Primal Carnage

Steam Achievements
A Blasting Suprise
Lure an opponent into fire with a flare.
All You Can Eat Buffet
Kill 10 players without dying while playing as the t-rex.
Anyone want wings?
Kill 8 pteradons with the flamethrower.
Kill a dinosaur with the chainsaw.
Blind Justice
Kill the dilophosaurus that blinded you whilst still blinded.
Kill a t-rex with the rocket launcher.
Brain Damage
While playing as a carnotaurus run into a wall at top speed 5 times in a single match.
Get 10 kills in a row without dying.
Carnage Begins
Play Primal Carnage.
Cold Blooded
Kill the same player 15 times.
Death After Dead
Kill an opponent with a grenade after you have died.
Death From Above
While playing as a pteradon kill 3 opponents without dying.
Kill the entire opponent team at once.
Be killed while playing as each of the dinosaur classes.
Fast and Furious
While playing as a dilophosaurus kill 3 opponents without dying.
Fetch the Stick Stupid
Kill a dilophosaurus with a grenade.
Fire in The Hole!
Kill 5 opponents with a single grenade.
Kill 1000 opponents while playing on the dinosaur team.
Going Blind
Kill 3 opponents after having been blinded by a dilophosaurus.
Goodnight Honey
Tranquilize 50 dinosaurs.
Kill a human that a raptor has pounced using the carnotaurus charge attack.
I Am Legend
Kill 1000 dinosaurs.
I Love You?
Save a teammate from a raptor pounce.
In Honor To
Watch the credits.
It's a Good Day to Die
Die within the first 5 minutes of a match.
Life Finds a Way
Regain full health after being at %1 health.
Look Ma, No Hands!
Trample 15 player in a single match whilst playing as a t-rex.
Los Cincos Muertes
Kill 5 players without dying on each of the release maps.
Lucky Fall
Survive being dropped by a pteradon.
Mayday, Mayday!
Shoot a pteradon in the head whilst playing as a scientist.
Meat Eating Bull
While playing as a carnotaurus head butt 5 opponents in a single charge.
Must Run Faster
While playing as a human do not die for one minute after having run out of ammo.
My kind of BBQ
Get 5 kills without dying as the Pyro.
My Name Is Mr.T
Play as only the t-rex class for an entire match.
Kill 2 t-rexs with a single grenade.
Kill 100 pteradons with the sniper rifle.
Kill a dinosaur with a grenade.
While playing as a pteradon drop a player onto a t-rex waiting below.
Kill a dinosaur with a melee weapon.
Never saw it coming
Get 5 kills without dying as the Scientist.
Nice Try
While playing as a trapper trap a dinosaur that is attacking you.
No Wonder You're Extinct
Kill 5 dilophosaurus without dying.
Regain full health by eating at a carcass without being attacked.
Nothin' but net
Get 5 kills without dying as the Trapper.
Now That's What I Call Fly Fishing
Trap 100 pteradons in nets.
Out of the Blue
Whilst playing as a pteradon kill an opponent with a peck attack whilst flying.
Pangea Fried Chicken
Burn 3 dinosaurs with the flamethrower without releasing the trigger.
Peanut Brain
Kill 5 t-rexs in a single match.
Picky Picky
Kill 3 of the same class in a row.
Kill a t-rex unassisted while playing as a trapper using only the pistols.
Prepping for Takeoff
While playing as a pteradon do not fly and survive for a minute.
Get 5 kills in a row without dying.
Pterror in the Skies
Kill at least one of each human class in a single round while playing as a pteradon.
Pickup and drop the same player 5 times without killing them or dying yourself.
Kill a carnotaurus that is travelling at it's maximum speed.
Say Hello To My Little Friend
Kill 3 t-rexs with no assistance.
Kill 100 dinosaurs with a knife.
Shock Therapy
Kill a dinosaur using the scientist's cattle prod.
Shotgun Spree
Get 5 kills without dying as the Pathfinder.
Six-foot Turkey
Kill 15 opponents with the raptor's leap attack.
Sleep With the Fishes
Whilst playing as a pteradon drop 'x' number of players into the ocean on Cliffs or Docks.
Kill 10 dinosaurs using the flamesaw.
Spray and Pray
Get 5 kills without dying as the Commando.
Squashed Like a Bug!
Get trampled by a t-rex.
The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall
Kill a t-rex with no assistance.
The Devil!
Kill 666 opponents.
The Hunted
Be killed 15 times without killing any opponents.
The Hunter
Kill 15 opponents without dying.
They Can Afford More Glasses
Blind 50 players while playing as a dilophosaurus.
They Never Saw it Coming
Blind an opponent at 'x' feet.
This... Is... My... BOOMSTICK!
Kill 20 dinosaurs with the pathfinder's shotgun.
Together We Stand Strong
Score 10 assists in a single match.
Top of the Food Chain
Be the highest scoring player on your team at the end of a match.
We Don't Take Kindly to Your Kind 'Round Here
Kill 35 dinosaurs in a single round.
Worthless Teammate
Have a score of 0 at the end of a round.
You Feelin' Lucky, Reptile?
Kill 10 dinosaurs using only the pistol.

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