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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Postal 2

Автор: wallhugger
Graphics aren't top-notch quality, but gameplay makes up for it. You play a deliveryboy and walk around getting stuff for your mother. Sounds kinda dull, but along the way you find weapons to shoot anything that stands in your way. Including parents, who don't like violent video games, bin ladens, christian people, programmers, soldiers, anything and any way you like. You can chop their heads off, put 'em on fire, infect them with a killer desease and pee on them whenever you like. Hit them till they start crying on the floor - anything is possible! So I give this game a 5 rating because it rocks!

Автор: Aah
Delivery boy? Dude, did you sleep through the game or what? You are a normal person, unemployed, and run through the days of the week doing normal stuff such as buying milk, getting your paycheck, buying a present for your uncle, etc. And besides, it's your friggin' girlfriend, not your mother. Did you even PLAY the game??? Besides, full ragdoll physics is a major +!

Автор: PostalDude
Postal 2 is the best! You can walk around and do anything: put people on fire and them smash them with hammer. And right rag-doll physics rocks! This game should be great for getting negative energy out. 5 stars by the way!

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