  shield while the second one should kill him. This tactic requires
two  missile  launchers  to  enable  you  to fire two missiles at once
without  waiting  for the launcher to reset. Against tougher opponents
you may need to do this more often. Here the advantage of twin missile
launchers  is  that  you  can  carry  20 missiles so you never start a
mission without a full complement of missiles.
     When  fighting  five or more hostile ships use missiles to reduce
their numbers quickly then take out the remainder with your guns.

Choice of weapons:
     Tachyon guns provice the best power consumption and recharge rate
as  well  as the damage capacity of all the guns on sale. Early in the
game  you  should  use  Mass  Drivers  and  then  build up to the more
powerful Meson guns.
     Make sure that you never have more than two guns of the same type
firing  forwards  otherwise  you  end  up  with  a large drain on your
available energy per shot.
     Don't  bother  with  turret  guns.  In Wing Commander 2 there's a
turret  gunner  who  uses  these  guns  when you aren't using them; in
Privateer you have to use them yourself and since you can't steer your
ship  from  the turret you won't last long The turret is best used for
mounting  a  tractor  beam but since none of the missions requires the
use  of  the  tractor  beam  and  there's  little  revenue  to  be had
retrieving  the cargo found after most battles it's only useful if you
intend to pirate cargo ships.

Fight dirty:
     If  you have a ship with good shields and armour you can do a lot
of  damage to weaker ships by flying close to them and 'nudging' them.
Done  properly  this can badly damage or kill them immediately without
doing  too  much  damage to your own ship. Nasty but this is space and
who's going to see?
     A  repair droid soon pays for itself so it's advisable to get one
at  the earliest opportunity. Whenever you sustain any major damage to
your  craft  you  can  then  stop  it for about five minutes and allow
damaged systems to be repaired.
     Running  away is a very effective strategy - it won't win you any
medals  but  it  keeps  you  alive.  It's  worth remembering that most
hostiles  won't  chase  you very far from the navigational point where
you encountered them.
     Unless  you're on a mission that requires you to kill the enemies
you  encounter  it's  best  to  run  whenever you can. Use the mission
option  on  the  navigation  screen  to  determine whether you need to
destroy  the hostiles you encounter. (Objectives listed in red must be
met.)  In  general  -  bounty and defend missions require you to fight
while you patrol and recon only requires you to visit nav points.
     For  a  quick  escape  it  pays to invest in an afterburner - but
running  away  is  difficult if you are flying through asteroids. It's
best to kill all hostile ships within the asteroids rather than trying
to outrun them and ending up as space-pat┌.
     In  some  of  the  story-line  missions  the hostile ships simply
follow  you  -  this  can  result  in having far too many opponents to
handle at once. In these cases it's best to kill them as you encounter
     When  flying  cargo missions or simply travelling from A to B you
may  arrive  at  a jump point crawling with pirates or Retros. You can
speed into the jump point using your afterburners and engale your jump
drive  without  slowing  down. This does however expose you to several
hits  just  before  you  jump - but hopefully your shields will absorb
most of the damage.

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