Prince of Persia 2

     Here is a brief solution of the game up to the ghost town:

City Section:
     When you've jumped out of the windows run to the left killing the
guards  and  jumping from one rooftop to the next. When you get to the
last  roof go down and you're at the harbour. Ignore the guards here -
just  leg  it  down  the jetty to the left and when you get to the end
perform a spectacular flying leap and cling on to the boat.

Island Section:
     Go  left  from  the beach and you get to a cave with quicksand in
front  of  it. As you approach several stepping stones appear. Step on
all the stones except the one that has the same marking as that on the
door. The door should now open. If it doesn't leave the screen and try

Cave Section:
     After  floating  down  a  few  levels  you  soon come to a flying
carpet. You can't take it yet because you get squashed on the grill in
the  roof. Keep going to the right and after some climbing you come to
a  bridge  guarded by a skeleton. Walk on to the bridge and attack the
skeleton  until  you swap places then go a bit to the right and as the
bridge  collapses push your joystick the left and press the firebutton
to  make  the  prince  grab  on  to  the  falling bridge. Climb up and
continue  to the left but avoid fights because you haven't got a sword
anymore.  When  you  see  another skeleton make a run for it. Push the
button on the floor and then jump on to the carpet.

Ghost Town Section:
     You  die  frequently  so save even more frequently. Watch out for
the  snakes  because  one nip from them and you're dead. Use the crawl
feature  to wriggle through secret tunnels and to avoid getting sliced
in  two.  To  kill  the flying skulls push the joystick up immediately
before  hitting the firebutton and you should be able to dispatch them
without taking too many hits.

     Here  is  the  sequel to the very popular Prince of Persia cheat:
When  starting the game type: prince YIPPEEYAHOO [Enter] to activate a
cheat  mode.  Some  of  you  may  have versions of the game that don't
contain  this  cheat  but  don't  despair  -  just type: prince MAKINT
[Enter]  instead. So then the cheats. Once the mode has been activated
you can use the following key combinations during the game .....

[Shift]+[W]             to float down long drops
[Shift]+[T]             to gain an extra health point
[Shift]+[R]             to show current room number
[Shift]+[B]             to toggle background animations
[Shift]+[S]             to release the shadow
[Shift]+[I]             to invert the screen
[Shift]+[K]             to lose a health point
[Alt]+[N]               to jump to the next level
[+] / [-]               to increase/decrease time left
[K]                     to kill all enemies on screen
[R]                     to restore your life after dying
[F1]                    to toggle slow motion on and off
[F2]                    to show your position on the x-axis
[F3]                    to turn the player on and off
[F4]                    to toggle horizontal grid on and off

And with the joystick on ...
LEFT CURSOR             moves you one pixel to the left
RIGHT CURSOR            moves you one pixel to the right
[PGDN]                  moves half a step to the left
[END]                   moves half a step to the right

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