Police Quest 2: The Vengeance

     The adventure begins when you, detective Sonny Bonds, are getting
to  work  at  Lytton  Police Station. First, yuo have to GET KEYS from
ignition.  Now  OPEN  COMPARTMENT  and GET LPD BUSINESS CARD. You will
need  it later. Ok, in order to leave a car press F4. Go to the Police
Station  and  UNLOCK  DOOR.  As  you  are  homicide officer, go to the
Homicide  Office.  SIT  on  a  spare  stool and LOOK BASKET. There you
discover  subpoena.  UNLOCK  DRAWER,  GET  LETTER and READ LETTER. GET
WALLET  (you can OPEN WALLET if you like to see what`s inside). C`ause
drawer  is  now  empty  you  will CLOSE DRAWER. STAND and look around.
There  is  one  quite  interesting paper on captain Hall`s desk, so go
near  it  and  LOOK  PAPERS. You can see some words - write them down,
they  are  passwords  to computer data bank. LOOK BULLETIN BOARDS near
window  and  you  will  see  that your shooting scores ain`t too good.
Don`t  worry, you fix that pretty soon. USE COMPUTER and TURN COMPUTER
ON. You can use it as a primitive dos based system - commands like DIR
and  CD  are  available.Feel  free to dig around in data banks, but be
sure   to   scan   following   topics   :   Personnel\Pratt_Lloyd  and
Personnel\Haines_Calvin.  When  you`ve  had your fill of this computer
type  QUIT  to  end  computer  session. Go to the Narcotics office and

     He  has  a drug-problem. ASK ABOUT DRUGS and you have saved Pratt
from  his  drug problem. Good work ! You must be thinking by now "what
about  that  shooting stuff ?". Be patient, we are coming to it. First
you have to get some equipment. Go to the Locker room. In order to get
your  locker  code LOOK BACK OF THE LPD CARD. Now find your locker and
OPEN  LOCKER.  GET  YOUR  GUN from locker. You must`nt forget ammo, so
for,  let`s  go to the shooting range ! GIVE GUN TO WEAPON OFFICER for
quick  trigger check. GET EAR PROTECTORS from Mills and go to the free

This seems to be a good time to give some tips about weapon usage.
F6 - load gun
F8 - Draw / Holster gun
F10 - Shoot

     To  leave  a  booth,  simply type LEAVE RANGE. When in booth, you
have  to  operate  buttons,  change targets, and do some other things.
Before  doing  anything  else,  (this  will  not apply to shooting, of
course),  holster your weapon. Ok, let`s get on with shooting. USE EAR
PROTECTORS  to  pervent  permanent  damage to your hearing system. Now
load  your  gun with F6 and draw it with F8. Get a good aim and shoot.
Only one shot at a time will suffice. Lower gun and PRESS VIEW BUTTON.
LOOK  TARGET.  You  will  see  that gun ain`t properly sighted. ADJUST
SIGHT.  There is two screws - elevation and windage. Adjust them (with
arrow  keys)  and  CHANGE  TARGET.  PRESS BACK BUTTON and shoot again.
Repeat  this, until you got gun properly sigted. If you should run out
of ammo, go see Mills and GET AMMO. Don`t forget to USE EAR PROTECTORS
when  you re-enter to the booth. When you`re all done, exhaust current
ammo clip into target.

     Go  back  to  the  Mills and GIVE EAR PROTECTORS to him. You also
should  GET AMMO - you newer know, when you may need some. Go again to
Homicide  office,  where  captain Hall announces that Jessie Bains has
escaped and assigns you to this case. OPEN CABINET and GET BAINS FILE.
You  notice  that  there  is two photos of him, so GET MUG SHOT. CLOSE
FILE and CLOSE CABINET. TAKE CAR KEYS from rack near the window. Go to
the hall and right behind a counter. OPEN THE BIN and TAKE FIELD KIT.

     CLOSE  BIN.  Now  is time to hit the streets ! On the parking lot
you  find  blue  sedan.  OPEN TRUNK and PUT KIT IN TRUNK. CLOSE TRUNK.
UNLOCK  CAR  DOOR  and  go in car. Keith will follow shortly. DRIVE TO
JAIL There you see some little lockers. OPEN LOCKER, PUT GUN IN LOCKER
and  CLOSE LOCKER. PRESS BUZZER. When jailer answers, SHOW ID and walk
straight  in. GET PATE FILE to see about kidnapped jailer. CLOSE FILE.
GET BAINS FILE. IN the Bains file is up-to-date photo of Jessie Bains.
GET  MUG  SHOT.  CLOSE FILE. ASK ABOUT ESCAPE and go to the next room.
Witness  Saxton appears and asks, if you will help him out. Answer him
as  you  like, he won`t take you seriously anyway. ASK ABOUT ESCAPE to
get  more information. Leave jail, OPEN LOCKER and GET GUN. Sit in car
and  Keith  will ran for it. RADIO your findings and DRIVE TO STATION.
Before  you  reach station, radio will interrupt and say, that jailers
car  has  been found. DRIVE TO OAK TREE MALL to check things out. OPEN
TRUNK  and  GET  FIELD KIT. Jailer`s car is a blue one. OPEN CAR DOOR.

Lady will come up. ASK ABOUT CAR to get a description of a stolen car.
PUT  KIT  IN TRUNK, CLOSE TRUNK and jump in a sedan. RADIO information
about gun and a car description. DRIVE TO STATION. And again you`ll be
interrupted by car radio. DRIVE TO COTTON COVE. Keith will stake about
jogger`s  sex  and  you can accept or reject. Go to the girl and SPEAK
WITH  GIRL.  ASK ABOUT BLOOD. Well, we have to check that bloody thing
out,  so  draw  a gun and strode to the left. When Bains arrives, just
shoot  him. You missed him ??? Don`t worry he runs away. Stay far from
the  street  or  you  `ll be dead as a rock. Find a trash can and MOVE
TRASH,  GET  CLOTHES and READ NAMETAG. Walk around and LOOK DOWN until
you  find  blood.  Go  back to your car, OPEN TRUNK and GET FIELD KIT.
Walk  to  the blood. USE EYE DROPPER ON BLOOD and USE PLASTER. Now you
can  relax  and  wait  for diving team to arrive. Ask officer Moore to
FIND BODY. He will demand your diver certificate. In order to get that
SEARCH  YOUR  WALLET.  He  (officer  Moore)  will  ask you to get what
equipment  you  need.  GET  WET  SUIT, GET WEIGHT BELT, GET VEST, TAKE
TANK BACK. Keep on it with various tank numbers `till you get one with
most  air.  LEAVE.  Under  water swim above any interesting object and
LOOK  DOWN. Watch out for golden thing (GET GOLD) and light reflecting
object  (GET  OBJECT).  When  you`ve had quite enough of swimming just
SURFACE.  Follow  Moore to body and express your emotions (YES or NO).
USE  CAMERA  to  get  scene  documented.  Back to the car you go, OPEN
TRUNK,  PUT  KIT  IN  TRUNK,  CLOSE  TRUNK and hit the road. RADIO new


     And yes, it happens again. Bloody dispatch tells you to go to the
until  you  find  a car, that match the stolen car. OPEN CAR DOOR. Use
powder  to  take a fingerprint from rear view mirror. LEAVE CAR. Go to
the airport. PRESS BUTTON to cross street safely. One flashy girl will
offer  flowers.  BUY  ROSE  or BUY PLANT, whatever you like. Go to the
men`s  room.  OPEN STALL and get in. LOOK TOILET and OPEN TOILET. LOOK
TOILET.  LEAVE.  Repeat  this  on every stall until you find something
interesting.  TAKE  REVOLVER  and  LEAVE.  SHOW  ID  and SHOW PHOTO to
everybody and find a person who recognizes it. GET PASSENGER LIST from
ticket  agent. Don`t get too exited about that houston business `cause
this is only a camouflage. Go to the "Siva" car rental agency. No, not
to the "Top Hat", "Siva" is situated behind to the corner. SHOW ID and
SHOW  PHOTO.  GET LIST to get car description. Now you can get back to
the  car  and  don`t  forgett to PRESS BUTTON. PUT KIT IN TRUNK, CLOSE
last  you  arrive  there.  OPEN  DOOR.  Go  to  the  Big John and BOOK
EVIDENCE.  At last you can relax. Go to the Homicide office and SIT to
your chair. LOOK BASKET to discover a note. USE PHONE and dial 0 for a
information  service.  Specify LYTTON and MARIE WILKANS to get Marie`s
number.  Dial her up and say HELLO. When she calls you to date say YES
and hang up. STAND UP and go to your personal car. DRIVE TO ARNIE. SIT
and relax. SPEAK TO MARIE. Waiter will come and offer some food. Order
LOBSTER or something. GIVE FLOWER TO MARIE. When food arrives just EAT
FOOD.  Now comes the fun part. KISS MARIE several times and everything
will be ok ...

The Very Next Day 

     You  are  back  from Marie`s and ready for a good day`s job. GRAB
KEYS  and  leave  a  car. Straight to the station and OPEN DOOR. Go to
your  favorite Homicide office. GET UNMARKED KEYS and walk to the blue
sedan.  UNLOCK CAR DOOR and jump in. DRIVE TO WAREHOUSE to investigate
the  victim. Keith finds a safe hole as always, but you have to do the
dirty  work.  OPEN  TRUNK, GET FIELD KIT. Wander to the green car. USE
EYE  DROPPER ON BLOOD. Collect your guts and LOOK TRUNK. LOOK FACE for
positive  identification,  GET  ENVELOPE CORNER. LOOK ENVELOPE CORNER.
LEAVE.  When coroner arrives ask him to REMOVE BODY. After some action
sequences  LOOK  (again) TRUNK. GET NOTE from an old friend and LEAVE.
Assure Mario with firm YES, PUT FIELD KIT IN TRUNK and CLOSE TRUNK. Go
inside  of  your sedan. DRIVE TO 753 THIRD STREET - it happens to be a
rather nice inn.

     SHOW  PHOTO  TO MAN and SHOW ID. Land in car but don`t drive. USE
RADIO instead. CALL BACKUPS `cause Bains might be very dangerous. Jump
out,  GET WARRANT and SHOW WARRAND TO MAN (select right man). GET ROOM
KEY.  SPEAK  TO CHUCK (backup team leader) and save the game. Position
yourself  smartly  and  USE DOOR KEY. Wait `till the gas pours out and
boldly  enter to room. OPEN DRAWER, GET ENVELOPE and READ LETTER. LOOK
UNDER  BED  and  GRAB LIPSTICK - oh no, this rat may be fooling around
with  Marie ! Go to the bathroom LOOK SINK, GET BUSINESS CARD and READ
CARD.  Write  down  Colby`s phone number. That`s all there is to do so
travel  back  to  your  car and move on. DRIVE TO MARIE to sort things
out. GET NOTE FROM DOOR and READ NOTE. Isn`t that a relief !

back  to  your  car.  DRIVE  TO  STATION.  OPEN DOOR and strode to the
Homicide office. Captain Hall will interrogate you. GIVE CARD to Hall.

     Go  and  BOOK  EVIDENCE,  don`t  count  on him. Afterwards go see
Burglary  dudes.  ASK ABOUT SHOTGUN. While you`re visiting old friends
go  to the narcotics, too. OPEN CABINET and LOOK COLBY FILE. Wow ! Now
you  have Colby`s exact coordinates. CLOSE FILE, CLOSE DRAWER. Move to
the  Homicide  office  and  SIT again. LOOK BASKET. USE PHONE. Call to
Colby,  using number you found on Colby`s business card. Say HELLO and
WARN  COLBY.  When  he  hangs  up  STAND and go to the shooting range.
Resight  your  gun to be sure. DRIVE TO AIRPORT PRESS BUTTON and cross
the  street.  BUY  TICKET TO STEELTON. Keith makes some phonecalls and
you  can again BUY TICKET TO STEELTON. USE PHONE, dial 0 and ask about
STEELTON  and POLICE. Dial them up. Say HELLO and WARN COLBY. Hang up.
Head  to  the  left and up the elevator. If you want to have some fun,
SPEAK  TO  GIRL.  Go to the guard (do not enter the gate). SHOW ID. If
you`re  interested  in some sales pitch TALK LARRY several times. Walk
to the plane. Goodbye Lytton ! In plane find your seat, SIT and FASTEN

     As  the  plain  levels  off  stewardess  offers some drinks. Have
COFFEE  or something else but i would`nt recommend drinking stuff with
alcohol  right  now.  UNFASTEN  SEATBELT. Sit back and relax until few
orientals  will  come  along.  Load your gun and wait. Soon stewardess
will  faint  under  nervous  pressure.  Now is your chance ! Shoot all
to  the  bathroom  and  OPEN  PAPER  DISPENSER.  You  have  discovered
something  !  In order to disarm it READ BOMB INSTRUCTIONS. All you`ll
have  to  do is to cut & connect wires in reverse order. Don`t pay any
attention  to  battery and timer stuff. After blowing yourself several
times  to  the  Kingdom  Come you`ll be able to disarm bomb. LEAVE. Go
back  to  fellow passengers. Now the game will take over so watch cool
ride  to  the  Steelton Police. GET RADIOS from table and drive to the

     Keith  parts  as  always.  Walk around until one punk will bother
him  away find a manhole cover. OPEN COVER. CLIMB IN. Head to the east
and  if  you  move  sufficently  fast you can ever survive methane gas
pocket.  Wander  by yourself and seek out a cabinet. OPEN CABINET. GET
MASK.  Now  you  don`t have to afraid gas pockets, just PUT ON MASK if
you  should  stumble into one. Find inviting door and walk through it.
At last you have found your darling Marie ! CALM MARIE or she will get
you  into  trouble.  UNTIE  MARIE.  After  some reunion stuff you hear
somebody coming. Rip out your gun and take cover. When Bains closes in
shoot him several times. Relax and watch the endings.

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