Port Royale 3

+1 trainer (for v1.1.2 by GGHZ (STEAM Version))
+1 trainer (for v1.1.2.24556 BS by 24K)
Steam Achievements
... vici!
Take control over 30 towns within one game
... vidi, ...
Take control over 15 towns within one game
Use up 4,000 handheld weapons in boarding combats
1st ARRR!chievement
Fist time on sea
Arm of the Law
Destroy 10 pirate hide-outs
First time boarded a vessel successfuly
As you wish
10 tasks fulfilled
Aye aye, Capt'n!
Reach the highest rank
Highest fame as 'Pirate'
Reduce a nation's number of towns down to one
Collector's desire
Possess all ship types in one game
A town annexation by matial methods
Crow's Nest
Discover 10 pirate nests in a single game
Defend a town from 5 attacks
Win a battle with a pinnace against at least 60 guns
Davy Jones' Locker
Sink 1,000 vessels
First among equals
Win a multiplayer game
Flawless Victory
Win a battle without taking any damage
Got ye new Ship
The first vessel purchased
Hey Mr. Tallyman
Turn over manually a total ammount of 100,000 barrels
Posess 250,000 barrels of goods within one game
Create and finish a game with at least 2 Users
Hunt for Booty
Loot 25,000 barrels
Pray 10 times
Rescue 100 sailors from sharks
Tutorial completed successfully
Land Lubber
Build 250 buildings
Lean Back
Patrol fought out 500 battles
Lord of War
Be in possession of 5,000 guns
Master of Benders
Visit all 60 taverns
A town take over by peaceful methods
Ambush a trader
Puppet Master
Occupy 15,000 employees within one game
Spend 50 hours in the Caribbean
Ship Ahoy!
First naval battle
Ship Naming
Name a convoy
The Message is Trading, dude!
A trading route is active since 365 days
There, I fixed it!
Perform an emergency repair
Treasure Chest
Pile up to 4 million gold pieces within one game
Treasure Hunter
Find a hidden treasure
True Hero
Reach the highest popularity in a town
Veni, ...
Take control over 5 towns within one game
Walk the Plank
Destroy a pirate convoy
Wedding bells
What's yours is mine
Annex a fellow player's town
White Lamb
Highest fame as 'Trader'
Maximize all abilities of a captain
The first vessel sold
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Highest fame as 'Buccaneer'
You're Welcome
Reach the highest reputation in a nation
Port Royale 3Port Royale 3

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