Populous II


     To build up your population it is vital to sprog early and often.
Use [Enter] to increase the size of the screen as that prevents having
to  scroll around all the time. If your opponent creates a volcano you
can  cap  it  by  raising  the  land  around  it or make it dormant by
lowering  the  land  or  planting lots of flowers on it. Create a safe
permanent  settlement  by  creating  an island away from your enemy as
high  as  you  can and isolate it by using the tidal wave a few times.
Then  make  the  island big so that you can build a city and city wall
giving you a stronghold.

     When  using the plague just give it to one man. Then use the gale
to  blow  your opponents towards the plague carrier. Kill your enemy's
leader  and then prevent your opponent's forces getting to their papal
magnet  by placing either baptismal fonts batholiths or even your city
walls  around  it. If you use the whirlwind on ruins the people inside
are  sucked  out.  To  make a path across water use basalt as it lasts
longer  and  it  can't  be  seen on the map. To destroy basalt after a
volcano  eruption  -  flatten  the land and burn it or electrify it or
even grow flowers on it. You can then lower the land and settle on it.

Level codes:

Here are the codes for every hundreth level:

Level 100 - HOLLAK
Level 200 - ALLOAK
Level 300 - UGWIAB
Level 400 - SUAFAK
Level 500 - ITABAB
Level 600 - NELLAF
Level 700 - CCEGAT
Level 800 - SIUNAT
Level 900 - ISEGAC


     Entering:  KOPOJAEEMEJMNMFAMEOM  on  the Deity-entry screen gives
you a god with maximum power in every element. As a resuly you now get
eight lighting bolts at any one time.

     To get the lightning without using up any mana follow this simple
but  terribly effective tip. Activate the lighting as normal then when
it  appears  press  [F10]  to  pause  the game at this stage. Move the
pointer  to the edge of the screen then hit [F10] again. The lightning
continues without the need for any extra mana.

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