Pick'n'Pile Dox

     Object of the game: The object of the game is to make the highest
possible score and to reach the highest screen.

a) Screen
The screen is divided into three parts:

1) The largest part of the screen is the main game screen.
2) The information grid is at the top of the screen and gives you
the following information:

- Upper left is the number of lives which remain,
- Upper right is the time that remains to finish the screen,
- Upper center is your actual score,
- Below the score is the number of screens already completed.

3) When you obtain a diamond (see below), this is posted at the
bottom of the screen.

b) Moving the objects
Moving the objects is actually made by an exchange of two objects.
To exchange two objects, move the cursor onto the object that you
wish to move, press the left button of the mouse (a rectangle around
that object means that it has been chosen). Then move the mouse onto
the second object and press the left button of the mouse again: the
first will take the place of the second and vice-versa.
An object can also exchange places with an "empty" spot by following
the same directions.

c) Making the balls disappear
A screen is finished when there are no longer any balls on the
screen. You must make them disappear in a limited amount of time. To
make them disappear, you must pile balls of the same color in the
same column. The column will disappear if all the balls are
identical. Even one other different object (except the bonus points:
see below) in the column will prevent it from disappearing.

d) Pausing the game
During the game, press "P" on the keyboard to pause and any key to

e) Exiting the game
To exit to DOS, press CTRL + ALT + F10 at the main game screen. You
cannot exit the game from any other screens, nor can you exit while
objects are still falling.

The Objects:

- Balls: On each screen, the balls are three different colors. You
must put them in the same column to make them disappear.
These are the only objects that must disappear to finish the
- Bonus: Other objects can disappear with a column. They can replace
the balls to make a column. Note: for a column containing
balls and bonuses to disappear, a ball must be placed at the
bottom of the column. These bonuses can also disappear
without a ball in the column. Here is a lot of the bonuses:

a) Bonus Points: They increase the number of points made in
a column.

b) Bonus Multiplier: They multiply the total points in the
column by the value written on them.
Note: when two bonus multipliers disappear in the same column, 
the greater value is used (for example: if x2 and x6 disappear, 
the total number of points in the column will be multiplied by 6).

c) Hourglass: When an hourglass disappears with a column,
the time that remains to finish the screen is increased by 200.

d) Diamonds: When a column with a sum of more than 1000
points disappears, a diamond appears at the top of the column 
(the diamond will be more or less precious depending on the value 
of the column).
You must make the diamond disappear in a column if you want 
to put it in your storehouse. When the storehouse is filled 
(the line of diamonds reaches the right of the screen), 
your score increases.

Special Objects:

a) Bombs: To make a bomb explode, you must move it to the place where
you want it to explode. It will make the eight objects which
were surrounding it disappear.

b) Walls: These are the only objects which keep their balance without
the help of other objects surrounding them. These objects
can be very useful with certain screens...

c) Death-Heads: These objects are very dangerous: when they touch the
ground your time diminishes twice as fast. It is imperative to put 
them at the top of the columns. You cannot move them directly. 
You must exchange them with a previously selected object. 
These death-heads can be destroyed...

d) Flames: Flames burn whatever is above them. They must therefore be
placed towards the top.

e) Flower Pots: A flower pot destroys the objects placed below it when
it falls. It is thus impossible to move it or to make a column 
in this spot.

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