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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Prison Tycoon

Автор: das
Prison Tycoon is HORRIBLE, I hate it and I regret paying money for it! The tools are poorly constructed, it makes it very difficult for the player to know how to do simple things like rotating the scene (which you CAN'T do, apparently, which sucks because you can see almost nothing) or zooming in/zooming out (without memorizing stupid commands like "Z" or "Q" to go up or down... wth? They don't even go together). The options are totally limited and the scenarios, a whole of 15 with 3 freeform games, get repetitive within the first hour. Not to mention the fact that this game doesn't work properly on any one of my three computers. This game is bad, don't buy it!

Автор: DEE
Prison Tycoon is the most stupid and retarded game I have bought in a life time. You can't rotate the screen without using the dumb mouse and holding Ctrl. You can't barley see anything; they don't give you enough information to play. The stupid thing it doesn't work on my computer or any of my 5 friends' computers! Finally I got the dumb thing to work at my girlfriend house and I waste my time trying to figure the dumb thing out. Prison Tycoon is way under rate - it's stupid, it's dumb! Do not buy this dumb game - it is a waste of your money! And for the record everybody that works for Valuesoft - don't make a game without good information and better ways to play, people don't want to buy junk, they want games that are valuable and that don't take a freakin' genius to play ok! People won't buy your product if it's not quality, or at least something they can understand!

Автор: Jen
Prison Tycoon is bad... Ok, I thought it looked pretty cool and such, I also thought it would at least have some descent instructions on how to play. But it doesn't! How in the hell am I supposed to figure out this stupid game? No and you can't zoom in or out, the graphics is bad and so do the camera angles. And go figure you can't move around on the screen with your arrow keys, you have to use S A D and E or something like that. I would not recommend anyone buy Prison Tycoon unless you're a damn genius. I know plenty about computers and am a programmer myself, and any descent programmer knows that you at least give your user a set of instructions to go by.

Автор: mike
I give Prison Tycoon a 3 out of 5. It's not like SimCity or anything, but I find the game a different change of pace. I like it for a change of cities if you know what I mean. Not for the true city gamer, but it is different. Would recommend not paying more then $10 for it if you can. I like it though.

Автор: B-Rad
It's not as good as it looks on the cover, but it's okay. It's a little different than some games you have probably played. Oh, and Jen, you can't be a programmer if you're BLIND. This is also to other people who complained about lack of instructions. Before you start the game, the orange window pops up and you can click "Play." Okay, if you look around, probably 5 inches down, you'll see a button that says "MANUAL." What's a manual? Basically, it's INSTRUCTIONS on how to play the game.

Автор: Raymond
I like other people will complain about the lack of instructions, I know there are some but they really do sux. Someone really needs to write some for all of us. I found Prison Tycoon on my Acer notebook, it is real slow, and I have a notebook twice the power that the game requires. I am glad I found it at Wal-Mart for 10 bucks because I would not pay more than that. Even 10 bucks is too much. "My 2 cents worth, for what it's worth!"

Автор: Barrock
I find you don't have enough control in Prison Tycoon. All you do is build stuff really and - watch the prisoners. You don't even get to do anything at night. The prisoners don't actually try to escape either which sucks, it's just a little message saying "Prisoners have escaped" or "You have foiled an escape attempt" and you didn't even get to see anything. The animations are extremely repetitive, example: if someone is a padded cell, all they do is wash their face, 24/7 they are just standing over the sink. Needs more control over everything, smoother animations, and we should actually see what happens. Like prisoners trying to escape or getting executed (instead of just not appearing in their bed the next morning).

Автор: eb
The cover for the game really should get an Oscar for "BestCould Have Been Game". There are NO instructions, you pretty much go for self, even after you figure it out, the prisoners arrive like 563548573 days later. It sucks, I payed 10$ for it, I should have bought a beer.

Автор: George
Damnit! My parents only get me one video game a month and I had to get this stupid game. It hardly tells you what to do. It also gets boring like 2mins after you start. I'd rather buy a game from the swap-meet. I HATE THIS GAME!!!

Автор: Jonny
People who have left bad comments on the game are people who just rush into things. If you look on the title screen there is a manual with full instructions. The graphics are great as are the "things to do" making sure prisoners are happy and kitting out there facilities, etc. The only downside to this is the camera angle, although you can easily move about you can't move the angle. And the prisoners take forever to arrive unless you can build the complete prison in about 2 minutes before the first bus or plane etc arrives.

Автор: Hobbi
This is a good game and doesn't deserve all the negative comments it's getting. Okay, it's hard to get used to but when you do get into the game it's fun. I wouldn't recommend paying more than 10 pounds for it which is roughly 18 dollars. You do however need to read the manual else this game will just frustrate you. Overall the game isn't bad and I'd give it 3/5, the sound is very poor and the fighting in the game is also poor.

Автор: Fast Petey
I've played most of the Tycoon series and like the rest this one is only interesting when using cheat codes to stay afloat. Unlike Space Tycoon or Cruise Ship tycoon there is no real goal other than to keep prisoners from beating each other to death or escaping. After a week and going bankrupt this one graduated to the kid's game pile. Let them figure it out.

Автор: Eric
I've played this game. It's not too bad, but needs a lot of work (some kind of manual would be a good start). I don't use any keyboard shortcuts (makes it easier) which might just be the prob. A lot of games on PC are all about the shortcuts. To zoom in/out just use the scroll if you have one and to switch your views (from north to south for example) just hold right click and drag left to right. One thing I really hated on this game though is as soon as you lose all your money (underbudget) automatic LOSER and start all over from save - why? In other tycoon games I remember you had the chance to catch up your funding (Roller Coaster is a good example). I recommend this game for any hardcore sim player, but not to the average player.

Автор: CeeFry
"I would not recommend anyone buy Prison Tycoon unless you're a damn genius. I know plenty about computers and am a programmer myself, and any descent programmer knows that you at least give your user a set of instructions to go by."

Could'nt be more wrong. The game is a lot of fun and considering it costs next to nothing you really can't go wrong. The game comes with a full manual. It is made by a company called Valusoft... Get the hint they didn't splurge in all the areas they could have ie 100 prisoners with only 5 different looks. The concept is good, the game could be made a lot better, but that's not to say its not good.

Автор: Rezonance
I have played many tycoons in my time... RollerCoaster, Mall, etc. And they were brilliant because they gave you an interactive tutorial in-game and would take you through the basics and the complexities. Reading a game manual is not fun... Nobody wants to do it, so they will not. I found Prison Tycoon terribly repetitive and a great disappointment. I would rather take my £10 and place it on an amazing game than buy this. I would NOT recommend it to anyone unless your looking for boredom?

Автор: D Dog
Honestly, this is the worst game created. The graphics are inferior, I couldn't even create a cell! There aren't any instructions, and, there are no guild lines, and how can you expect to get rich off the government like that? It promised soooooooo much and delivered... oh, nothing!

Автор: honeybee
I just started playing Prison Tycoon about 12 days ago. It was hard to figure out, until I found the small manual. It goes into the game pretty well. I hate the long time it takes for prisoners to come and how quickly you run out of money and when you do that ... boom, end of game. I've actually only gotten to the point of having four prisoners, no more. I always try to get the minimal things, a dorm, a mess hall, a factory, and a med center. It says that's practically all you need to run a low security prison, but if you don't add more stuff very soon, fighting breaks out and next thing you know the game is over. I paid, happily, 4 dollars for this game, as it was on sale at a discount store. So, it's sort of worth the money. Takes a long time to get used, to (I'm still not completely), but once you do it's okay. Also, camera angles are a nightmare.

Автор: Genius 101
Ok, quit complaining, so the views are not the best. However, it's still a great game. And for all you complaining, each game has its own taste and development. The keyword which apparently is not in your dictionary is patience! I don't understand how you can be so critical on something, having not even giving the time to play or learn it? And then you leave comments to degrade the game to future customers. That, ladies and gentlemen, in my book at least is called a fake. Don't let these people let you miss out on something by just their comments. Yes, I agree there may be a few things that could be better, but if you guys think you can be so critical, let me see you develop a game? And you know what I'll be the first to comment or blog about how horrible it is, that its a waste of your money, and that the developer must of been born as some kind of accident. So, in general, guys, here's my suggestion - read the case, may be some blogs just to get a basic viewpoint and try it out. It's actually a well prepared, moderated and statistical game. Those people ripping the games reputation are just to dumb and impatient to give the game a striving chance!

Автор: rocketboy
Why are people defending this game? It's terrible. Regardless if you think it's great or not, we all agree it's difficult to figure out. Who wants a game like that? I could master chess before I figure this game out. Go buy another tycoon game and don't waste your time on this.

Автор: Loki
Probably one of the WORST PC games I have ever played, and I've played some pretty bad ones. For starters, I can't figure out how to get prisoners into my prison in Free Play Mode or whatever it's called. Also, I can't figure out how to delete buildings, or things inside of buildings. For those of you who say there's a MANUAL BUTTON when you first start up the game, yes there is. However, it doesn't work, at least not for me. I bought the game, didn't download it and yet the CD didn't come with a manual and the manual button doesn't work for me for some reason. I wish I could get my $10 back so I could go buy some whisky. IF ANYONE HAS THE MANUAL OR KNOWS WHERE I CAN FIND IT, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Thanks in advance.

Автор: Hasetie
For my opinion, I think this game is very useful for administration system because it is really help me to plan the organization in real life such as financial status and labors. I don't know what you guys think but I really sure that you should try this game once in your life.

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