Pirates of Black Cove

Steam Achievements
99 bottles of grog on the wall…!
Used 99 bottles of grog
Bayonets? Never heard of them!
Killed 20 ranged soldiers using melee units
Beholder, Aye!
Found 50 Eyepatches of the Beholder
Sink 5 Black Cove ships!
Bob the Builder
Constructed all buildings in all strongholds
Created a total of 10 potions with the Mad Alchemist
Cap'n Mor'Guns
Unlocked all special weapons
Destroy 20 banks
Dakka Dakka Dakka
Bought first special weapon
Dispenser of injustice
United all the factions
Do what you want cause a pirate is free.
Complete the first pirate faction mission.
Full pack
All available unit spots filled, including heroes
Picked up a total of 50 ingredients for the Mad Alchemist
I can see my house from here!
Used the human catapult
I love big black balls
Sunk 100 ships with mortar
Jolie Roger
Complete all Corsair Story missions
Just Cruisin'
Spent 30 minutes on the world level without participating in any mission
King of Pirates
Finished the game
Found first joke
Longshot Jack
Complete all Buccaneer Story missions
One small step for…
Visited a colony
Perfect catch
Captured a ship without losing any ship health
Stunned 10 enemy soldiers simultaneously with stink bomber
Pimp My Ride
Bought the first visual upgrade for ship
Q's little helper
Found all blueprints
Quick Employer
Hired a total of 50 units
Severed into Shreds
Player ship destroyed (from max hp) by one broadside from a Black Cove ship
Ship tycoon
Owned 20 ships at the same time
Shiver me Timbers!
Met the ghosts
Spare some Seamen
Managed to reach Sirens
Stand up Comedian
Found all jokes in the game
The Suicider
Sailed at the seas while under 20% of ships hitpoints for 5 minutes
There is no I in TEAM!
Successfully captured a ship
Those who live by the sword, die by those who won't
Killed 20 melee soldiers using ranged units
Unlocked all ship upgrades.
Walker de Planc
Complete all Pirate Story missions
Well, it's a start…
Complete the first storyline mission
What do we do with the Drunken sailor
Overdrank grog 5 times
All different unit types under control at the same time
You sank my Battleship
Sunk 100 ships with basic cannons

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