Plundered Hearts

get up: inventory: look under bed: take coffer: examine coffer: x
smelling salts: read tag: x banknote: look: {Andy Crulley
arrives}: hit andy with coffer (2x): wait: {Nicholas Jamison}:
read missive: yes: wait: {... TWO DAYS LATER ...}: get up:
inventory: wait: {Cookie, deaf but capable}: wait: wait: look:
examine window: open curtain: wait: {Jamison returns, gives you
brooch}: {Rodney will stay with me, if men go to help captain}:
take coffer: open coffer: take invitation: read invitation:
{Lafond, governer of St: Sinistra}: n: d: n: {notice the fuse!}:
x cage {gap of 6 inches}: n: take bottle [1pts]: {hear Crulley
and his plan}: take mirror: s: look: inventory {notice the canvas
hatch}: s: u: open door: enter bed: take clothes [1pts] {breeches
and shirt}: n: s: x window: {ladder!}: throw coffer through
window [1pts]: undress: wear breeches: wear shirt: grab ladder:
s: grab ladder: u (4x): [1pts]: n: n: n: x winch: read lever:
pull lever up [1pts]: enter shack {Cookie says sth: about signal
+ crows nest}: take dagger: out: s: look: x barrels: open canvas:
x frock: {..."often tearing"; will happen later if you don't do
it yourself, which is a good hint!}: cut frock: put rag in water:
d: throw rag at fuse [1pts]: u: s: enter cask: cut line [1pts]:
take slab of pork: wait (3x): get out of cask: w: {Helena Louise
to the east}: n: e: move bamboo slat: tell jamison about crulley:
wait: yes: wait: w: w: n: e: wait: take garter: w: s: ne: u:
undress: take gown: wear gown [1pts]: n: e: d: s: show invitation
to butler [1pts]: s: wait: {library;passage?}: wait: {signal men
from upstairs window....}: wait: {call me Nicholas......}: wait:
open door: s: n: yes: {Lafond}: wait: examine ring: {Butler will
summon you! [1pts]}: e: n: n: take hat: x books: take treatise of
power [1pts]: x globe: press st sinistra [1pts]: n: close
portrait: d: e: e: take horn and key [1pts]: w: s: open door: e:
w: close door: n: w: s: x bottle: read label: put laudanum on
pork: give pork to crocodile: wait (2x) [1pts]: s: w: unlock door
with key: open door: n [1pts]: wait: {meet at beach}: s: e: n: n:
u: open portrait: s: close portrait {Jamison caught....}: u: w:
s: wait: {butler shows you!}: n: e: e: open door: n [1pts]: {blue
goblet for your....}: drink wine: fill blue goblet: put laudanum
in blue: {notice spices....}: put mirror in beam {HL signals back
[1pts]}: wait: {question: green goblet mine?}: yes: {he switches
them, so you get the green, good one!}: drink wine: {butler
drinks blue and will regret it!}: wait (3x): [1pts]: {thump-phoosh}:
take spices: blow spices at Lafond: [1 pts]: s: n: take
all: s: w: d: Cookie, follow me: e: n: take hat: take treatise of
power: push st sinistra: n: d: s: s: take rapier: fight crulley
with rapier (2x): [1pts]: close trapdoor: give smelling salts to
jamison [1pts]: unlock chains with brooch [1pts]: n: n: u: s: s:
w: u: e: s: untie rope: take rope {1 move before: ....Nicholas
cannot move}: go down with rope [1pts]: take all: s: s: s: take
stone: x stone: yes: take pistol: load pistol: [1pts]: wait:
shoot crulley [1pts]

Total of 25 out of 25 points,
earning the title of "Happily Ever After".

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