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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Pirate Hunter

Автор: BlackAdder
Nice graphics and interaction, but I liked it better when it was "Pirates!", the old cga game. This game restricts entry level, doesn't let you attack when the odds are against you and, well, it is missing a few of the key elements it should have more completely ripped off.

Автор: Some Dude
I have to agree. Good game, but really missing the charming things from the original. All they really needed to do was update the graphics and sound.

Автор: Elt
"Pirate Hunter" is an excellent game, but with a few problems. No matter how many ships you capture, you still can only use one of them in a battle, even when the enemy has a whole fleet. That makes no sense. If I have 6 ships, and the enemy only has 3, why am I fighting all of them using only one? What should be an easy battle becomes frustrating instead. Despite this, however, the game is rather addictive. Maybe this is Ascaron's way of making up for the utter BOMB that was 'Sacred'.

Автор: wllmwallace
Hey guys, I just got this one, and I have to say I LOVE it. I played World of Pirates Beta MMORPG before it went live, and was hoping for a single player element, and now I have it. As far as battle, yeah, you get one ship, but look at the AI, if you take a windward beam to the enemy and have them in a chase position, use scatter shot to take their numbers down, and board. That ship is now useless, and you can focus on the rest, and take them 1 by 1. I find battle easy, I took out a group of 4 galleon with a 100 crew Frigate doing this. If you are a sailor, and know general sea going tactics, you will excell at this game.

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