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Prison Tycoon cheats, tips and tricks

Author: Anthraxus
One of the weaker games of the various Tycoon lines. Took several plays to figure out what was worth building and what wasn't. There is not real manual or help in the game and the interface is not intuitive. A few things I've figured out for anyone who wants to try the game: Clicking the mouse wheel will allow you to rotate the screen, as will holding Ctrl. You have to have a dorm with beds to put prisoners in before prisoners will start to show up. You have to have at least a medium sized factory so that your prisoners can earn money and a mess hall so they have some place to eat. Having an exercise yard with equipment or an Amenities hall with various rooms will really keep down on fights and boost your chance of getting a prisoner to go straight on parole. You also need a health building because your prisoners ARE going to get injured. You can left-click on any building to see inside of it, and if you then click on the build tool it will show you the stuff you can buy to put in that building. The upholstery workshop is a waste of money. Prisoner (at least in a small prison) do not play basketball. Having a prisoner Chapel in the amenities building will give you a Chaplain you can use to pacify prisoners with instead of just beating them down. If you right click on a guard or chaplain and click on the Green button in the little window, they will scan the attitude of nearby prisoners and administer a beat down or a blessing as necessary. Plan to loose money for a long time.

Author: Gonzo
All I had to do is push all kinds of buttons and yes, you can zoom in and out. You can go up and down. You can go left and right. All you have to do is hold left control or left shift and move the mouse. It's that easy once you figure out that the game rocks.

Author: masson
Building a Chapel in the amenities building is a big help. When you make the priest give a prisoner a blessing, then rehabilitation goes faster.

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